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Marma Therapy : Unlock Fertility, Unlock Wellness

Marma Therapy : Unlock Fertility, Unlock Wellness

Reshmi had tried several treatments for her inability to conceive. She was suffering from PCOS and was unable to conceive for the past year and a half. She had tried several allopathic medications which took a toll on her mental health and left her frustrated. Reshmi was talking to a friend when she discovered Marma Therapy. After this discovery, her life completely changed. Shortly after, Reshmi was able to conceive and give birth to a healthy baby boy. Do you want to discover the magic of Marma Therapy? Continue reading this article


Are you looking for treatment for your infertility? Are you tired of standard medication and are looking for a new form of treatment that heals from within? Marma Therapy is a new form of treatment that belongs to Ayurveda and focuses on healing using bodily energy from within. This new form of treatment has proven to be an efficient way of healing for several illnesses and conditions, completely naturally. If you wish to know all the secrets and details on Marma Therapy, then this article has it covered!


Self Healing From Within

Marma Therapy is a special kind of healing that falls under the branch of Ayurveda that maintains or improves health by cleansing blocked energy.  The word “Marma” in Sanskrit also means hidden or secret. Marma point is a juncture on the body that focuses on releasing positive energy through the body.


“Marma Therapy typically makes use of 107 doorways in the body and the mind is considered the 108th doorway.


Marma Therapy makes use of the 7 chakras which act as the energy centers. This therapy is used to treat an array of conditions with studies showing it has had a great impact on fertility. Marma therapy has been used by several couples to help create a positive aura and improve the functioning of reproductive organs thereby increasing the chances of a conception.


Marma Therapy Provides Psychological and Physical Relaxation


Marma therapy works by light stimulation of the chakras within the body to release untapped positive energy that heals the body. The process releases blocked energy along with all the Marma points and provides your body with strength, energy, and relaxation which allows your body to improve its overall functioning. The therapy works by unlocking sensitive power points in the body called Srothas. Gently stimulating these points along the body helps rejuvenate the body, cleanse any negative energy, and improve bodily circulation which improves the functioning of certain targeted body parts.


“Marma Therapy is said to have helped several women with issues ranging from irregular menstruation, PCOS and related symptoms, difficulty in conceiving and so on.”


Improve The Functioning Of Reproductive Organs And Improve Fertility

Recent studies have shown that Marma Therapy can be very beneficial to improve reproductive functioning via targeted healing towards the ovaries.  The Basti Marma is one of the best self-healing mechanisms as it helps with several issues ranging from bladder diseases, sexual disorders, menstrual disorders, and so on. Basti Marma is located just above the pubic bone and is roughly the size of the palm. In the center of this lies the Bindu. In order to practice this healing, you have to place your right hand on the Basti Marma and the left hand on the hridaya marma, located between the breasts in the chest cavity, and start massaging the Basti marma with your right hands in cycles of 1,3, 5 and 7. The importance of the cycles are as follows :


  • 1 – Stimulates the formation of the finest fluid, Ojas, and starts its flow.
  • 3 – Harmonizes the three Doshas and brings them into tune.
  • 5 – Touches the five elements, Mahabhutas, and creates balance in them.
  • 7 – Transports Ojas to the seven tissues, the Dhatus, and strengthens them.


Taking deep breaths during each cycle allows you to completely focus on the healing energy and channelize it efficiently. Following this routine, for 3 minutes every day will allow you to see great results and an improvement in the overall bodily functioning.


Healing Provides Relaxation To The Body & Mind And Is A Great Detoxification Method


Apart from significantly improving bodily functions, Marma therapy is also proven to help rejuvenate the body and soul. There are several benefits associated with practicing Mrma therapy on a regular basis including the following :


  • Continuous practice can help relieve chronic pain.
  • Better metabolism and weight management.
  • Improvement of immunity and better digestive and respiratory functions.
  • Body detoxification.


Marma Therapy has become an increasingly opted for self-healing method in recent years.


“If you are someone who is trying to conceive but facing issues or if you suffer from PCOS, or prostate issues, then this therapy can help you and serve as a great at home option.”


Do you want to know more about Marma Therapy and discover the magic? Contact us at Fertility Dost and explore our range of holistic programs including Yoga, Ayurveda, and counseling.


About the Author 

Sanober Khan, M.D (acu) (Naturopath) (D.P.C) is the acupressure expert at Fertility Dost. She is a fertility therapist and healer psychological counselor. She is also working with Dr.Hrishikesh Pai at the Bloom IVF Center, Mumbai currently.

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