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The 5 Valentine Stories You Must Read

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The 5 Valentine Stories You Must Read

The couples suffering from infertility together are no ordinary couples. You are special, as you are fighting or have either fought this battle together with perseverance, patience, strong will power, and utmost faith. Not every couple goes through this tough testing times but you were the chosen ones. There is a famous saying,

“Gold has to be burned in fire to become gold”

When all the impurities are gone, you have 24-karat gold – the most valuable grade! Similarly, when you win over infertility – you get your most valuable gift – Your Baby!


Infertility Affects Physical Being As Well As Emotional Being Of Couples

People mostly believe that infertility takes a toll only on physical health and financial status of a couple. But that’s not true! It also affects their emotional, mental and social life.

The constant family & society pressure for not able to conceive after marriage along with sarcastic or insensitive comments, often deeply affects a couple. Fertility treatments add more stress to a relationship, especially the first treatment cycle because it is something the couple has never dealt with before.

IVF process steps like – Stimulating ovulation, helping egg mature, prevent premature ovulation, thickening the uterus lining for conception, embryo formation and embryo implantation, are all new medical procedures which the couple goes through with utmost fear, confusion, trust issues and self-doubt.

And those 14 days wait period after embryo implantation takes stress to its peal level. It is a combination of anxiety, fear of failure, hope of pregnancy, restlessness and that undying urge to see two pink lines which makes those 14 days a hell of an emotional roller coaster ride.

Not just your career, daily routine, relationship with spouse & family is affected, you as a person also changes.


How Can Couples Win Over Infertility?

Unfamiliar, unknown, unheard-of, hidden & unexplained situation or person causes FEAR. To win over any situation or person, winning over your fear is very important. In case of IVF Treatments, not knowing the procedure & medical jargon is the fear. Hence, an IVF Preparation Plan is must. The more you do your homework and gather knowledge about your treatment, the less anxious or fearful you will feel.


Things To Do Before A Couple Starts IVF Journey

  1. Holistically boost your fertility health by preparing your body and mind for at least three months to be able to undergo this vigorous treatment.
    Check our holistic Fertility Coach Program
  2. Talk to experts or experienced people who will help you make informed decisions
  3. Talk to your doctor and ask relevant questions about your fertility treatments
  4. Plan your financial resources
  5. If you are feeling isolated or depressed, ask for help from counsellor or therapist. Mental health is as important as your physical health.


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Best Valentine Stories The World Must Know


1) Story of Purnima Sood and Sameer Sood



After 10 years of infertility journey with 4 failed IVF & 1 twin still birth, they finally adopted a baby girl and named her – Aastha.



2) Story of Gitanjali Banerjee and Col. Soumendra Banerjee



After 10 years of infertility with 5 miscarriages, 3 molar pregnancies, 1 failed IVF, and a brush with ovarian cancer, they were finally blessed with baby boy and named him – Athindra


3) Story of Lalitha Devi and Diganta Goswami



After 8 miscarriages & 3 failed IVF, she was blessed with baby girl and named her – Divangshi Goswami.


4) Story of Roja and Arjun



After 4 years of infertility with 4 failed IUI due to Low AMH and Male infertility possibility, they were finally blessed with baby girl and named her – Arti



5) Story of Sarmistha and Subho Chakraborty



After one failed IUI and AMH as low as 0.5, Sarmishta conceived naturally and gave birth to baby girl. They named her – Jiyana Chakraborty


If you are also planning to undergo IVF, IUI or other fertility treatments, then we strongly recommend that you prepare your body & mind for minimum 3 months to conceive faster naturally or through fertility treatments. Our holistically managed Fertility Coach Programs helps you boost your fertility health naturally. Call us now to book your first free consultation with our fertility experts.



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