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Top 10 Covid Doubts Of Couples Trying For Pregnancy And Undergoing IVF/IUI Treatment

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Top 10 Covid Doubts Of Couples Trying For Pregnancy And Undergoing IVF/IUI Treatment



Covid Virus is back! This time more cruel than expected. And just when we thought, ‘Life is getting normal’, the second covid wave is already here, hitting us even harder. Fortunately, We get – The Covid-19 Vaccine! But, is it safe? Is it effective? Will this save our lives? And hey! What about the pregnant and breastfeeding women? They were not even the part of the trial! So, is it really safe for every group of age and condition?

We totally understand your concerns and anxiety around the Covid-19 vaccinations and so, here we are presenting you the answers of the 10 most sought-after questions about the 2 doses of Covid-19 vaccinations after doing thorough research with more than 20 plus IVF specialists, Gynaecologist and Physicians.

COVID-19 and Your Fertility Journey: Addressing Your Top 10 Questions



1) Is it advisable to take Covid-19 vaccine in between IVF treatment or Embryo Implantation?

  • Option 1 – Ideally its recommended to first get vaccinated and wait for 1 or 2 months after you have completed the 2nd dose of Covid-19 vaccine to start your IVF cycle.
  • Option 2 – In case, if you are in between your IVF/IUI cycle and want to get vaccinated,  consult your doctor and then proceed.
  • Here, its important to share this story with our fellow community members that, One of our community member who was 5 months pregnant, unfortunately got covid infection. Further, due to severe symptoms she got shifted to ICU, sadly…lost her babies to miscarriage and is herself in a very critical situation.
  • According to the ASRM (American Society For Reproductive Medicine) patients undergoing fertility treatment should be encouraged to receive a covid-19 vaccine when it’s available to them. There is no evidence that vaccination before or during fertility treatment will impact the outcome of treatment in anyway.


2) Can Covid-19 vaccine cause any infertility issues in women and men?

  • Absolutely Not.
  • There is no evidence which states that Covid-19 vaccine can cause an increased risk of infertility issues in women and men permanently.
  • Please get yourself vaccinated on priority.


3) Women and men planning for conception, should get vaccinated before or after conception?

  • Ideally they should complete their two doses of the vaccine before attempting conception.
  • However, there is lack of information on the possible effects of Covid-19 vaccinations on pregnancy, on ART treatments or on future pregnancy. As a result, the international guidelines make no recommendations as to whether the woman and the man, attempting to conceive through IUI or IVF should receive the vaccine before starting the treatment. But, it is highly recommended to encourage getting vaccinated in following cases.A. Women and men with previous medical problems are at higher risks of getting  Covid-19 and its complications. Thus, its very important, that they should get vaccinated before attempting conception.

    B. Same applies to women and men who are at higher risk of exposure to Covid-19 infections due to occupational reasons or Frontline workers like Healthcare workers, Police & Armed forces, Muncipal workers and Media professionals are advised for getting Covid-19 vaccinations.

    C. Even in case of advanced maternal age or diminished ovarian reserve, it is advised to freeze your embryos and later do the implantation after completing the two doses of vaccine.


4)  After getting vaccinated, how much time gap is advisable to start the fertility treatments?

  • If you are considering treatments like IUI, IVF or even natural pregnancy, it is advised to postpone conception for up to 2 months after the completion of 2nd dose of vaccination.
  • 2 months time is considered to be adequate, to allow time for the immune response from vaccination to settle in the body.
  • It is highly recommended to wait for 2 months because, currently we don’t know the effect of the vaccine on the egg, sperm, or the baby. Hence, a cautious approach is always a better and safe option.
  • Also, treatments should not be started for any couple who have had any significant side-effects from the vaccination such as an allergic reaction,  until they are considered fit for pregnancy by their physicians.


5) If husband or wife is covid positive, how much time gap is advisable after recovery to start IVF or IUI process?

  • If your RTPCR test is negative, then you can start your fertility treatments after at least 2 months of recovery from Covid infection.


6) Is Covid-19 vaccine, safe for pregnant women?

  • Since pregnant women were not included in the initial phase lll clinical trial of the Covid-19 vaccine, there is no data on the safety of the vaccine in this sub group. Hence, India has taken a stand to not vaccinate our pregnant women.
  • However, The American College Of Obstetricians And Gynecologist  (ACOG) recommends that, Pregnant women can take the vaccine after discussion with her doctor.
  • In many countries other than India, pregnant women are given the option to take the vaccine after discussing with their doctor.
  • Many recent studies show that vaccine is safe for pregnant women.


7) Should breastfeeding mothers take Covid-19 vaccine?

  • The Covid-19 vaccine can be offered to women who are breastfeeding. Although, the lactating women were not allowed in the clinical trial but based on the experience with other vaccines, the benefits of vaccination outweighs the very small safety concerns. Still, its best to check with your doctor.


8) What effect would Covid-19 vaccine have on women and men having comorbidities?

  • Firstly, it is crucial for women and men with comorbidities to get vaccinated as they are at higher risk to get infected by Covid-19. Vaccination will protect them from developing severe symptoms of virus.
  • In case of comorbidities,  consult your doctor before getting vaccinated.
  • Also, keep a close watch if you feel any discomfort like muscle pain, weakness or drowsiness. In such situation, immediately inform your doctor.


9) People who are sensitive and get allergic to some medications, may also get allergic to Covid-19  vaccine?

  • Most likely, Yes. And so, its better to consult your doctor before getting vaccinated.
  • And, if you experience any discomfort after getting vaccinated do inform your doctor on priority.


10) Can women in periods, take Covid-19 vaccine?

  • Of course Yes!
  • Its not a hormone injection. Covid-19 vaccine only produces antibodies that allow your body to protect itself from future infections without actually getting sick.
  • Does Covid vaccine affect your period? Here’s what you need to know

Short answer to everything said and discussed above is that,

“Life is precious! Take a wise decision. Your heart knows, how long you have waited to fulfill your dream of parenthood. But, when it comes to your health condition, everything else can wait for a while, RIGHT! We are sure, your desire is also to hold your baby when you are at the pink of your health.”





We have collected this data from various highly reputed IVF specialists, Gynaecologist and physicians. To name a few from the list includes, Dr. Aarti Deenadayal Tolani, Dr. Hrishikesh Pai,  Dr. Sulbha Arora and Dr. Nisha Bhatnagar. Fertility Dost is thankful to all the doctors for clearing the air around some of the most important #covidoubts of our community members. Please share this information with your near and dear ones.

Fertility Dost team wishes you good health and happiness always!

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