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What Restricts Access to Treatment?

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What Restricts Access to Treatment?

If Treatment is available, what restricts its access? Here are some of them:


Reduced Affordability: Though the cost of IVF treatment in India is 3 to 4 times lower when compared to the US, yet people cannot afford it because of most of the couples in need of treatment fall in the lower income group. Besides, insurance programs, whether public or private do not cover infertility treatment cost.


Lack of Access: In India, both IVF specialists and diagnostic facilities are fewer in number. Though there are senior IVF specialists, their brand portability is limited to a certain region. Besides, specialized, branded IVF chains are limited. So, some doctors may be ready to extend their treatment facilities beyond their region but that does not extend beyond 3-4 cities and the number of cycles also does not go beyond 75-80/month.


Limited Awareness: In India, socially it is important to bear children; the need for parenthood is the highest yet, many couples do not suspect that they have fertility issues at a time when they should actually be under treatment. Again, though there are many couples ready to go in for fertility treatment, awareness of ART (Assisted Reproductive Techniques) is still at a nascent stage. More awareness of the brands needs to be generated to enable couples seeking treatment.


No Clear Framework: Though couples may be ready to opt for ARTs, there is no regulatory framework for management of IVF centers and safety of patients. ART clinics and banks do not require legal registration. Hence they neglect to comply with the best practices when it comes to ART techniques such as surrogacy, embryo handling, gender determination and so on. This further hinders couples to come forward confidently for treatment.

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