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Pregnant At 40 After 10 Failed IVF & 2 Miscarriages

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Pregnant At 40 After 10 Failed IVF & 2 Miscarriages

Truly speaking, I lost the count of my failed IVF treatments long back. Though, I did get pregnant twice but unfortunately it ended up in miscarriages at 2 months and 5 months respectively. My motherly desires to see those 2 pink lines, having baby bump and eventually holding my baby was so strong that I kept undergoing infertility treatments despite the fact that after 4th or 5th IVF attempt it is recommended to go for adoption.

I was 26 years old, working at a bank when I got married to my husband who is a contractor. We were having a blissful life and enjoyed every moment together. Since we both are fond of kids, we mutually decided to have our baby soon after. For 3 years, we kept trying for natural conception but all in vain. So, at age 29 for the first time, I stepped my foot onto the road of infertility. Not knowing how long I will be travelling on this infertility to parenthood journey…


Endometriosis, Low AMH, Nil Sperms – Pandora Box of Fertility Issues

Our medical reports made it clear that husband & I both are infertile. I had endometriosis and Low AMH, whereas my husband had no sperms at all. We both were devastated and broken.


My Journey of InFertility was 11 Years Long


With so many hormone injections, medications, stress and societal pressures, my physical and emotional health was deeply affected. With time, I got gastric ulcers, severe acidity, overweight, anxiety issues, ringing ears, cranky mood and disturbed sleep. My health kept getting deteriorated and so does the relationship with my husband.


I Found My Dost (Friend)

I was 39. But despite 10 failed IVF, 2 miscarriages and clicking biological clock, I never gave up and was always in search of finding ways to get pregnant. Luckily, one fine day I landed on the official page of Fertility Dost. The website had so many informative Fertility Blogs & articles with information and solutions coming directly from top & best infertility specialist that I was glued for hours.

I would like to mention here, that though there are many into this business, I particularly found Fertility Dost to be different from others because it mentioned all the therapies that I read about which treats and cure infertility. And all this was available easily under one roof  i.e. – IVF Preparation Program by Fertility Dost. Immediately I contacted them but was also skeptical because now a days people are mostly money minded and take advantage of this emotional situation. Yet, I gave it a try.

And, my intuition was right. Fertility Dost team is genuine, professional and very empathetic. They welcomed me with open arms. I felt safe.

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I Forgot To Tell You All That…

I am not Indian. I am from South Africa. Yet, I strongly felt connected with Fertility Dost’s team and its diverse community of women & men, because more or less we are all sailing on the same boat of infertility where our emotions speak louder than our words.


My IVF Preparation Journey

I am 4.9 feet and weighed 68 Kgs. As a result, my IVF preparation Program started by getting enrolled in Fertility Diet Program. Since my diet mostly consist of meat, adding vegetarian recipes to my new diet plan was a BIG task! But I knew that obesity can risk my pregnancy and hence, strictly followed my diet plan. With time, I inculcated taste for Indian cuisine and went ahead to find an Indian store in my country to get ghee and spices. BTW, it tastes Yum!

Later, I joined Fertility Yoga Program. To match Indian standard time, I used to get up at 3:30 am and religiously attended my class with no excuses. I proudly say that, not even on weekends any class was missed. Through yoga my physical fitness improved. I was more energetic and agile.

Next on the list was Fertility Acupressure Program. For best results, using acupressure tools to press fertility points is a must, and I believe in perfection. Hence, I managed to get all the acupressure tools. And my endometrium lining did improve. Special thanks to my fertility coach for translating me the entire acupressure class in English. Language was never a barrier.

If you have gone through multiple failed IVF cycles then you will agree that the fear of failure haunts 24/7. To overcome this, I joined IVF Counselling Program. It really helped to overcome my negative thoughts. I felt more positive and happier than before.

But being short-tempered and moody, having a healthy state of mind was difficult and so I got myself enrolled in Fertility Meditation Program. Through meditation I felt calm, composed, rejuvenated and relaxed.

Doctor Efforts + Patient Efforts = High chances of IVF Success
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My Pregnancy Journey

After preparing my body and mind through IVF preparation Program, I successfully removed all the risks that could have possibly risked my pregnancy.

1. Endometriosis

2. Obesity

3. Blood flow to uterus

4. Endometrium Lining

5. Anxiety

6. Stomach Ulcers

7. Stress

8. Unhealthy Lifestyle


I dedicatedly worked on my body and mind to be healthy. As a result, my healthy body accepted the embryo formed with the help of Donor Egg & Donor Sperm.



And still enrolled with Fertility Dost’s post pregnancy programs. My doctor is very happy with my reports. Thank you is a very small word for Fertility Dost. I am forever grateful for their unconditional love and support.

P.S. – I am neither paid for sharing my story nor I am doing any sales pitch for Fertility Dost. But I truly recommend you all to prepare your body and mind before opting for infertility treatments. If I can do it from South Africa and overcome issues of language, time & food then you can too. DON’T REPEAT MY MISTAKES OF JUMPING IN BACK-TO-BACK IVF TREATMENTS.

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Through text and mail i want to communicate. Can u please guide me. I am Through text and mail i want to communicate. Can u please guide me. I am 41 and got my IVF fail result yesterday, m also trying for long but finally no redult and m really broken right now.