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Fertility Dost | The Year 2019 | The Journey

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Fertility Dost | The Year 2019 | The Journey

Edna St Vincent Millay has quoted ‘Night falls fast, today’s in the past’. Welcoming 2020, the quote sounds exactly what we all feel like. Wrapping up this year, we, as your FertilityDost, feel extremely proud to share some snippets of 2019 – incidents, anecdotes and achievements which wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our brave community members, doctors, influencers, volunteers and all the well-wishers who believed in us.

We’re taking forward a store full of learnings, blessings, memories and many more good news with us. We’re privileged to have played a small role in your journey of highs and lows. With tones of lessons, 2019 was unquestionably our year. And. It makes us hopeful that coming year 2020, we’ll connect more deeply with you all. Let’s have a look at what all we did:

Fertility Dost: Celebrating 2019 Wins and the Power of Community

Awards and grants

Fertility Dost was honoured with awards and grants from 3 prestigious institutions this year:

  1. Public Affairs Department, USA

Public Affairs Department, USA and Cultural Vistas selected Fertility Dost amongst top 20 women from India and awarded a small grant

  1. The DO School, Germany

The DO School, Germany – Fertility Dost won the 1st prize & grant among participants from 80 countries

  1. Zone Startups, India

Zone Startups, India supported by DST and BSE selected Ms Gitanjali Banerjee among 15 women entrepreneurs for seed grant



Fertility Dost, with the focus on providing support to women struggling to be mothers, has also been vocal about the stigma associated with women’s reproductive health. We have always tried in our length and breadth to remove the social taboo that comes with this subject. In this era, when social media is the most vital source to reach out to masses and to get heard, we did some social media campaigns leaving an imprint for a long time. :


The campaign was a success with hundreds of courageous women participating in the event.




Fertility Dost participated in the Do Day 2019 organized by The Do School, Germany which also made it the winner worldwide among other participants worldwide.


Focusing on the negligence and silence concerning women’s reproductive health and infertility at large, we started a social media campaign with the #ChuppiTodo aiming to break the silence and urging people to speak up with an overwhelming response from our audience.

Corporate Awareness Workshop

We conducted various corporate workshops where working women between age of 22 to 45 enthusiastically participated discussing about various hormonal imbalances along with activities on managing daily stress and one-on-one counselling.



Published in leading newspapers

Highlights Of The Year

  • Cries of Joy:

We are overwhelmed and humbled to share the good news of 14 confirmed pregnancies and 5 deliveries this year. It’s an emotional journey after all the struggle throughout and we are glad to be a small part on this road.

  • Packages sold:

We sold over 100 packages related to pre IVF program, happiness program and adoption counselling.

  • Awareness Camps:

We conducted 8 awareness camps in Delhi NCR.

  • Counseling:

Infertility is such a problem that comes with numerous other problems in an individual’s life. One of which is depression and declining mental health which often makes women take harsh steps. We saved a suicide by quick counselling and with the help of our support group.

Simply put, the year has been very inspiring and we’ve only been motivated to move ahead, touch more lives and bring more good news. Again, this wouldn’t have been possible without your support. We would like to thank everyone who came and trusted us.

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