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After 8 Miscarriages & 3 Failed IVF, I Am A Mom |Infertility To Parenthood Story of Lalita & Diganta

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After 8 Miscarriages & 3 Failed IVF, I Am A Mom |Infertility To Parenthood Story of Lalita & Diganta

I was told by top fertility doctors to not get pregnant with our own eggs and sperms after we had 5 miscarriages from natural pregnancy and 1 failed IVF due to poor embryo formation. On hearing this, we were completely shattered and heartbroken. Yet breaking all the norms, we took a step ahead and opted for donor egg IVF, but still failed twice.

Did we give up? The answer is – No!

Read This Story Of Grit & Determinations

Fertility Dost encourages couples to share their infertility to parenthood journey with others, so that, other couples trying to conceive are aware of the fact that, fertility health can be boosted naturally with holistic management, TO HELP YOU GET PREGNANT FASTER!

I joined the Fertility Coach Program of Fertility Dost and it helped me to conceive naturally just when I was planning for my next IVF cycle”

– Ms. Lalita Devi

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Real Life Story of Infertility And Pregnancy Loss

This inspirational story is of, Ms. Lalita Devi and Mr. Diganta Goswami. A brave couple from Assam-India, who had a difficult journey from infertility to parenthood. But it is their love and faith towards each other which kept them going and hence, they never gave up. Today, they are blessed with a cute, healthy and beautiful baby girl.

It Was A Love Marriage




We bonded over our passion for teaching and eventually- love blossomed! Soon after, we tied the knot in 2011. It was a beautiful day, as October is the month, when the weather is pleasant with sunny days and cool nights. Ours was a traditional Assamese wedding in the presence of our family and dear ones.

I was 25 years old and my husband was 31 years old. A perfect age for family planning – I thought. Luckily, I conceived in May-2012. We both got excited and was eager to welcome our baby. But then, unfortunately I had a miscarriage in the 9th week. I wasn’t expecting this to happen! But my family and dear ones convinced me that it happens sometimes and I need not worry so much about it. Husband & I agreed to them and started planning again…


I was Not Able To Conceive Again




We kept trying but were unable to conceive. So, in Dec-2013, we visited a local doctor. He asked us to do HSG Test (n X-ray test to outline the internal shape of the uterus and show whether the fallopian tubes are blocked.)

On checking my HSG test report, Doctor said – It is normal!!! I took a deep breathe.

Doctor asked us to conceive naturally and not to worry.


Natural Conception But No Delivery!

I and my dear husband held ourselves stronger than before and reminded each other to not worry much as things will be fine soon.

I conceived in 2013, then in 2014 and again in 2015. All these pregnancies had the ill fate of miscarriages. Important to mention, in between, I had a chemical pregnancy too. This reminded me that, I had total 5 miscarriages.

By now, my family members, friends, colleagues and neighbors, started to taunt me – Tai ketia u maa bonibo nuare, Ye banjh hain, Apne pati ko bacha nai de sakti! (Translation – Can never be a mother, You are infertile, Can’t give baby to her husband)

I started to isolate myself more from family functions and friends get together. I sometimes, even though what if my husband stop believing in our relationship? All these questions fogged my mind 24*7.


Strong Pillar Of Support – My Husband




I love my husband. He is always with me. Always holding my hand even stronger with every failed pregnancy. Infertility journey is difficult and painful, it tests your relationship to a level you never imagined! But I was lucky to have my husband’s love, care and emotional support throughout.

I truly feel – I married the love of life.


Normal Reports Again – Doctors Confused

Again, we visited a top & best fertility specialist. After checking my history, he asked us to do several tests. To his surprise, all our reports we normal. Doctor seemed puzzled and told us to ICSI IVF.


The Beginning Of IVF Journey

In 2017, on doctors’ recommendation, we started our IVF journey. Before embryo implantation, we decided to do PGS testing of our embryos. And, as fate would have it, our embryos turned out to be of poor quality leading to implantation failure. Failed IVF attempt- was declared. My heart sank.

Doctors said, the reason of poor embryo formation as well as for 5 miscarriages was due to chromosomal abnormality . Doctors concluded by saying,

You will never get pregnant with your own eggs and sperms. Donor embryo is the only option”

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Breaking The Norms



It was not easy for us to decide on donor embryo treatment, as our minds were clouded with strange thoughts like – Will our family accept the child? Will the society judge our choice of becoming parents via donor embryo? What if the baby looked different from us? What if the baby doesn’t accept us as parents?

But our instincts said, Love is what we all need! A mere egg or sperm cannot takeaway the fact that baby is not ours and we are the parents.

So, with positive mind set we started our donor embryo treatment.

1st attempt of Donor Embryo IVF Cycle – It was negative.

2nd attempt of Donor Embryo IVF Cycle – It was positive. But again, I had a miscarriage in 9th week.

I lost hope.


A Ray Of Hope

I was numb with no strength to undergo another IVF cycle. But my gut feeling said, if all my reports are normal then why am I unable to conceive. Hence, I visited few more doctors to find solution to this mystery.

Luckily, a doctor told me. Why did you opt for IVF? You have conceived naturally before and your reports are normal. Try natural conception again.

My Amh was 1.31, pretty normal for natural conception.

But this time, I wanted to prepare my body and mind before trying to conceive. I wanted a holistic approach to heal and boost my fertility health. Husband and I, had already started to practice healthy lifestyle and felt great about it.


I Found My Dost In Fertility Dost




One day, while surfing net, I landed on Fertility Dost’s official Facebook page. There I was surprised to see everything that I was looking for to boost my fertility health naturally. Without wasting a minute, I connected with their team and got enrolled in their Fertility Coach Program.

After thorough investigation of my case, their team suggested me to take up Fertility Yoga, Fertility Diet and Fertility Ayurveda. I must say, it really helped me to prepare my body. Within a month I felt rejuvenated and healthy.

Dream Come True – The Marvelous Win Over Infertility




Just when I thought that, I am ready for IVF within one month of joining Fertility Dost’s FCP Program (Fertility coach program) – I CONCEIVED NATURALLY!

December 2020, I conceived and delivered a healthy baby girl on August 2021 just before auspicious Durga Puja.


We named her, Divangshi Goswami

If you are struggling from infertility and reading this then we both want to tell you that, no matter how difficult the time is, never give up on each other and your dream to become parents. Don’t hesitate for Donor Embryo or Adoption. We all are humans having in build quality to love other human, be it from your own egg or from others. Love is what matters!

Baby dust to you my dear.


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