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What Is Unexplained Infertility | She Found Causes & Got Pregnant, Not Once But Twice | Success Story

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What Is Unexplained Infertility | She Found Causes & Got Pregnant, Not Once But Twice | Success Story

Many readers have asked questions about unexplained infertility – what is unexplained infertility? Is there a cure for it? Can I get pregnant with unexplained infertility? Is there a specific diet for unexplained infertility? Have we missed anything in the diagnosis and fertility tests? Unexplained infertility is emotionally excruciating to manage. There can be nothing worse than not knowing why something is so drastically wrong and when you don’t know what is wrong you can even decide which path to walk on. You get stuck. Thus, we bring to you story of Rashim Bajaj, a Mumbai based architect who never gave up on unexplained infertility. She swung from unexplained infertility diagnosis to failed IVF to adoption to finally identifying the cause behind her fertility issues to fighting it head on to having her first child with IUI success and then getting pregnant with second baby within six months naturally. Her journey of defeating unexplained infertility only proves one thing – Miracles do happen but to those who demand it.



What Is Unexplained Infertility?

Before we go on, it is important to explain what Unexplained Infertility is, to those who are not familiar with the term. It refers to those cases in which medical tests fail to find out the reasons why a woman is unable to conceive naturally. It is also referred to as idiopathic infertility. The cause of infertility remains largely unknown even after many infertility tests and diagnostic workup of the patient. Infact, in such cases patient feels that the doctor is simply throwing darts in the dark trying to build logic on what might be wrong. However, what doctors usually follow is the theory of finding ‘what is not wrong’. This is the most frustrating form of infertility. You are constantly thinking – I have unexplained infertility, now what next?


My Struggle with Unexplained Infertility Begins

We got married at 28 (a little late as per our Indian society standards) and decided to have a baby only after one year of marriage. By the time we thought we were ready to welcome a baby in our lives, God already had other plans in store for us. Little did we know; our struggles would last for five long years.

Ours was a case of ‘unexplained infertility’.  The success rate of IVF with unexplained infertility is depressingly low. Being diagnosed with nothing at all for the first two years and having struggled through 2 failed IVFs and an infinite number of IUIs, my doctor finally gave up, saying there is no hope for us, and we should think about adoption.


Not Only IVF, Adoption Failed Me too

Unexplained infertility depression is beyond bear. It was very difficult for us to accept that there is no reason behind our infertility, yet we somehow we managed to come to terms with our destiny and applied for adoption, but again God had other plans. Our adoption application was rejected as we had not completed five years of marriage at the time of application, which was mandatory (we were exactly two months short of that). I was completely shattered and cried endlessly.


I Rose Up Stronger To Challenge Unexplained Infertility Diagnosis

As I have already mentioned, ours was a case of unexplained infertility, and after the failed trial for adoption, I was not ready to settle down like this without knowing what my actual problem was. The tag of unexplained infertility was paining me. I did not want it to give up like this, and so I decided to challenge unexplained infertility diagnosis and opted to redo the fertility tests. I had a gut feeling that something got missed or looked over, and I was so damn right.

We decided to have last head-to-head fight with infertility. We decided to go for infertility tests to diagnose unexplained infertility for the last time.

We started to research about all the problems and issues ourselves and Bingo we managed to spot it. We went to a new doctor and asked her to perform a tuberculosis test of my reproductive system. It came out e positive.

I had never been so happy in all those years like I was when my tuberculosis test report came positive. Now, at least we could find a solution to it. I was no longer suffering from unexplained infertility.



The Fertility Treatment Path I Choose | Unexplained Infertility Cure

My medication went for seven long months and then there was another round of painful tests. I was diagnosed with stage 3 endometriosis, and the doctor recommended an operation for it. I had to bear the pain of the surgery while it was going on as the anesthetist miscalculated the duration of the surgery and it went on for more than 2 hours as against a normal duration of 15 minutes for similar surgeries.

Though on our doctor’s advice, we filed a complaint against the hospital, we couldn’t follow it up as we were busy with other things in our life. Finally, I went to get my stitches removed after seven days, and to our horror got to know that the wound had not healed yet and the pink flesh was visible under it. The doctor refused to put stitches again as it could be very painful, so she tied a very tight bandage across my stomach which was to be kept like that for at least 15 days to allow the skin to heal on its own.



My Little Angel Arrives After Initial Hiccups | Low Placenta & Gestational Diabetes 

Finally, after a month of laparoscopy, the day came for my first IUI (though I had already gone through an infinite number of IUIs before, this time, I was excited and nervous like I was when I actually went for it the first time). After ten days of IUI. I went for a blood test for early detection of pregnancy as I didn’t want to do a urine test this time. I was too scared of it as I had faced the failure every month for nearly five years.

I was sitting in my office and called the lab guy to know the results and …Yaya yayyyyy I was pregnant! The same moment I resigned from my job and my boss and colleagues were so happy about it as they knew how much I had gone through in all these years.

Finally, after the entire struggle I was pregnant. However, when the fourth month started, (supposed to be the most fragile time), I started bleeding and was hospitalized immediately. I was diagnosed with a very low placenta and had to be on bed rest for the next six months, and gestational diabetes added to the trauma.

But God was kind enough, and I crossed the eight months danger mark and entered the 9th month. However, my doctors found out that my water level was almost zero and I was rushed to the hospital for the delivery.


It was five years back in August when she came into this world to brighten every day of our lives with her infectious smile. I am so thankful to Almighty and all my family members specially my husband who stood like a rock with me in all my decisions, phases of depression, mood swings and everything. 


After delivery, I could not breastfeed my baby because of multiple problems like less production of milk, cerebral liquid leakage during C-section, etc. because of which I was not able to lift my head for almost 4-5 days. My little girl was a strong one too and she survived only on top feed.


Second Time Lucky | I Got Pregnant Naturally After Unexplained Infertility

We both were so happy and contended with our lives that we forgot that pregnancies could happen naturally because for us it never came easy. After six months, I was pregnant again! We did not know about it as we were not expecting a natural pregnancy without medical procedures. When I was already two months into it, I suspected something wrong, so went for the urine pregnancy test.


This time, there were two dark and thick lines for which I waited for five long years. Describing that feeling is hard!


We went to consult our doctor who was so amazed and more than happy to see me pregnant again. She asked us (ideally, it should be- forced us) to carry this pregnancy on. As soon as I heard the heartbeat, I was sure that I am going to go ahead with this tiny soul inside me.

Though physically, I was not ready for it, I did not want to let go of one more chance of feeling proud, happy and contended with my life. So, we went ahead.


This time, God was kind enough and the whole nine months was like a cakewalk for me. I enjoyed my pregnancy with my little daughter. Finally, the day came for my second C-Section (I could not wait for long as my previous scar was too new and vulnerable. : )


Early in the morning, I saw the cutest looking boy of this world. That was my second baby, My Son, my daughter’s little brother.


Miracles do happen. To those who are strong enough to demand them.


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this story inspired me so much because of infertility i am hopeless this story inspired me so much because of infertility i am hopeless


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