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Why Do You Need Fertility Dost?

Emotional Support
Why Do You Need Fertility Dost?

Infertility is no doubt one of the biggest hindrances to couples trying to conceive. Did you know that Emotional support and guidance is one of the key factors to overcoming your infertility issues and an essential agent in your road to success? Fertility Dost proves to be a holistic approach to providing a support system to help you improve fertility and be on your way of planning a happy family. Their range of programs helps all couples planning to undergo IVF or prepare for pregnancy for a natural approach using a combination of nutrition, yoga, Ayurveda, and emotional counseling. I believe that a support system such as provided by Fertility Dost can play a vital role in a couple’s life.


How Is Fertility Dost Helpful For Doctors?

I am Dr. Umera Zakiahmed Saiyed, a homeopathic consultant and family physician for 8 years and running at my very own clinic. I have expertise in infertility, PCOS, skin infections, and women related health issues. In my practice, I come across many infertile couples sharing their hues with me. Infertility is a modern age cancer commonly seen even in young couples. The reason may be stress, delayed planning of conception, physiological issues, unhealthy diet routines, or hormonal imbalance.

In my years of experience, I have noticed that support systems such as those provided by Fertility Dost can play an imperative role in adding with necessary lifestyle changes and to help cope with treatments.  Fertility Dost also has an irreplaceable role for medical professionals as:

  • They allow doctors to focus on the treatment by providing necessary lifestyle suggestions to the patients which helps improve the treatment and, in several cases, also speeds up the treatment procedure yielding better results.
  • Fertility Dost provides the aspect of Emotional support which assists patients to cope with the procedures and giving them the necessary courage to go through it.
  • Fertility Dost guides patients and answers all queries, reducing the work of doctors. They remain on stand-by to help couples through their journey.


How Fertility Dost Helps You Through Treatment?

From what I have come to understand in my years of consulting, the role of a medical professional is limited to mere treatment. Conception and preparation for IVF requires a lot terms of lifestyle change and emotional wellness that Fertility Dost provides. Fertility Dost can help you by:

  • Fertility Dost encourages you to be part of a community that acts as a support system providing a safe and nurturing environment for couples trying to conceive.
  • A doctor can assist you with treatment, but a major factor in treating infertility is lifestyle changes. Fertility Dost provides you with several programs to help alter lifestyle in the form of nutrition and exercise bringing you a step closer. Fertility Dost is the perfect companion. There is only so much that a medical professional can assist you with in terms of medication, however, Fertility Dost allows you to tailor your experience to seek the best results.
  • Fertility Dost will be your mentor, providing you with guidance at every step. Preparing to conceive can be a major task and Fertility Dost helps you by providing round the clock support by answering all your question and addressing all your queries.


The Importance Of A Fertility Support System 

There are some obstacles every couple faces while trying to conceive. The key factor being stress and lack of guidance. Hence there is a need for a system that guides them to the right path. A thorough Counselling and support groups are mandated at this phase of life. A group that will guide through a proper diet regime, show various ways to distress oneself and an individual support group that will listen patiently to their issues is a need of the hour.

While surfing I bumped into a handle “Fertility Dost”, and loved their holistic concept towards the cause. I will surely commend my future patients to them as I believe it will be of great help. This is not a promotional article, I have written from my heart about what I felt about this program after experiencing it through my patients. I don’t recommend stuff that I don’t reckon in for my family and sufferers, but I have faith that “Fertility Dost” will assist many needful couples on the right path.

Best wishes for your endeavor,



About the Author

Dr.Umera Zakiahmed Saiyed

CEO of Mom’s_skool, Homeopathic consultant and family physician(Obs/Gyn), Expert at Babychakra, Medical Writer, Blogger, and Author.

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