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9 Inspiring Infertility Stories of Hope and Determination

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9 Inspiring Infertility Stories of Hope and Determination

If you are struggling with the issues of infertility and feel lost and helpless, you are not alone. It is normal to feel withdrawn and uninterested, but what matters is how we break our emotional barriers are come out of it with immense strength.


People with infertility are often looked down and shunned from the society. Only a few understand the physical, mental and emotional struggles they go through each day. Because of the way the society looks and treats people with infertility, it further worsens the situation they are in and they become further withdrawn from the society.


Apart from the invasive procedures that tarnish their mental health, the way the people around her behave also leaves an intense mark on their emotional wellness that some women even get into depression. The once happy-go-lucky girl who was so full of life and satisfied with her marriage becomes the silent gloomy person standing at the corner of the room. It becomes an everyday struggle to even get out of bed and such women go through day after day hoping for their lucky star to give them a baby.


But there are some infertility stories of women who braved all such social stigma surrounding infertility and opened up to show everyone how the life of an infertile woman feels like. These women inspire us, give us strength and show us how one can have a happy ending at the end of their infertility journey, doesn’t matter what that is as far as one is contented with it.

Real Stories of Infertility: Women Overcoming Stigma

Purnima: Finding Happiness After Infertility Through Adoption


adoption success story of purnima form gurgaon


Purnima fought with infertility and multiple IVF failures with a smile on her face. After three failed IVFs, she got pregnant with her fourth IVF, but unfortunately, that did not end well for her.


Purnima is one such brave hearts who finds her own happiness. Instead of crying and blaming God for her infertility and miscarriages, she ‘worked’ towards her happiness and said yes to adoption! Now she is the mother of a beautiful girl and feels blessed to have found her happiness in life.


Read her complete story here: Adoption Success Story After Multiple IVF Failures



Lori: Managing Her Infertility With Humour


Can you imagine cracking jokes at your own infertility? Well, Lori did exactly that!

Lori Shandle-Fox is a professional humour writer who tells how one can fight infertility without losing the smile and spark from your face. When she goes through the hard phases of infertility, she cracks a joke about infertility and eases off the tension. After three failed IUI attempts, she decided to cheer her up with infertility humour. She shares her journey of the true feelings she feels and how humour helped her.


Read her complete story here: Infertility Humour – Managing Infertility with Humour



Rashmi: Through The Struggles Of Unexplained Infertility



Infertility is hard when we know what the reason behind it is, but unexplained infertility is much harder when you can’t put a finger and say that this is the problem.


Rashim Bajaj suffered from unexplained infertility and after her multiple IUI and IVF treatments, they decided to go for adoption, which was rejected. Frustrated and sad and diagnosed with stage 3 endometriosis, she went through an operation for it and after many complications, finally succeeded in her desire to have a baby.


Read her complete story here: What Is Unexplained Infertility | She Found Causes & Got Pregnant, Not Once But Twice | Success Story


Shilpi: A Real Warrior – Keeping Her Hopes Alive


Even after all the hardships, there are women who never give up their hope and keep fighting.


One such woman is Shilpi Srivastava who was diagnosed with endometriosis which had damaged and blocked her fallopian tubes permanently. The treatment for endometriosis took a year, then the treatment for ATT, and then finally she turned to IVF. After going through 1 IUI, 2 IVF, and 4 frozen embryo transfers, Shilpa with her prayers and her positive spirit is a warrior in real life who doesn’t give up. She is one of the inspiring women for all those struggling with infertility issues, giving them the confidence and strength to stay strong.

Read her complete story here : Keep Me In Prayers, As I Prepare For Next IVF Treatment



Sumita: Miracles Do Happen

How to conceive naturally


Sumita was like many other modern Indian women who concentrated on their career first and the thought of having a baby took a back seat. But when after a few years, Sumita, who had PCOD, actually wanted to have a baby, she was diagnosed with infertility issues. After a failed IUI, Sumita did not want to go for IVF and instead concentrated on conceiving naturally. Did she conceive naturally?


Read her complete story here : How To Conceive Naturally | Tips From Sumita’s Real life Fertility Journey


Naina: “I Am An Infertility Fighter”


Naina got married at the age of 22 and after a few years, they decided to conceive a baby. Unfortunately, destiny was not in their side as Naina was diagnosed with infertility issues. She has been trying for a baby for more than 3 years and had gone through 2 spontaneous ectopics, 2 failed IVFs and 1 cancelled FET. As she is going for further treatments, she challenges to be herself and not be the one to let the fight take over her.


Read her complete story here : Definitely, not just an IVFer | True Story Of A TTC Infertility Fighter


Anonymous: Hoping Month After Month For The Two Lines To Appear


She is honest and she doesn’t hide her feelings. Suffering from endometriosis and after going through 4 cycles of IUI and 4 rounds of IVF with still no results, she isn’t fazed. Yes, she feels upset, sad and all the other emotions a woman with infertility feels but she found her way back and is on the right path to the right mindset.

Read her complete story here : Still Fighting Infertility | I Am Work in Progress




Quirina: With Strength And Determination to Life After Infertility


fertility journey of quirina from netherlands


Not all stories end with a happy note. Quirina struggled with endometriosis and uterine Genome for years together. With problems in her uterus worsening, she came to a dead end. But with determination, she carries on with her life, gaining strength from inner self-motivation.


Read her complete story here : Not every fertility journey is a success story.


Mithra: The Beautiful Ending With Adoption


When all kinds of infertility treatments fail, it is natural to feel sad and disheartened. But what matters most is how we rise after that and get on with the life. Mithra, after multiple IVF failures, adopted two beautiful babies and is now the proud and happy mom of two teenagers.


Read her complete story here: Yes, My Kids ‘Adopted’ Me! A Mother from a Heart, Who Said Yes to Adoption


Have you been through the same journey? Which one of their journeys could you relate to the most?


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