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Premarital Medical Test : Why you Should Do it?

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Premarital Medical Test : Why you Should Do it?

The other day during a friendly argument with my husband, I commented, “I think rather than matching horoscopes, we need to match Premarital Medical Test reports before we decide to get married to someone.” My husband thought I had lost it. And later when I was alone my thoughts went back to the idea that burst out unknowingly. Why not? So many couples suffer from infertility issues and the society and their families keep blaming either of them (mostly the woman). What if, along with the matching of horoscopes, we ask for a pre-marital fertility report too. I decided to ask some of my friends what they thought about the idea of a fertility test report pre-marriage.


Reactions:  What? Are You Crazy?

                     Wow! Why Not?


Some of my friends (mostly men) thought this was outrageous. But my women friends loved the idea. Well… after all it is the woman who bears the brunt most often—uncomfortable questions, glaring looks, getting ignored at important functions are just some of them. I’m sure we all know of a friend or a family member who has had to put up with some level of discomfort because the pregnancy was either not happening or getting delayed. When some of us women sat and discussed about the varied responses that came forth we realized that though an amazing idea, it could pose some issues:


Why “No” to Premarital Test Report?


Here are some problems we thought people might encounter.

  1. To start with, doctors can be bribed and reports can easily be faked.
  2. Women and their family members may not be too comfortable with going to a fertility specialist prior to the wedding.
  3. Male ego is bound to get punctured.
  4. If the results are positive (God forbid), no guy will ever want to marry a women who cannot procreate. Same is the case with men. Moreover, family members and friends will leave no stone unturned to make life worse for the person concerned.


What Do You Think About Premarital Test of Fertility?


There are negatives, but that is expected of any new idea that is often floated for the first time. But if you look at the positive side, a lot of problems can be nipped in the bud. Women and men who suffer from fertility issues might work towards a solution so that post-married life is peaceful as least as far as fertility issues are concerned. Infertility is on a rise and almost 10 to 15 percent of the Indian population is affected by it. And this is no small number. Moreover post-marriage, when a couple fails to bear a child soon, the pressure starts mounting from those around them. And in many cases, Infertility is looked up as a personal failure rather than a medical issue that needs to be dealt with.

What do you think? Do you support a pre-marital fertility report? Why? And if not, why not? We would love to hear your reactions and responses in the comments section. Feel free to speak your heart out, irrespective of whether you love the idea or you think it’s completely crazy. Let’s come together and bring the ghost out of the closet.

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