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9 Totkas to Help You Get Pregnant Immediately

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9 Totkas to Help You Get Pregnant Immediately

Are you looking to get pregnant? Do you feel that you have tried every possible method to successfully conceive and still have not been able to receive good news? Fear not, recent studies show that women may find conception difficult to attain owing to lifestyle conditions, age, and even health conditions. Planning a pregnancy requires a decent amount of research, inquiry, and understanding of your body.

We have curated a list of 9 tips from different aspects of life that can help boost fertility, improve the functioning of your reproductive organs, and help you improve your chances of getting pregnant.

List of 9 Tips from Different Aspects of Life that Can Help Boost Fertility

1. Ancient Ayurveda

The principle of Ayurveda is based on the Tridosha theory of- Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. The equilibrium of the three doshas is what is responsible for a healthy body. Ayurveda works by encompassing natural elements as a treatment to help improve overall bodily functioning. Ayurveda focuses on improving digestive health and providing nutrition to help target fertility.


How can Ayurveda help me?

Ayurveda focuses on maintaining the digestive fire or Agni which helps improve the retention of minerals and vitamins that are vital for the functioning of the body. This not only helps improve digestive functioning but also helps improve the quality of eggs/ sperms and assists with conception.  Here are two methods that you can follow to help improve fertility:

  1. Avagah Swedan (Medicated Sitz bath) – Sit in a tub filled with warm water mixed with turmeric powder or Triphala decoction for 15-20 min, 1-2 times/week. This helps in improving blood supply to the uterine region. Reduces inflammations or infections in the vaginal or anal area. It can also help reduce menstrual or ovarian cramping.
  2. Sesame oil- Warm sesame oil packs or direct application in an anti-clockwise direction on the lower abdomen on empty stomach, around the time of ovulation for 3 days helps in improving ovarian functioning, improves blood supply in the uterine area,  and also reduces Vata in the uterine area thereby improves chances of fertilization.


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10 Fertility Temples Aishna Visited To Pray For Pregnancy | The Fertility Travel Trail

2.  Necessary Nutrition

What we eat plays a big role in assessing the overall functioning of our body. Nutrition is important for both females and males as it has a direct effect on sperm production, fertilization, and so on. It is important to note that each body is different and hence nutrition requirements vary per person, it is important to consult an expert before embarking on any special diet.


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Despite Low AMH I Conceived Naturally With Holistic Fertility Management


3 foods to boost your fertility exponentially

Yogurt, berries, and lentils form the foundation of any good diet for improved fertility. Lentils are highly protein-rich and can enhance body performance while providing strength. Yogurt provides your body with essential probiotics that can help in digestion and berries are rich in folic acid which is especially essential in boosting fertility and increasing your chances of conception.


3. Yes To Yoga

Yoga is an age-old practice that has been applied to help cure a range of problems and has very often been advocated to help cure a range of health conditions. Yoga helps revitalize the body, connect with your inner self, and target problems at the root level.


What yoga Pose/ technique must I focus on?

Yoni (Womb) Mudra is one of the most effective yoga gesture to help women declutter the mind, revitalize the body, and target the uterus. This gesture requires you to hold the index finger and thumb of both hands together and fold the rest of the fingers to resemble a uterus. Sitting in this posture with your eyes closed every day for 20 minutes can help target and improve reproductive health while providing a sense of peace and harmony.  Please note that yoga works differently on different body types and it is best to consult an expert before starting this.


4. Awesome Acupressure

Acupressure has an array of benefits and can be used for pain relief, targeting specific points, and help relieve stress. Recent studies have shown that acupressure can help improve fertility levels by focusing on reproductive organs.


Cure Infertility With Fertility Acupressure

Cure Infertility With Fertility Acupressure


How does acupressure work to help improve fertility?

Acupressure helps remove the congestion of meridians in the body and reduces the risk of diseases. In acupressure, focusing on the liver and kidney helps impact the ovaries and uterus, improve their function, and can also help relieve symptoms of painful menstruation.

5. Lovely Lotus Pose

On the lines of yoga, there are several postures that you can practice which can help you improve fertility and deal with issues related to menstruation, pain, and other reproductive issues. The lotus pose mudra or the Padmasanasth yoga mudra is one such posture that can help improve reproductive functioning and make sexual life more fulfilling.


What are the benefits of the Lotus pose?

This pose helps tackle seminal weakness and nocturnal emissions in youth which may cause excessive menstruation. This pose works by improving blood circulation and improving the flow of blood towards the pelvic region to nourish the reproductive organs. If practiced regularly, this pose can help improve reproductive functioning by improving ovulation, bettering sperm quality, and so on.


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25 Vastu Tips For Infertility Correction | Achieving Pregnancy & Fertility


6. Noble Naturopathy

Just like Ayurveda and yoga, Naturopathy is an age-old practice that has been practiced for centuries which has helped tackle an array of health conditions. Naturopathic treatments emphasize the importance of natural ingredients to cure the body from within while also providing a detox of sorts.  These treatments however do vary from person to person and you must consider consulting an expert before opting for naturopathic treatment.


What naturopathic treatment can I consider?

Neem is perhaps one of the most versatile natural ingredients for the array of health benefits that it offers. An effective naturopathic recipe that you can use to improve fertility uses neem and turmeric.  Consume neem balls, roughly the size of gooseberry along with some turmeric and crushed pepper on an empty stomach. This can help your body fight infections, improve immunity, reduce inflammation, and combat infertility by balancing hormones.


7. Essential Emotional Wellness

A fact not known by many is that emotional wellness plays a major role in impacting fertility levels.  To be able to conceive, it is very essential for both parents, especially the mother to maintain a positive and calm sense of mind. A method to achieve this is to remove emotional blocks that exist in a subconscious state by bringing them out via meditation or other such calming activities. Creating a vision board to write down thoughts can help unfold emotions and create a positive atmosphere. Improving marital relationships can also help improve fertility therefore increasing chances of conception. Couples must stand together and share a healthy relationship to successfully conceive.


8. Discuss it with your Doctor

Any matter of health concern must not be disregarded. If you believe that you and your partner are not able to conceive then you must consider seeking professional medical assistance. Approaching a doctor will not only help you understand the root cause of your problem but will also provide you with the most viable solution to help you reach your desired goal. A doctor will be able to guide you through various treatment options and the best-suited one for you. Everybody works differently and there are several reasons why you may be finding it difficult to conceive, a doctor will be able to prescribe the most effective treatment plan to deal with your specific condition.


9. Calming Community Presence


A community can play a vital role in assisting you through your journey of pregnancy. Infertility is not uncommon and several people go through it every day. Joining a community support group will help you connect with people facing similar issues and support each other. A community group will not only provide a sense of emotional support but can also be an efficient platform for sharing information, tips, and progress.  A community group can also act as a safe space and help you with your emotional wellness.


Each body is different and no two issues are similar. If you and your partner are exhibiting signs of infertility, it is best to consult a medical professional to get your situation assessed.  With some efforts, care, and support you too will soon be able to conceive and start a happy family, you need only have patience and faith.


Fertility Dost is India’s leading platform for infertility,  our range of programs help tackle an array of areas from PCOS, IVF preparation, and emotional wellness. Do you wish to know more about or programs? Call now to book your first free consultation call!

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