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Keep Me In Prayers, As I Prepare For Next IVF Treatment

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Keep Me In Prayers, As I Prepare For Next IVF Treatment

I would always know that we women have the power and strength of Maa Durga which make us strong enough to kick any curve ball that a life throws at us. But I have no inhibitions in accepting this that I have understood the real meaning of strength and power when I learnt about Shilpi Srivastava. So much positivity, zeal and a passion, it’s hard to believe that we have such great ‘fighters’ in our world. She is ready for her next IVF treatment.

I just want to thank you, Shilpi, for not only standing and fighting against infertility and IVF failures, but for inspiring and making me understand the strength of a woman!

Here’s a Shilpa’s journey beautifully woven in her words=

I am Shilpi Srivastava, 32, married from 7 years, out of which 5 years spent in struggling with infertility issues. Thousands of visits to doctors and thousands of prayers in temples, churches, mosques, gurudwaras made me feel that may be I am very close to my destination i.e., to my healthy baby who will soon come to stay in my womb.

One day I got up with a mild pain in my abdomen. Though, I tried hard to avoid it and focus on my daily schedule, it turned into a stabbing thrashing pain. I ran straight to a doctor. I was not aware that it is going to be start of a new painful page in my life.

I was diagnosed with endometriosis which damaged and blocked my fallopian tubes, for life. The treatment for endometriosis took a year, then treatment for ATT, and then I turned towards IVF. I was very hopeful about the success of IVF in its very first attempt, but obviously I was not right. My first IVF  treatment failed!

Till now I have been through 1 IUI, 2 IVF, and 4 frozen embryo transfers, all with no result. Not a single pregnancy has ever happened in my life.


Shattered and broken all time with each failure. Still without losing hope I am going for 3rd IVF in Jaipur. Hoping for the best for this time!


Life’s one most important aspect has been really tough and that is to have my own child —Starting from the time when nothing was diagnosed and I was in immense pain till the time it was on papers that I had endometriosis and silent tubal TB which damaged my tubes completely.


Hoping For the Next IVF Treatment To Succeed

Since then, I am regularly undergoing treatment. First, it started with treating my health
problems which took almost a year and a half. Then I started my IVF journey and my IVF cycles.

Throughout my treatment, there would always come a time when I would be happy and hopeful but would fill with doubts and negativity in the next moment. Still, now I am thinking, “How many IVF cycles do I need to get pregnant?”


With every failure, I would decide that I will not go for another cycle. But just after 2-3
months I used to resume my journey towards motherhood with the thought, that it would be the last one.


Severe mood swings are the biggest side effect of all the medications and injections. My biggest strength during all this phase was my husband and my family. They supported me in each and every manner. My husband’s love kept me going all through this phase and still its making me go.

I am doing all this treatment again and again not only for myself but most importantly for my love— my husband. I want to give him the biggest happiness of his life—Our Child.


Life is All About— Trying, Trying & Trying


Right now I am ready for  another attempt of IVF treatment cycle. Sometimes I feel this attempt will change my life and it will complete our dream of being a parent.

At last I want to say to all those ladies who are fighting with these infertility issues that worrying today will not make your tomorrow better so keep trying which makes u closer to your goals and live today. Seek help, talk to anyone whom you trust.

Freedom, positivism & spirituality are essentials of my life and make me alive.

I have just started my treatment from Dr Swarnkar who is based in Jaipur and have the oldest clinic since 1986. I am hoping for the best.

Keep me in your prayers



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