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Story Of A Real Life Fertility Fighter

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Story Of A Real Life Fertility Fighter

“Mamma slating line slanting line then sleeping line, see this is A” said my younger one to the me as I reached back home from work. My older came running and asking to fit the minute part of his robot. I am the mother of two boys and my hands are full and I am enjoying life to the fullest with my munchkins. But I had hardly dreamt of this life I am right now blessed with. My days were dark and without any hope with endometriosis. I want to reveal my scars today to FertilityDost just to let other fellow women know that they can also heal.


Flashback year 2002

I had my periods with cramps, severe cramps; I spoke to my friends and to mom and everyone advised meftalspas. I took but nothing helped, neither medicine nor hot water bags. With every passing month, it aggravated. I was a jovial girl enjoying college life but the symptoms were making me exhausted every day.  I dreaded to think to those of the monthly cycle. Bloated stomach, heavy bleeding, agonising cramping, vomiting, nausea and migraines.

Year 2004-2010, I was diagnosed with Endometriosis and chocolate cysts. And since then many laparoscopic incisions to remove my scar tissues started. And immediately after each surgery, I was put on hormonal therapy, quite painful Lupron injections. A chronic illness with Physical pain causing extreme emotional and mental stress. Mood swings, night sweats and brain fogging became a way of life. Being a working lady, it was tough for me to lead life with constant fatigue.


Year 2011-2013

After two years of our marriage, we opted for fertility treatment, back to back 6 IUIs failed. After a few months, with all our guts, tried IVF but to our dismay it failed. I was shattered; emotionally, Physically and Offcourse financially as IVF costs a bomb.


Year 2014

After months of mourning and speculation over the IVF failure, I decided to be gentle on my body and mind. Me and my husband started to lead a happy, healthy life and yes with a big hope for being a parent someday soon as we decided to adopt a child. We were cheerful and happy in our own small world; accepted endometriosis and learnt how to move ahead in life with it. Suddenly, a missed period alarmed us. We thought again chocolate cyst had to be tackled. But to our surprise a normal pelvic scan showed a life beating inside my womb. I was 10 weeks pregnant. Miracles do happen and my doctors claim that for me.


About the author

Dwipannita Sinha

Dwipannita Sinha
A corporate professional whose firm belief in healthy lifestyle and holistic living helped her regain fertility naturally

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