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Fertility Yoga | A Solution to Reduce Weight and Move Towards Fertility

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Fertility Yoga | A Solution to Reduce Weight and Move Towards Fertility

When we are fighting infertility, a prominent factor that crops up hindering pregnancy is often increased weight.  If either of the partner does not have an ideal BMI, it can shake up your journey towards achieving fertility. One of the possible solutions for this could be Infertility Yoga – a mix of yogic asanas, shatkarmas, diet, meditation and sattvic way of life.  This  is often regarded as a holistic approach to manage weight while preparing your body for pregnancy. You can give fertility yoga, a try to enhance your fertility health.


When doctors suspect  overweight as  that one prominent  troublemaker in the road to conception, they usually give their patients a time frame (maybe 3 months) to bring it down and come back for a fresh round of tests to check if everything is now under control and if weight was indeed the ‘real’ cause. With a limited time frame and a definite problem to solve you often go berserk trying your hand at every shortcut method possible to reduce weight–  from gym, fat-cutter medicines, crash diets and fretting excessively over weight so much so that you start getting mood swings.


Be Clear About The Purpose Of Your Weight Reduction


And here lies the problem – you need to be very clear about the purpose of weight reduction. It is neither to get to size zero or for any  cosmetic purpose. Your sole target is to get yourself ready for pregnancy or optimize fertility (in case of men). While you are trying to reduce weight, you must not forget that it must in no way affect your health.  You can’t afford to go in for reckless dieting and leave your body vitamin deficient and plunge into another bigger problem. You  to constantly remind yourself that you to lose weight the healthy way. And, there is no shortcut to it. And in a situation like this,  Yoga is the best bet. Yoga, apart from reducing weight, aligns your mind and body, improves and strengthens your internal organs and prepares you not just to get pregnant but to sustain it throughout 9 months. Isn’t this what you want? This is what fertility Yoga is all about.

How yoga supports fertility

Control Moody Hormones With Fertility Yoga


In women increased weight may be connected with imbalances in the reproductive hormones. A sluggish thyroid could also be a contributing factor. In men too, being overweight is directly related to poor sperm quality. Therefore you can count on Yoga not just for agility of the body and a strong mind, but an overall balance between all your body functions, which includes your reproductive system too. And fertility yoga specifically supports and nurtures your reproductive system by improving the function of the endocrine glands and glands.

Mood Spoiler Alert:


Disclaimer:  Yoga does not offer any short cut solution to your problem. It may seem a bit tough to start with, but if  you are willing to be patient and consistent, you can experience amazing results.  Yoga offers a harmonious attitude to living. It does not focus on fat at all, but on YOU. Involving you as a person not just  your body, yoga offers practical techniques that not only gives you freedom from fat taking you off mindless dieting, but also brings in health and harmony in  your life.

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Fertility Yoga: What Does It Involves?




Asanas do not deplete our energy, as other forms of exercise and sport. Rather, they help conserve and renew energy that helps  overcome the heaviness and lethargy experienced by women whose weight is excessive. Initial asanas should include dynamic ones such as Tiryaka Tadasana, and Surya Namaskara, and simple classical postures such as Vajrasana and Pranamasana. Gradually, the duration of your asana practice can be reduced to allow more time for Pranayama – particularly Bhastrika and Nadi Shodhana.




For effective weight loss, asanas must be supplemented by a proper schedule of Kunjal Kriya in alternation with Shankhaprakshalan. As our weight increases the internal body clock becomes slow and out of phase. Shatkarmas reinforce the effects of asana, and tones up this sluggish metabolism.


Laghhoo Shankhaporakshalana


Laghhoo shankhaporakshalana brings about a rapid drop in blood sugar, encouraging the body to draw on its fat reserves and convert it to usable blood sugar. Kunjal Kriya is also helpful as it increases the efficiency of the digestive system and eliminates ‘false hunger’ due to excess acidity. As fats are dissolved, many unwanted substances stored in the fat cells are thrown into the blood. Both these kriyas speed up the elimination of toxins and bring the desired lightness to the body. 

Relaxation With Yoga Nidra


Proper relaxation with Yoga Nidra or deeper meditation techniques should be an essential part of your weight loss program. It is commonly believed that too much tension causes weight loss but this may not be true always. Some people react to stress by reducing their food intake, but women specially find themselves eating more in an effort to compensate. Very often, when we become tired and edgy, what we really want is some time to ourselves; some time to relax. Women in particular, who keep moving in and out of the kitchen all day, often mistake this lack of energy to  poor intake of food and therefore end up gorging more. This in turn gets converted to fat.


Ideal Yoga Practice Schedule For Weight Management



Kati Chakrasana20
Tiryaka Tadasana20
Surya Namaskara6-12 rounds
Jhulan Lurhakanasana20
Chakki Chalanasana10 each side
Sputa Vajrasana Or UshtrasanaMinimum 7 breaths
Marjariasana10 breaths
Pranamasana30-50 breaths
VajrasanaBefore meals five minutes, after meals ten minutes


Yoga Nidra: (30 minutes any time in the day).

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Shatkarma: Laghoo shankhaprakshalana (weekly for three months), kunjal kriya (twice weekly for one month then once a week).


Tension also prevents us from enjoying food. Because the mind is distracted, we cannot pay full attention to the flavor and even after an adequate meal, we feel unsatisfied. To overcome this, we eat more –especially fried or sweet goodies that ultimately manifest as increased weight.


Moreover, continual tension upsets the body mechanism, resulting in further weight gain. Relaxation is essential in order to relieve the tension that distorts our relationship with food, and encourage in us a more sensitive appreciation of internal cues. In terms of overall personality development, tension reduction is even more important than weight reduction and points the way to the real purpose of yoga.


In the second section of the article, we will dwell deep into the other factors that contribute to increased weight and how those can be tacked. It also gives you a list of Yoga asanas to increase the energy flow through your body that helps fight infertility. Of course, you need to remember that these asanas must be practiced in conjunction with a healthy diet and strict eating habits for overall benefits and best results.

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