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We End 2021 With 41 Deliveries 60 Pregnancy & Other Major Achievements

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We End 2021 With 41 Deliveries 60 Pregnancy & Other Major Achievements

Hello dear Doston. Yes, we are dost. Fertility Dost se pakki dosti helps you in boosting fertility health naturally and conceive faster. Launched in 2016 by the visionary – Ms. Gitanjali Banerjee, Founder of Fertility Dost. Ms. Banerjee has totally changed and ruled the digital platform for being the India’s best online fertility support & care, internationally awarded fem-tech for women trying to conceive through IVF, IUI or natural pregnancy.

Fertility Dost aims to provide the Best, Affordable & Accessible Fertility Coach Programs for boosting your fertility health naturally to help you get pregnant faster.


Our Vision:

  1. Our vision continues to spread awareness and educate people about Infertility- that it is not a disease but a condition.
  2. Eradicating the social taboo around infertility and the heinous character assassination of women & men suffering from infertility.


Our Mission:

  1. To continue being a Dost to every individual suffering from infertility
  2. To boost fertility health of couples through holistic management and help them achieve their parenthood dreams.
  3. Using our digital platform to bridge a strong, transparent & direct communication bridge between top fertility specialist Doctors and infertility patients
  4. Giving free counselling to women or couples in need in order to make their infertility to parenthood journey easy & affordable


Few Highlights Of Our Contribution In Spreading Awareness About Types Of Infertility & Its treatments


  • 100+ Free Live sessions on Facebook Page with top & best infertility Doctors.
  • 50+ free live sessions on Facebook Group with top & best infertility doctors.
  • 30+ free live sessions on Instagram Page with top & best infertility Doctors.
  • 40+ free live sessions from in-house fertility experts on all our social media handles.
  • 41 well researched articles on different types of infertility conditions and how to cure it holistically.
  • 3 well researched E-Books on different types of infertility conditions and how to cure it holistically.
  • More than 23 couples trusted us and shared their personal story, with the kind intention to inspire other couples struggling from infertility.
  • As part of our social service responsibility, educated refugees from Tanzania about infertility and how best they can treat with available resources, given the fact that they lack basic healthcare requirements.
  • Taking about new technologies in IVF – PRP Treatment, Stem cell treatment, Artificial intelligence driven new age IVF treatment that will increase the success rate of IVF treatment.
  • Encouraged IVF parents to be bold & loud about their successful treatment and share their personal stories to normalize IVF & other fertility treatments.
  • Organized India’s biggest online Fertility Wellness Meetup where India’s 30 Top & reputed Doctors, 10 holistic & alternative therapy experts and around 200 viewers participated to share & receive information on infertility and its cure.


Media & Publications







  1. Moneycontrol, India’s leading financial news digital platform and CommsCredible felicitated Ms. Gitanjali Banerjee, Founder of Fertility Dost as The Face of Vibrant Bharat Money control
  2. It’s fertile, not futile by Deccan Herald
  3. Deputy Secretary of United States, Ms. Wendy Sherman appreciated efforts of Fertility Dost towards women health care.
  4. Personal infertility story of Ms. Gitanjali Banerjee and what motivated her to start Fertility Dost got featured in many social media platforms.


Grand Announcement!!!







As our premium members says, The Fertility Coach Program is nothing less a magic wand that helped them boost their fertility health and deliver healthy babies after years of infertility.


We are glad to share with you

  • 530 people enrolled in our Fertility Coach Program.
  • 60 women successful got pregnant.
  • 41 successful deliveries this year. Natural conception cases – 20, IVF conception cases – 21.
  • 32 women successfully conceived when they visited doctors referred by Fertility Dost. We refer best fertility specialist Doctors to our clients after thoroughly understanding their infertility situation.
  • Fertility Dost goes international. Our office is now in India as well as Singapore.
  • India is a multi-lingual country. Our vision is to reach remote areas of India where information about infertility is rare. Hence, other than English, we have started making content in Hindi and Bengali to begin with.


What Our Premium Members Say About Fertility Coach Program?







1) My husband and I have been trying for baby past 10 years. Continuous failure affected our mental health and relationship. Thankfully we connected with Fertility Dost and their fertility counselling session helped us unblocked our mind and relationship

Ruchi, Australia


2) After 3 failed IVF cycles I decided to take a break and heal my body and mind. Because I had issues like obesity, irregular periods due to PCOS, acidity and severe back pains, I got enrolled myself in Fertility Yoga. Within a month my body felt fresh and light. Later I joined Fertility Diet and Fertility Ayurveda. My body and mind are fully prepared for my next cycle. Thankyou Fertility Coach Program for the wonderful customized plan.

Sunanda, Delhi.


3) I got my periods naturally without taking any withdrawal bleed medicine!! Thanks to Fertility Ayurveda and Fertility Yoga coach program.

Ritu, Chennai


4) I was trying to conceive since last 7 cycles, all my husband and mine reports were absolutely fine but still there was no luck. I was stressed and devastated. Then I came to know about Fertility Dost’s Acupressure sessions and I thought of trying that because we all know that acupressure is very helpful in increasing odds of pregnancy. I just took 10 sessions of Fertility Acupressure and finally I conceived in that cycle itself. Forever grateful to Fertility Dost and its beautiful team.

Nandini, Mumbai


5) I am so happy to announce that after so many years, my fasting sugars came as 100. To see this magic number what not I did!! From joining gym, to weight loss diet, Zumba classes etc… But thanks to your Fertility Yoga and Fertility Ayurveda programmes which helped me achieve this number. One more news to share my diabetologist stopped my morning dosage of sugar medicine. I am positively hoping that soon I will ger rid of my all medicines (Thyroid, BP and sugar).

Saba, South Africa


6) Past 12 years I am trying hard to conceive. But I made wrong choices in choosing the best IVF doctor, IVF clinics along with other lifestyle habits which made my journey more difficult. But one right decision was to join Fertility Dost’s premium group. It helped me to calm my mental and physical health. I don’t miss any of their live sessions on Facebook Page and Instagram.

Jissa, Kolkata


7) I joined Fertility Coach Program 3 months back. I can’t tell you ki mai kitni negative thi apne IVF treatment ko le key but after I spoke with Fertility Dost team, I feel so positivity in myself. I found my lost confidence and now I feel ki abki baar mera IVF successful hoga. Thank you so much for your care & support.

Monika, Gurgoan


Plan 2022. Stay Tuned!









  1. In the beginning of the year, we are about to launch our Fertility Dost App with amazing features that will surely like.
  2. Our website www.fertilitydost.com is undergoing technical upgradation for quick and easy access for users.
  3. We have added more fertility programs – Pranayama & Meditation and Garbh Sanskar that are also scientifically designed to boost your fertility health before & during conception.
  4. We are expanding our team so that, we can offer even better services.
  5. To reach remote areas of India, we will be having content in other regional languages soon.
  6. Ms. Gitanjali Banerjee – Founder Fertility Dost will be soon publishing her first book on Fertility Health based on her personal struggle of 10 years with infertility, experience as an entrepreneur and being a Ph.D. scholar herself.



Thank you for trusting Fertility Dost and being part of our humble successful journey till now – We feel grateful and our heart is filled with gratitude! With sincere intensions, we wish to serve you better with each passing year. Your health is our priority and fulfilling your parenthood dreams is our goal. All we want to say is – Journey from infertility to parenthood is difficult, so try finding your Dost (friend) in Fertility Dost, and trust us, you won’t be disappointed!


Connect with us and fulfill your parenthood dreams in 2022 with Fertility Dost. Baby dust wishes to you.


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