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#GoodNewwz – Breaking Down the Movie Trailer | 5 Takeaways If You Are Planning IVF

#GoodNewwz – Breaking Down the Movie Trailer | 5 Takeaways If You Are Planning IVF

If you are thinking Fertility Dost is going to do a movie review, hold your horses, we are not getting out of our social path. However Good Newwz is a movie that comes very close to our hearts and aligns to the social cause of breaking taboo around IVF and infertility. We break down the trailer of movie Good Newwz and connect it to real life and real cases that we at Fertility Dost community resolve on daily basis. Here are the 5 takeaways from the movie trailer!

Every now and then, Bollywood comes up with themes and issues that are less talked about, that make us ponder and help to break the taboo around. From ‘Veere Di Wedding’ to ‘Lipstick Under My Burkha’ and ‘Vicky Donor’ to ‘Padman’, Bollywood has come a long way in un-stigmatizing the stigmas.

The trailer of Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor starrer came with a dose of giggles where Diljit and Kiara were nowhere behind in giving us stomach-aches with the desi punches. The movie will not be the first of its kind to talk about sperms, pregnancy and infertility in Bollywood, but the approach is dew-fresh and humorous.


Difficult Conversations About Sex

The trailer opens to Deepti and Varun Batra (none other than Kareena and Akshay) trying to answer “Aap ke apni wife ke saath relations kaisey hai?”

Well! In Indian society this is the most difficult question to answer.  Conversations around sex though most important for pregnancy planning are the most tabooed subject. Even if the question is asked by doctor still one is found at a loss of words to answer it.

Now, the abovementioned sequence does seem funny to us in the movie. BUT IT’S NOT in reality. What we need to learn here is that the frequency of sex is not something that should be lied about to the doctor. Remember, the doctor shooting questions is there to help us. He needs to know. You never know what missing fact is actually very important for you.

The movie through a comic angle raises a poignant concern about the societal behavior impacting health.


Planning the Baby By the Clock 

Akshay Kumar says that he wants a child but that doesn’t mean going into bedroom and getting into a surgical strike.

Bang on!

While planning to have a baby especially in cases of infertility couples stop enjoying sex and it simply becomes a task to be performed by the ovulation clock and in the absolutely correct way.

That is the real truth behind ever so sexy process of baby-making and many couples can relate to it.


Explaining the complicated IVF 

I simply loved this scene where in matters of seconds, the movie explains about the complicated IVF process.

Simple, sharp and easily understood even a layman.

From now on, this is going to mantra of Fertility Dost as well.


Mixing of Sperms 

Yup! Shit happens

Moving towards, we hear some more punches and can’t stop laughing as a goof-up of sperm mix up is revealed in the next sequence of the trailer.

We deal with so many patients and trust me these kind of situations are for real.  Therefore, it is extremely important to be fully aware of the process of IVF and stay conscious.

Do proper research about the hospital, the doctor, the records, previous cases and whatever you feel is important. Both you and your partner should be aware of the process and the people involved in it. You can’t afford to donate your sperm to someone else after all, can you?


Whatever The Situation Keep Fighting On 


“Tumhari vajah se vo log hamari zindagi mein gus aaye hain, ab bhugto in dono jaahilon ko.”


In the film, it’s about the silly Batra couple entering the lives of the posh high-class Batras, but we live in a real world. There are no cameras around us. In such a sensitive process that IVF is, support is the key. A female has to undergo complicated procedures that affect her physically as well as mentally. Love and affection are all that would be required for you, your partner and the baby.

The makers have tried to give a chance to the society through laughter and giggles to understand and open about IVF, sperm donors and other aspects related to reproductive health which our society is too hesitant to talk about. This film is a step towards removing the stigma around the very sensitive and a very important subject of the modern day society.

Being your Fertility Dost, we are always here to listen. You can hit us up through the contacts given in our website or connect to us through social media. WE UNDERSTAND and that’s why WE EXIST.

Let us know in the comments below if youa re waiting for this movie because we are excitedly waiting for Good Newwz


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