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Watch 29 Videos To Become IVF Genius

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Watch 29 Videos To Become IVF Genius

It’s a fact that 90% of the couples don’t know about IVF Treatment or its procedure. 65% IVF’s fail because you are unaware about your infertility situation. There are many causes of Infertility like – endometriosis, low AMH, blocked fallopian tubes, PCOS, hormonal imbalance, weight issues, erectile dysfunction, low sperm count and many more. You must know that, your infertility condition and treatments will be different from others going through the same infertility journey. Hence, before jumping into IVF treatments directly, it is always wise to first research and educate yourself about your infertility condition.

Do you know, because of your unawareness on infertility & IVF topics, few unethical doctors take advantage of this fact and try to misguide you? But hey! Not anymore. Because we have started a Fertility Awareness Campaign that educates and spread awareness about infertility. And today, we are glad to say that, every month lakhs of people are getting benefitted through our digital campaigns. If you don’t believe me, then watch these videos.

Become IVF Genius By Watching These Videos

1. Topic – What you need to know, before starting your IVF treatment?

IVF Doctor – Dr. Swetha Thumula

2. Topic – Latest IVF Solutions

IVF Doctor – Dr. Manjunath Swamy

3. Topic – Reasons for IVF Failure

IVF Doctor – Dr. Swapna Srinath

4. Topic – Affordable IVF

IVF Doctor – Dr. Arvind Vaid

5. Topic – Risks After IVF Pregnancy

IVF Doctor – Dr. Suparna Banerjee

6. Topic – Frozen IVF Cycle

IVF Doctor – Dr. Battina

7. Topic – Covid Vaccination while trying to conceive

IVF Doctor – Dr. Rashmi Yogish

8. Topic – What is the difference between IVF and IVF + ICSI?

IVF Doctor – Dr. Renuka Ramaraju

9. Topic – What is IUI Treatment?

IVF Doctor – Dr. Anuja Choudhary

10. Topic – Low Ovarian Reserve and its Treatments

IVF Doctor – Dr. Sulbha Arora

11. Topic – Low AMH and TTC

IVF Doctor – Dr. Nidhi Saluja

12. Topic – Endometriosis and Infertility

IVF Doctor – Dr. Sukeerthi Eluri

13. Topic – Adenomyosis and conception

IVF Doctor – Dr. Jaishree Gajaraj

14. Topic – PCOS to Pregnancy

IVF Doctor – Infertility Specialist – Dr. Shobana Patted

15. Topic – How to have successful Embryo Transfer?

IVF Doctor – Dr. Prajnanika Gurung

16. Topic – Challenges of Pregnancy after 35

IVF Doctor – Dr. Hrishikesh Pai

17. Topic – Symptoms Signs and Solutions of Fertility Journey

IVF Doctor – Dr. Rashmi Yogish

18. Topic – Why I am not getting pregnant?

IVF Doctor – Dr. Madhuri Patil

19. Topic – Male Infertility

IVF Doctor – Dr. Nilesh Balkawade

20. Topic – Unexplained Infertility and how to get pregnant?

IVF Doctor- Dr. Prerna Gupta

21. Topic – What Tests are done for Infertility?

Dr. Runa Acharya

22. Topic – Fertility Preservation with help of Technological Advancement

IVF Doctor – Dr. Sri Harsha

23. Topic – Preconception Counselling during Covid Times

IVF Doctor – Dr. Gautam Khastagir

24. Topic – Embryo Impalntation Truths

IVF Doctor – Dr. Vaishali Sharma

25. Topic – Conceive with PCOS. What is the Difference between PCOD and PCOS?

IVF Doctor –  Dr. G. Latha

26. Topic – Reasons for recurring implantation failure

IVF Doctor – Dr. Aarthi Mani

27. Topic – Pregnancy during Covid Times

IVF Doctor – Dr. Priya Kannan

28. Topic – What is ICSI ?

IVF Doctor – Dr. Lakshmi Chirumamilla


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