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Depression – Accept, Fight & Defeat | Don’t Run Away From It

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Depression – Accept, Fight & Defeat | Don’t Run Away From It

All of a sudden, I started feeling that my happy go lucky nature has started taking a back seat and days have started getting gloomier. I was unable to understand this sudden feeling of sadness. As for me everything seemed perfect but still there was a deep sense of unhappiness. I was finding it really hard to get over this situation. I was in my regular routine life surrounded with a doting husband and two adorable kids but still this black cloud of sadness was not ready to buzz away. My friends and husband tried to check on me several times for being aloof, sad and quiet (which is just the opposite of real me) but all in vain. I stopped getting dressed up or going out as if I was getting trapped in a dark cocoon with no exit. Being a social person, who loved to go out and enjoy every bit of life, this change was killing me from inside. I tried my hands on everything, be it meditation or reading motivational books but nothing worked for me.

Taking That One Step – Accepting The Situation And Seeking Help

Finally, I decided to consult the doctor. My husband was not in favour of this, as he found no reason for me to be under any kind of stress or depression. But I was adamant on consultation with the psychiatrist.

“It could be some hormonal change or so in your body or may you might be over exerted due to two kids. You just need to relax and take some rest. I don’t find this psychiatric consultation a sensible idea”, was my husband’s reaction on the same.

I was somewhere aware that it will not be easy for him to accept that his wife wants to consult a Psychiatrist. So, I finally decided to take this step alone as it was about my life, which was being affected. I won’t deny this fact that I was equally nervous while entering the cabin of the psychiatrist. For me it was a regular conversation between me and the lady sitting across the table but for her it was my assessment on her questionnaire, which I got to know later.  After one and a half hour of conversation or question/ answer round (call it anything), my nightmare came true, when the psychiatrist told me that I am under major depression.

It came as a shocker to me as I was not able to recollect any such incident from past few days, which could have drifted me towards this condition, nor am I amongst those who take much of stress in life. However; the truth was very much in front of me and I had to look for the next step instead of hunting for the reason. The doctor asked to start with the medications immediately as the graph according to her was not quite pleasant, for which I had to wean my eight months old baby suddenly as the medicines of depression or any such anxiety disorder are not advisable for feeding mothers.

Nor did I wish to get trapped in this web of medicines; neither was I ready to punish my child for taking away his feed so early. I requested her to give me an alternative with at least a week time without medicine.” Though your situation doesn’t allow me but there is something in you which gives me the confidence to trust on your belief. So I will give you one week and will see you on the weekly counseling session (which was prescribed for one month). If I see any improvement, you are good to go with the changes you are planning to bring to fight with your situation”, were the words of psychologist.

7 Ways To Fight And Defeat Depression Without Any Medicine

My consultation helped me recognize the problem and all I had to do was to dig in to find its root. I was regular with my weekly counseling and the psychiatrist was too happy to see the positive changes in me. It took some time to completely break the shell covering me but I was back to being my regular normal self.


                       ”  It’s My Mind And I Will Train It To Function


Things that I practiced and learnt during this phase of my life, to overcome this situation: 

1. Normal routine stress– It might look quite small but this could be a trigger point for anxiety, depression or any such situation. So I started overlooking small issues and reacting to them. Mental peace and happiness became much more precious to me.

2. Speak it up- I realized that at times I wanted to say so many things but ended up in being just a listener. It’s very important to vent out the feelings, be it in front of a friend, your spouse, sibling, anyone, just speak it out. Keeping your good and bad both feelings inside might start taking you in a shell, without your own realization.
3. Acceptance is the key- It is very important to accept your situation. No matter how strong you are as a person but eventually things can take a toll on you and you can fall prey to circumstances. So if you see or feel something is not right, instead of brushing it aside, accept it and take required help before things slip out of hand.


4. Take out your Me-Time- In the race of becoming a perfect wife or mother, we ladies often forget ourselves as an individual. It is very important to take out some Me-Time for yourself. That time should just be only yours when you should do whatever gives you pleasure, it could just lying down and doing nothing or listening to music or catering to any of your hobbies.

5. Fall in love with yourself- It is rightly said, ‘You cannot give love to anyone if you don’t love yourself’. Dress up nicely, look good, pamper yourself once in a while and admire yourself. You need to love yourself first and be happy from inside to give love and get love.
6. Forgive and forget- We all are human beings and if we live, we will make mistakes, which is inevitable. And it’s completely alright; just forgive yourself or the other person for committing a mistake. Mind is a beautiful place, nurture it with good, positive and happy thoughts, why to treat it like dustbin and keep all the negative thoughts and feelings inside.

7. Take care of your body and mind- Go out in open; do some exercise or yoga, take a walk in nature, practice being non-judgmental for people or situations, breathe as if you are feeling the flow of every breath taken, empty your mind, go easy on yourself and Be grateful for all the blessings in your life.
We need to accept that Depression is just a situation, it’s not a disease. So there is no shame in accepting the condition and taking required professional help. The psychiatrist or the counselor might help you in understanding the situation and in taking out your suppressed feelings. No one can help us till the time we don’t want to help ourselves.

Always be positive and try to see and think towards the brighter side of life!!

Author – Surabhi Negi

Surabhi negi

Freelance content writer, blogger, life coach and a proud home maker. Who loves to read and believe in enjoying every moment of life.

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