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Top 7 Reasons Why You Were Managing Your PCOS All Wrong

Top 7 Reasons Why You Were Managing Your PCOS All Wrong

Do you believe that you cannot conceive because of PCOS? Are you doing everything possible to control your PCOS, and it still doesn’t get any better ? We’ve got answers for you. Despite the vast amount of information and knowledge that surfaces the internet regarding PCOS, there still exist several myths and misconceptions which we often miss out. In this article we will debunk all your misconceptions and take you through a list to do things the right way.


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PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is one of the most common hormonal disorders among women of reproductive age impacting about 1 out of every 10 women say studies. Unfortunately, little was known about the condition till very recently and that is the reason that about 70 % of the women remain undiagnosed for the condition. Characterized by symptoms including irregular menstrual cycles, weight gain, difficulty in conception among many others, PCOS  is a condition with a very broad spectrum of symptoms impacting every woman differently.


Myths vs Facts: Do things the right way!


Myth 1: PCOS means living with cysts forever.

Fact:  Despite the presence of the word “ Cystic” in PCOS, it is not true that all women living with the condition have cysts on their ovaries. Cysts on the ovaries can be a major symptom of PCOS rather than the cause of the condition itself. PCOS is primarily a condition caused due to hormonal imbalance in the body. These cysts vastly vary from “ovarian cysts” which may grow and rupture.


“But with proper nutrition intake and home made ayurvedic concoctions, we’ve seen cysts go away within a few months for many women. So, don’t let them grow and start working on them today.”


Many experts even believe that the term “Polycystic ovarian syndrome” is a misnomer and there has been a push to rename it to “Reproductive metabolic syndrome”. The presence of PCOS in a woman is usually judged on three criteria,  excess presence of androgens, irregular menstruation, and polycystic ovaries, and in most cases, women ought to possess at least two of these conditions to be diagnosed with PCOS.


Myth 2: PCOS gives you permanent irregular menstrual cycles.  

Fact: No, PCOS does not always result in irregular periods. A significant proportion of women with regular cycles fail to diagnose themselves with PCOS  due to the vast misconception that only women with irregular cycles possess the condition. Even if you’re having irregular menstrual cycles, it can be cured by following a healthy lifestyle. Yogic asanas that work specifically on our reproductive system, and reducing your stress and anxiety levels can do wonders which we fail to notice.


“I have been following the coach program at Fertility Dost for the past 10 months and it has truly helped me transform myself. I no longer feel unnecessarily drained and tired and it helps me overcome my PCOS condition every day. My menstrual cycle has also improved gradually and significantly.”-Vaidehi (Member of our Fertility Coach program)


Myth 3: Obesity causes PCOS

Fact:  No, being overweight results in PCOS which is far from true. Studies show that 40-50% of women with PCOS are overweight or obese but obesity is not a cause of PCOS. Many women live in a bubble, that they can’t have PCOS because they are lean, fit or thin. But it’s time we drop this belief and keep a note if we’re showing any other symptoms or not. This condition can affect women of all shapes and sizes and although weight loss can help control other symptoms of PCOS to an extent, it is not the cure itself.


Myth 4: I just need to lose the weight and PCOS will be gone

Fact: The fact is that PCOS cannot be cured, it can only be managed to live a normal life. If you go on following some random diets, instead of losing weight it might instead give a huge trouble while conceiving, your immune system can become immensely weak.  However weight loss if done using the right mechanisms, can help control the condition and its allied symptoms. Our Fertility Dost community members and experts believe that our focus should remain on targeting the hormones and not the weight on its own.

The weight we gain due to PCOS, is not because of lack of a proper exercise routine, or eating a lot of food. It’s a result of hormonal imbalance. You’ll first need to take proper medication to balance your hormones and then only you’ll be able to lose that weight.  There are many easy ayurvedic recipes that gradually balance our hormones. You can consult our experts to know more about these recipes. Doing yoga regularly, that targets our reproductive system and works towards balancing the hormones gradually, is also a great lifestyle change one could make.


Myth 5: Conception for women with PCOS is impossible          



Fact: Several women with PCOS have gone on to naturally conceive without any additional medical assistance. While it is true that PCOS can drastically impact menstrual cycles resulting in infertility, this is not the case with all women. Our fertility coach program has helped multiple women with PCOS conceive while focusing on a holistic approach towards managing PCOS with Yoga, Nutrition, Ayurveda, and Emotional Wellness. Healthy lifestyle changes such as the regular practice of yogic asanas targeting your reproductive system, a clean diet with less processed and refined foods can to a great extent help regularising menstruation as a result help with improving fertility.


Myth 6: PCOS patients are overweight due to an excess of insulin in the body

Fact: No, excessive insulin results alone are not solely responsible for obesity among women with PCOS. Research shows that women with PCOS are more prone to Insulin Resistance or IR which results in the body producing excessive amounts of insulin increases the risk of Type 2 diabetes but it has also been proven that diabetes cannot result in obesity while the reverse is possible. Weight gain can be caused due to a wide range of problems ranging from excess stress to unhealthy eating habits and although IR may be a contributing factor to weight gain, it is not the sole cause. Many women suffering from PCOS often do not have a rapid metabolic system making it all the more difficult to lose weight and as a result, this may give rise to weight gain or even obesity.  Following a strict exercise regimen and having a healthy state of mind together can lay a major role in boosting metabolism and controlling insulin levels and can help you control your condition to a good extent.


Myth 7: Women with PCOS cannot enjoy a normal and healthy life. 

Fact: False. Although PCOS is not completely curable, accepting it as a part of life and working your way around it can allow you to live a healthy and normal life. PCOS must be viewed as a part of life and as a lifestyle as opposed to a condition that holds you back.


“Problems like stress and anxiety are not a permanent part of PCOS. Proper emotional wellness counselling can help you get rid of them, and you can live your life just like any other person.”


Recent studies and medical journals are strong of the opinion that healthy lifestyle changes including a change of diet and practicing calming exercises such as Yoga can drastically help control symptoms of PCOS bringing you close to living a normal life. Clean eating and managing stress can not only allow you to control symptoms such as weight gain and fatigue but can also help improve fertility and conception abilities while reducing risks of major diseases such as strokes, cancer, and so on. Seeking guidance and counseling can also help you overcome all stigmas associated with PCOS and boost emotional well being.


Understanding and debunking the Myths associated with PCOS is the first step to overcoming the condition itself. With the right information and knowledge, you will gain a better and deeper understanding of your body, you will be in the right position to take all necessary steps to accept and overcome PCOS.

What are the weirdest myths you’ve heard about PCOS? Do let us know in the comment section.

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