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Fertility Coach Program : Assisting in your Struggle with Infertility

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Fertility Coach Program : Assisting in your Struggle with Infertility

Are you going through infertility issues? Did your IVF cycle fail? Are you suffering from sleepless nights by not being able to conceive? Then we would like to highlight that you are not alone in this arduous journey that is gruelling you physically, mentally and emotionally. Thousands of couples are finding it extremely difficult to cope with the social pressure associated with infertility that may hinder both your quality of life and relationship with your partner.

In the present scenario, we found that there is an enormous knowledge gap about infertility among couples. While some are unaware or confused about their inability to conceive, others who understand infertility are treading on an infinite path without knowing the right route to their destination.  To overcome these issues, Fertility Dost did extensive interaction with fertility experts coming from diverse backgrounds, such as Ayurveda and Nutrition, and developed a holistic plan namely – ‘Fertility Coach Program’. 


What is a Fertility Coach Program

Fertility Coach Program is a personalized and scientifically approved program in which you will be supported by our trained Fertility Coaches, Doctors & Experts from various fields. After coaching many couples to successful pregnancy, we have figured out the perfect combination to removing fertility barriers. The program is designed in a flexible and dynamic way that emphasizes only on your infertility concerns, that is, personalized program depending on your infertility issues.


The Programs Multi-Layered Approach to Deal with Infertility:


1. Personal Coach

• Coach is your ‘dost’

• An experienced Fertility Coach will push you to reach your life goal faster & healthier just like your fitness coach helps you reach weight targets.

• They will mentor & with fertility tools push you to  success

• Regular follow-ups to watch your progress


2. Fertility Ayurveda

• Consultation with our in-house Ayurveda Expert

• Prescription & Supplements

• The first call conversation will be detailed discovery of your requirements followed by review after 15 days by Gynae Ayurveda doctor


3. Fertility Nutrition

• 70% of couples conceive by slightly altering their lifestyle. Changes in lifestyle and suggestions for a healthy living will be provided

• You will get a detailed Diet Chart as per your body type

• Fertility enhancing foods will be prescribed to you by our nutrition experts


4. Yoga

• Guided Yoga Plan will be devised by the yoga expert to strengthen your reproductive system.

• Videos will be sent showing step by step yoga asanas for you

• The art of Meditation will be inculcated to soothe and calm your mind and soul.

• Fertility Massage techniques will be explained for the couple


5. Emotional Counseling

• Stress and anxiety play a major role in causing infertility. Our experts will help you in counseling for stress management

• Emotional affirmations will guide you towards a positive attitude which will help you in improving your relationships with people around you.

• In depth healing analysis will be done so that you can connect with your inner self


6. IVF Counseling

• For those who need IVF we will connect you with the best doctors and clinics

• We will help you in deciding the right time to consult the IVF expert



who should opt for fertility coach program


This program is suitable to any couple who has tried to conceive without any success or is unaware of certain disorder that is preventing them to conceive.


a) Naturally – Optimizing your conception chances by knowing your most fertile days and tracking your ovulation cycle.

b) Through IVF – Due to any reason you are not able to conceive naturally, IVF is the answer to your questions.

c) Overcoming PCOS – Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal disorder which prevents ovaries to release eggs regularly. It is one of the major hindrances to fertility. Directly opting for medicines can do more harm than good.

d) Managing Male Infertility – Detecting the reasons of infertility in males on timely basis and following the correct measures is half the battle won. Finding out the causes which are lowering the fertility should be diagnosed


Why you should opt for this program:


• This is designed for both the partners

• Regular watch will be done by our Fertility Coaches to monitor your progress

• It’s an online program so you have the access to it as per your time convenience

• The Fertility Coach is easily available so the time gap between your query resolution is less


In short, this program is a one stop solution for all your fertility concerns. A Fertility Coach will guide and support you like your friend and will help in unveiling a new set of possibilities that prepares your body for conception.


To book your coaches kindly contact the below mentioned or you can drop us an email.

Ms. Purnima Sood

Community Manager



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