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How Fertility Dost Played Cupid For A Couple At The Verge Of Divorce

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How Fertility Dost Played Cupid For A Couple At The Verge Of Divorce

How FertilityDost Saved a Marriage on the Brink of Divorce

Rakesh and Sushmita were married early in 2015. Being very young at the time, their marriage was fixed as a matter of convenience between the two families. Soon after their marriage, Sushmita moved into her marital house with Rakesh where they lived together. One would typically expect the first stage of marriage to blossom with love, passion, and intimacy, but that was not the case with this couple. Sushmita and Rakesh, unfortunately, did not share any marital relations now despite being married for over a year and the couple failed to develop the much necessary bond required to sustain any marriage. Sushmita lost hope as she saw so many happy couples around her. Two years after Sushmita’s and Rakesh’s marriage, her sister-in-law gave birth to a baby, and yet there was no sign of any possibility of this couple having a baby.

Sushmita felt a constant sense of pressure from her mother and in-laws to have a baby, but only she knew that the relations between her and her husband were not conducive to have a baby. Sushmita realized a pattern, Rakesh would always focus only on his job and friends. The constant late nights, space, and silence between the couple had started to take its toll as one would expect. The couple shared little to no interaction and this only made the situation worse. Sushmita felt as if she were trapped in a loveless marriage, with nothing to hope for. Sushmita felt suffocated but Rakesh did not seem to cooperate with her, this only led her to question herself and wonder what she had done wrong. She knew for a fact that this was not how married life ought to have been. After 4 years of marriage, Sushmita felt like she had reached a roadblock that she simply could not overcome. Sushmita wanted to file for divorce because things had seemingly gotten out of her hands. That perhaps, for the first time in their 4 years of marriage was when Rakesh opened up to her. Rakesh sat down with Sushmita and opened out to her and confessed to her that his actions were not intentional and merely a consequence of his struggle with erectile dysfunction.

Rakesh admitted that this caused him a great deal of shame and regret which made him question everything about himself and lowered his self-esteem. Rakesh said that his avoiding relations and interactions with Sushmita were due to no fault of hers but because he was too embarrassed to come forward and admit the truth to her. After a decent amount of conversation and discussion, the couple decided to try out Couples counseling to help save the marriage. Rakesh reached out to Fertility Dost and sought the help of our emotional wellness counselor.

After a few sessions with the counselor, Rakesh and Sushmita saw a drastic change in their relations and they felt closer to each other. The couple started to open up to each other for the first time in so many years and it finally felt like there was a light at the end of the tunnel. After their sessions were over, the couple made so much progress that Rakesh himself asked for another 6 sessions to help further the progress. As their commitment to the relationship started to grow, the couple finally felt a sense of the development of marital relations and eve to a lovely vacation abroad together to help get to know each other better. In the end, they realized it was only this journey of self-discovery with each other that would matter at the end.

Maintaining intimate relations with your partner is so very important when it comes to having a happy marriage. Love, affection, and spending quality time together plays a key role in ensuring a happy and satisfactory marriage. Here is a couple that embarked on a journey of discovering love, finding passion, and safeguarding their marriage. With Valentine’s day right around the corner, this story helps us celebrate and redefine love. Rakesh and Sushmita are now happily married and living their dream love story.

This is just one story of how Fertility Dost has played Cupid. Have you played cupid before? This Valentine’s day share your story with us using #BeTheCupid in the comments section.

*This story has been written from real life incidents of multiple couples. The names have been changed for privacy reasons.

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