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Top 10 FAQs On Egg Quality When Trying to Conceive

Top 10 FAQs On Egg Quality When Trying to Conceive

IVF or any fertility related treatment is itself a big ocean to cross. Women going through any such treatment come across so many terms and words which they have never heard before. Egg quality is such debatable term these days. What does a poor egg quality mean and Is it a determining factor for a successful pregnancy?? Such questions generally pop up related to the quality of egg for women trying to conceive.

Here is a list of few general queries put across by ladies in our live sessions with infertility experts and doctors, related to role of egg quality in conception.


1. What are the chances to conceive in case of Low AMH?

Normal AMH is considered between 2.5 to 4.5. Low AMH means the doctor doesn’t have many eggs to play with, as decrease in AMH is directly proportional to the quality of eggs. So it is advisable not to waste time on trying for natural conception or other IUI treatments because it might affect the quality of left eggs. Please consult your doctor to work out the best option for you. Embryo pulling could be one of the options.


2. Is IVF success directly proportional to age?

Not really in case of IVF. In one of her live sessions with us, Dr. Rutuja Athawale from Apollo Cradle Hospital mentioned that,’ factors like endometrium, uterium, sperm are much more proportional factors affecting the IVF. Age plays a role in DNA, which might lead to genetical complications (but in very rare cases), not in the quality of eggs.’ She mentions successful IVF with ladies at the age of 39 or 41 as well.


3. Is it possible to improve the Egg Quality?


There is no specific medicine to improve the quality of egg but there are ways to maintain the healthy ones; which include avoiding stress, intake of prenatal multivitamins to ensure required nutrients, maintaining a healthy lifestyle through holistic methods like yoga, eating a  well planned diet , consulting the doctor for amino acids or testosterone gel and most importantly being positive and happy.

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4. Could Egg quality be a reason for failed IVF or unidentified infertility?

As per Dr. Rutuja, egg quality cannot be counted as one of the prime factor for a failed IVF or unidentified infertility. However, tubal factor can be considered as one of the options. At times, eggs and sperms are of good quality individually but the embryo formed is not of the same expected quality, which could again be one of the reasons. It is advisable to go for ERA test to have a clearer picture of the problem.

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5. How to improve the quality of eggs in case of Endometriosis ?

The situation like endometriosis will definitely affect the quality of eggs, so instead of thinking for improving the quality, you should plan your pregnancy wisely by opting for preservance of egg or embryo. Pregnancy itself can prove to be a good treatment for endometriosis as well.


6. Can Ayurvedic treatment help in improving the egg quality for conception through IVF?

Yes, undoubtedly it is going to give amazing results. We at Fertility Dost have so many success stories from ladies who were tired of treatments and medicines and had lost hope completely. But holistic approach and Ayurveda proved to be blessing for them.


7. Can the doctor predict quality or the number of eggs of the lady who has come for her infertility treatment? Can her response for the same be predicted as well?

As per Dr. Sonia Malik, founder of Southend Fertility & IVF,” Yes it can be predicted through the age of the lady and number of years being married. However no calculation is always accurate owing to the other medical history or complications.” But generally the calculations come quite near.


8. Will the quality of frozen egg detoriate with the passing years?

In case of social egg freezing, after certain years only 70% of frozen eggs come out as expected and rest detoriate in terms of quality but embryo preservance lasts forever. This is the reason that Dr. Sonia Malik advises embryo freezing over egg freezing.

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9. What are the chances to conceive in case of PCOD? Can women with PCOS go for egg freezing?

PCOD means generally high AMH, which means the quantity of eggs will be in abundance but most of the eggs in this scenario are immature. In case the woman suffering from PCOD is obese, then losing weight can do wonders for her because she might start ovulating normally and there could be chances of natural conception.
Yes, women suffering from PCOS should definitely go for egg freezing.


10. Quantity vs Quality, what is more important for women trying to conceive?

Undoubtedly, it has to be Quality because one good quality egg can make a woman mother instead of ten poor quality eggs. So it is important to get the treatment started at the right time so that the doctors have more options to play with, in planning your pregnancy.


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