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IUI Vs IVF | When, What & How To Choose Best Treatment To Get Pregnant

IUI, IVF, IVF Treatment
IUI Vs IVF | When, What & How To Choose Best Treatment To Get Pregnant

Now-a-days getting pregnant is not so easy as it seems. In order to conceive, many couples need medical intervention due to infertility. While approaching infertility specialist, they come across several options which majorly includes IUI and IVF. Unfortunately, the epic confusion is always IUI Vs IVF – Which one to choose? This article will help you understand & differentiate between IUI Vs IVF by explaining its process, cost, success rates, benefits, risks and side – effects.

IUI Vs IVF, Choose the Best Treatment To Get Pregnant

What Is IUI?

IUI is performed by collecting the partner’s sperm or a donor’s sperm and placing it INSIDE the uterus of a woman to increase the chances of fertilization. The sperm of a man is collected and is put through the process of ‘sperm washing’. By sperm washing, the swimming sperm is separated from the non-swimming ones and all the undesirable matter are removed. This swimming sperm is now placed in a woman’s uterus and closer to the fallopian tubes using a catheter around the time of ovulation.


What Is IVF?

IVF or In vitro fertilisation is an advanced form of assisted reproductive technology (ART). It is a series of complex procedures to help infertile couples or couple preventing a genetic issue with the conception of child. It is a fertilization technique whereby the egg is fertilised with sperm OUTSIDE the body and is then implanted in the woman’s uterus.

As the fertilization process is done outside the body it allows the couples to choose whether they want to conceive with own eggs & sperms or consider IVF donor cycle


Success Rate Of IUI In India





20 to 30 years



30 to 35 years



35 to 39 years



40 years



40+ years




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Success Rate Of IVF In India


According to Top IVF specialist, Dr. Hrishikesh Pai – Medical Director of Bloom IVF Group, the IVF success rates in India is as per the following statistics


Source – Dr. Hrishikesh Pai

Source – Dr. Hrishikesh Pai

Benefits Of IUI

  1. No to minimal medications. Which means less stress on body in comparison to IUI Vs IVF
  2. Sperm washing process enhances the quality of sperm.
  3. The sperm is placed directly in the uterus helping the healthy sperm to get closer to the egg in less time.
  4. Better chances of conception in comparison to natural sex.
  5. Less invasive.
  6. Cheaper than IVF.
  7. Is doesn’t require anaesthesia and is pain free.
  8. A better way to understand how your body will react before directly going for IVF. Unless IVF is recommended as the first treatment in some situations.


Benefits Of IVF

  1. Better success rate than IUI
  2. IVF is the only option for women with blocked fallopian tubes and tubal ligation.
  3. Can observe the quality of embryo development on day-to-day basis for up to 5 days.
  4. Option to choose the best embryo before implantation.
  5. PGD test ensures that genetically healthy embryos are transferred in the uterus.
  6. Allows embryo freezing of extra good quality embryos from fresh IVF cycle which can be used in next IVF cycle.
  7. IVF – ICSI helps in male infertility issues.
  8. IVF helps in surrogacy
  9. IVF is beneficial for same sex couples
  10. IVF allows you to use Donor egg, Donor Sperms and Donor Embryo


Donor IVF Cycle


Risks / Side-Effects Of IUI Treatment

  1. The most common side-effect observed is, stomach cramping
  2. Other side-effect is some pelvic discomfort
  3. Risk of vaginal infection
  4. Risk of Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome
  5. Painful and swollen ovaries
  6. Multiple pregnancies. While most end with positive outcome few are associated with an increased risk of mostly all obstetric and neonatal complications


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Risks / Side-Effects Of IVF Treatment

  1. Egg retrieval might cause bleeding, infection or damage to bowel/bladder
  2. Risk of Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome
  3. May result is ovarian tumours
  4. High chances of premature delivery that leads to baby’s low birth weight
  5. Multiple pregnancies in case of multiple embryo implantation. Multiple pregnancies might cause premature birth, placental problems, preeclampsia, diabetes, fetal & new-born complications or cerebral palsy
  6. Psychological an emotional stress is more than IUI
  7. Many insurance companies don’t provide coverage for fertility treatments. This becomes a major financial stress of couple.


Cost Of IUI In India

Cost of IUI can be Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 20,000 depending upon the city, clinic, age, medical history & medications.



Cost Of IVF In India

Confused about how much does an IVF cost in India? We’ve got answers for you.

Generally, the charges for IVF treatment in India is anywhere between Rs 60,000 and Rs 80,000, inclusive of medicines. However, in reality, most of the couples have to spend more than Rs 5 lakh on IVF treatment and procedures due to the need for several rounds of IVF cycles. If you are looking for affordable IVF in India, you will need to take all the below factors into consideration.



When To Choose IUI?

Struggle between IUI Vs IVF is real. To know when to choose IUI, focus on the success rate because IUI success rate is highly dependent on the cause of infertility condition. If you have below identified reasons of infertility than you should opt for IUI treatment.

  1. Male infertility issues – Premature or no ejaculation, Low sperm quality, Low sperm motility and other related issues.
  2. Couple not able to have sex during natural ovulation cycle due to hectic work schedule or other reasons.
  3. A woman suffering from Dyspareunia – Painful sex
  4. Vaginismus – a woman’s vagina squeeze or spasm when something is entering it. It is more of fear-oriented spasm than real muscular condition. Women commonly experience it on first sex or start of sex, while inserting a tampon or while getting a pelvic exam. It makes intercourse painful which might lead to infertility
  5. Less or thick cervical mucus – A cervical mucus allows the sperm to travel to the upper reproductive tract so it can meet up with an egg for fertilization. Less or thick mucus prevent sperm from reaching the cervix.
  6. Unexplained infertility


When To Choose IVF?

If you have below identified reasons of infertility than you should opt for IVF treatment.

  1. Tubal disease – Blocked fallopian tubes, tubal ligation.
  2. Premature ovarian reserve
  3. PCOS
  4. Endometriosis
  5. Male infertility issues – Premature or no ejaculation, Low sperm quality, Low sperm motility and other related issues.
  6. To avoid passing genetic diseases to your child
  7. Cancer patients
  8. Donor IVF cycle – Donor egg, Donor sperm, Donor Embryo
  9. Multiple failed IVF
  10. Surrogacy
  11. Same sex parents
  12. Unexplained infertility


How To Prepare For IUI & IVF For Successful Results?


Just because you paid for IUI or IVF & religiously took all medicines, injections & tests – IT DOESN’T GUARANTEE SUCCESS.


You have to prepare your own body & mind for it. Similar medicines & injections are given to all women (with variation of doses), but fertility treatments works when your body accepts the treatment.

By preparing your body and mind, not only your chances of successful IUI, IVF increases but you are also able to manage the cost of IUI and IVF by saving a lot of your money and time. In this battle of IUI Vs IVF, preparation is the key to success.


To Read More, Click IVF Preparation Program For IVF Success | Tips On Managing IVF Cost + 3 IVF Success Stories


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Hope by now, this confusion of IUI Vs IVF is clear to you and you are sure about which treatment to choose for your infertility condition. But if you are still confused, then also it is OK as fertility treatments are little difficult to understand completely. And so,

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