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ReceptivaDx Helps in Diagnosis Of Unexplained Infertility | A Breakthrough Infertility Test

ReceptivaDx Helps in Diagnosis Of Unexplained Infertility | A Breakthrough Infertility Test


“It was not knowing the reason behind my infertility that was killing me. I was not finding a closure. I started blaming my karma and myself for this mystery around infertility that doctors names as unexplained infertility

                                                                                                                  ~Anonymous infertility patient


Are you suffering from unexplained infertility? Are you walking the arduous road of infertility and feeling depressed that the cause of infertility is unknown? You seem to have done all the screenings and everything looks normal—the hormones are functioning just right, the thyroid gland is not over or under secreting, the periods seem to be on date, the semen count and motility look perfect, the ovulation is just fine and the intercourse seems to be happening well and at the right time.  Yet, month after month, conception seems elusive. It is only natural that couples undergoing this month after month tend to get frustrated. If you know the problem, you can work towards the solution, but if you don’t know what needs to be worked upon, what do you do? Which way do you turn to, to achieve the desired results?


Is There A Cause For Unexplained Infertility?

If you are reading this because you have also been examined by several doctors over and over again and yet, your case remains unexplained, then we have some good news for you. Apparently, 25-40 percent of unexplained infertility cases are due to endometriosis. Though endometriosis reveals itself through a set of symptoms, in certain cases, it could be lurking in the corner, not exposing itself and at the same time not allowing you to conceive. At a time when endometriosis threatens to affect approximately 170+ million people worldwide, it cannot be left undetected. And that is exactly where ReceptivaDx comes in. This is a new technique, designed to detect even the hidden traces of endometriosis, easily and at a much lower cost. What’s more, it can be done through an endometrial biopsy sample collected during a routine check-up.


ReceptivaDx – Helps in Diagnosis Of Unexplained Infertility | How Does It Works?

Dr. Aimee Eyvazzadeh, Reproductive Endocrinologist of San Francisco Bay area vouches for this breakthrough technique having used it on several of her patients. She confirms that this helps avoid multiple IVF cycles and allows couples battling unexplained fertility at a much lower cost.


There are two ways of doing this test:

  • You put your patient on medications and do a mock embryo transfer. However, instead of actual embryo transfer, you take samples of the cells to look though them and make sure they are suited for an actual embryo transfer.
  • Post- ovulation, you sample the patient’s uterine lining. But patients must not have sex 3 days before and 3 days after this.


Both these are akin to a biopsy test and hence are painful. Patients are either put on anesthesia or take painkillers to avoid pain or a combination of both. This test helps to study whether the patient has endometriosis and is quite successful. Rather than going for an IVF over and over and failing each time, which is more depressing and costly, this test helps early on to understand if IVF can be successful or not.


Of course, not all cases of unexplained fertility are driven by endometriosis, but as already mentioned, for those cases where it is, this test works wonders. When patients go in for an IVF, they go in with a lot of hope and faith. It helps if ReceptivaDX is performed beforehand, so that in cases where endometriosis is the real enemy, it can be dealt with separately. Anyway, patients who make up their mind to undergo IVF are ready to spend money; it helps to spend that amount wisely so that the best results can be accrued. At the moment, cost of performing the test is $790 and you guessed it right, it’s not yet reached India. But it helps to know about a new path breaking technique, especially if the patient is keen on spending money wisely.

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