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IUI Treatment Cost In India 2024

IUI Treatment Cost In India 2024

When suffering from infertility, choosing the right treatment for successful pregnancy is the most difficult decision-making process. Often the psychological war is in between IUI Vs. IVF. Trust me, it is frustrating. But hey, not anymore! In this article, we are sharing the best IUI information. All your queries like – IUI cost in India, when to choose IUI, tips for successful IUI, FAQ about IUI and other minute details are all covered. By the end of this article, you will be able to take the right decision and start your fertility treatment. It is a fact that, a right treatment offers high chances of successful conception.


Click here to know what exactly is IUI, its procedure and FAQ about IUI.

Types Of IUI

There are two types of IUI

1.    The natural IUI cycle

2.    The stimulated IUI cycle


 Sr. No.        


The Natural IUI Cycle



The Stimulated Cycle


It is done during natural

ovulation cycle

Ovulation is stimulated


Does not require medications

Medications is used to trigger ovulation


No anaesthesia required

No anaesthesia required


Women’s menstrual cycle is

monitored for determining the exact time of insemination procedure

After 24-36 hours of trigger shot the insemination procedure is done


Progesterone supplements is not required

Doctor might give progesterone supplements for implantation


You may get positive or negative pregnancy test based on fertilisation

You might get positive test if checked too early due to HCG in trigger shots. But you may not be pregnant.


Success rate is less in comparison to stimulated IUI cycle

Success rate is better than natural IUI cycle


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Factors That Influence Cost Of IUI Treatment

The Intrauterine insemination or IUI cost in India depends on various factors like –

  1. The success rate of hospital
  2. Age of couple
  3. Type of infertility condition
  4. Couple medical history
  5. Type of IUI prescribed to the couple – natural IUI or medicated IUI
  6. Number of cycles required for treatment
  7. The cost of medication and fertility drugs


IUI Treatment Cost In Different States Of India



IUI Treatment Cost In Delhi

The IUI treatment cost in Delhi is in between Rs. 6000 to Rs. 10,000 per cycle


IUI Treatment Cost In Mumbai

The IUI treatment cost in Mumbai is in between Rs. 8000 to Rs. 15,000 per cycle


IUI Treatment Cost In Bangalore

The IUI treatment cost in Bangalore starts from Rs. 8000.


IUI Treatment Cost In Hyderabad

The IUI treatment cost in Hyderabad starts from Rs. 7000


Who Should Do IUI Treatment?

Did you know, Generally IUI has 10 to 15% success rate in comparison to IVF. IUI cost in India and its success rate is highly dependent on the cause of infertility condition. If you have below identified reasons of infertility than you should opt for IUI treatment.


1. Male Infertility Issues

If a woman’s reproductive organs are healthy but the couple is not able to conceive due to below male infertility issues then they should opt for IUI treatment.

  1. Premature or no ejaculation
  2. Low sperm quality
  3. Low sperm motility
  4. Hydrocele – fluid fills a male’s scrotum, causing it to swell.
  5. Varicoceles – an enlargement of the veins within the loose bag of skin that holds the testicles (scrotum) which can result in decreased sperm production and quality
  6. Hypospadias – an abnormal placement of the urinary opening at the tip of the penis
  7. Donor Sperm
  8. Frozen sperm
  9. Paralysis
  10. Cancer
  11. Unexplained infertility


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2. Female Infertility Issues

If a man’s reproductive organs are healthy but the couple is not able to conceive due to below female infertility situations then they should opt for IUI treatment.

  1. Couple not able to have sex during natural ovulation cycle due to hectic work schedule or other reasons.
  2. Dyspareunia – Painful sex
  3. Vaginismus – a woman’s vagina squeeze or spasm when something is entering it. It is more of fear-oriented spasm than real muscular condition. Women commonly experience it on first sex or start of sex, while inserting a tampon or while getting a pelvic exam. It makes intercourse painful which might lead to infertility
  4. Less or thick cervical mucus – A cervical mucus allows the sperm to travel to the upper reproductive tract so it can meet up with an egg for fertilization. Less or thick mucus prevent sperm from reaching the cervix.
  5. Unexplained infertility


6 Best Tips For Successful IUI

To have successful IUI cycle, you need to do some pre analysis of your general health and reproductive health. Many top doctors have concluded that, even if best of best protocol of IUI treatment is followed, once the sperm is injected, the fertilization process in done naturally by the body. Hence, it is very important that you prepare your body & mind to be holistically healthy for atleast 3 months before IUI treatment.


Tips For women

  1. A woman should have healthy uterus for successful pregnancy
  2. Open fallopian tubes to allow the sperm to travel and mate with egg
  3. No untreated medical condition like – PCOS, Endometriosis, Fibroids, Thyroid and cancer.
  4. Endometrium thickness should be more or equal to 8mm during conception
  5. Should intake vitamin E, vitamin C, folic acid, antioxidants and the best way is to consult as expert dietitian for a personalised balanced diet plan to boost healthy formation of egg and sperms.


Tips For Men

Semen analysis report is mandatory. The processed semen sample should have-

  • Concentration (Sperm Count) – More than 10 million per ml
  • Motility – 50% or more
  • Morphology – 4% to 14%


Things Couples Should Do Together To Boost Intimacy

As explained, one of the factors affecting the IUI cost in India is the number of cycles recommended to couples. Hence, the goal should be that couple together should lead a healthy life and not just women. Invest your valuable time in –

1.    Practising couple yoga for healthy body

2.    Practising couple meditation for better mind connection

3.    Avoid mental stress for a harmonious relationship

4.    Timely intake of medicines


IUI success rate in India

Age plays an important part in the success rate of IUI treatment along with the cause of infertility. Maintaining your fertility health holistically is the key to success.

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20 to 30 years.



30 to 35 years



35 to 39 years



40 years



40+ years





Hope you got a clear idea about the cost of IUI in India, when to choose IUI, success rates of IUI and the importance of holistic management to prepare your body before IUI treatment. Always remember, a fertilisation process in not under a doctor’s control. It needs a dynamic combination of three elements to ensure high success rate i.e. –

  1. The best IUI doctor
  2. Healthy sperm & egg.
  3. A healthy reproductive system of women to fertilize the egg for successful pregnancy


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Baby dust to you!

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