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Seeing the Glass Half Full

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Seeing the Glass Half Full

Stay Positive When Facing Infertility: Your Mindset Matters

Many of us are longing to hold a mini me in our arms. Many of us are waiting for what seems like eternity for this journey of battling infertility to come to its destination and deliver us our dream of a happy, complete family. The bustle of a busy home hustling to meet every need of the newest member of the family, the air ringing with rattlers, cries for milk and lullabies are just déjà vu, something you have played and replayed in your mind over and over again.

And while you wait for these happy dreams to come true, facing the bitter reality is an onerous task. Taking the painful injections during your IUI/IVF cycle, unending visits to the doctor and then dreading the rush of blood every month…the challenges, the pain and disappointments are many. There are times when you want to give up, surrendering to the pain and the heartbreak…when you feel you just can’t go on. Many questions race through your mind. Am I a failure? What have I done to deserve this? Why me?

Don’t despair….there is light at the end of the tunnel. You will say this is easier said than done. Maybe yes. There were many a times when I went through the exact same feelings. Yes, my train has reached its destination, but not without its starts and stops. This journey is not easy, let us try not to make it overly difficult for ourselves.

We need to try to be positive, do the things we enjoy, try to keep meeting our friends even if it is seems like all your waking hours are spent outside the doctor’s office and researching for answers to our condition. It is not easy, but we have to see the glass half full. Surround yourself with positive, happy people, watch funny movies, look lovingly at little babies and kids in the park, tell yourself your dream will come true…it is only a matter of time.

Believe in yourself. Try not to blame yourself or your partner or your family. Purge the negative feelings in your heart. Create a happy cozy home for a new life devoid of regrets, disillusionment and fear. Your patience will be rewarded, you will find an answer.

If you feel that you would have overcome your biggest shortcoming when you finally conceive, let me tell you that motherhood is the start of toughest challenge you will face. But it will never seem like one. Since it is everything you ever wanted, being the woman of steel will be second nature for you. And what you are going through now, is your foundation to create your mental reserve to be an amazing parent. Take this challenge head on, believe in yourself and conquer the world. Start by seeing the glass half full.

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Author – Anisha Nayar


Blog by our onboard influencer Ms Anisha Nayar who is a  media consultant with nearly two decades of experience across leading Indian TV networks as an anchor and business journalist. Mom   of two. Enjoys dance, fitness, travel and movies.

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