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Stem Cell Treatment For Infertility | A New Hope For Pregnancy

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Stem Cell Treatment For Infertility | A New Hope For Pregnancy

Are you exhausted of trying to conceive through repetitive cycles of IVF and IUI? Tired of doing back-to-back medical tests? Having sleepless nights due to anxiety? And carrying that constant fear of failure to conceive your baby? Don’t worry! We have got your back. Bringing all you need to know latest breakthrough in infertility treatments – The Stem Cell Treatment.

Our priority is always to keep a close watch on anything that is new and contributing towards the betterment of women’s infertility treatments. And so, here we are presenting to you, a new hope of fertility which may become a revolutionary technology in the years to come. Its called, The Stem Cell Treatment, is based on the health condition of your own body’s cell.

Healthy cells = Higher chances of successful pregnancy


Stem Cell Therapy Process

Stem Cell treatment is a cell therapy

Stem cells are extracted from mainly fat tissues or bone marrow. Your doctor will extract the healthy stem cells and inject it in your body to replace the damaged cells. These cells are called totipotent stem cells as they have the magical properties to regrow and self-place themselves to the damaged part of the body, that requires rejuvenation and rebuilding.




“It is great to know that, your own body is helping you to heal and get stronger to
be able to conceive naturally and have healthy pregnancy”

How Effective is Stem Cell Treatment To Cure Infertility?

Unlike other infertility treatments like, IVF (In-vitro fertilisation), Ovulation induction, IUI (Intrauterine Insemination), Egg Donor, Egg freezing and others, stem cell treatment is comparatively new.

Based on our research with more than 50+ IVF doctors pan India, it is observed that due to lack of scientific proofs and unexplained theories, stem cell treatment is still in the experimental phase and results are not conclusive. So, at this stage we can’t say with complete surety that it will work for all of you. It is too early to comment though there have been some success cases with this treatment.

Doctor’s Take On Stem Cell Treatment

Due to lack of scientific proofs and still being on experimental stage, he avoids this
treatment. Also because, the current success rate is just 10%.”

– Dr. Hrishikesh Pai (MD, Medical director – Bloom IVF)

However, Dr. Rashmi Yogish (Fertility specialist – Kushi Hospital) is one of the rare who is doing this treatment at her IVF clinic in Bangalore with comparatively better success rates. She says,

‘This treatment is having considerably high success rate, if done on women having infertility
condition of thin endometrium”

So, if you still want to opt for this treatment, you need to be aware and sure whether your doctor is competent and confident about performing this procedure. Choose wisely!

The Cost

Every treatment brings new hope of getting pregnant immediately. But do not jump into the pool before knowing its depth. Similarly, its better to check your pocket before you opt for this option. The approximate cost of this treatment can be anywhere between Rs 10 to Rs 20 lakhs, depending upon the health condition of a woman. That’s too high! Yes, we too acknowledge that. We would urge the IVF stakeholders to look into this and make the rates affordable so that more couples going through fertility journey can benefit from it.

Can Stem Cell Therapy Really Help In Infertility Treatment?




Undoubtedly, stem cell treatment is revolutionary but currently the cost and its low success rates are big roadblocks. At Fertility Dost community we see a rising interest in this treatment and even doctors have started to talk about it. We strongly recommend that stem cell treatment should be considered as one of the last resorts for the couples with recurrent IVF failures.


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