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Creating Impact, Changing Lives, Building Strong Community | Fertility Dost 2020 Wrapped

Creating Impact, Changing Lives, Building Strong Community | Fertility Dost 2020 Wrapped

2021 has no doubt been a year of changes, a year of learning, and unfortunately a year of loss. What started as any ordinary year turned out to be the turning point in several of our lives. We at Fertility Dost are proud to say that we along with all of our trusted community members have made it through this year of difficulties and have learned and grown a great deal. The year has indeed been one of ups and downs and has been hard on all of us.

The Fertility Dost fraternity has learned a great deal this year and has taken away a great deal, improvised, and focused on innovation along the journey to enable women all across the globe to effortlessly achieve their goals.  Earlier this year, we had planned a workshop which had to be canceled due to the unfortunate circumstances which proved to be a turning point. This year has shed light on the importance of community support, natural remedies, and technology as a connecting force and we have been committed to incorporate all these elements into our treatments and functioning. From remote consultations to online programs, we adapted to everything we could to help everyone at stake during the times of this pandemic, read ahead to find out what 2020 has been like for us and our community.


Losing A Community Member to COVID, moving ahead.

This year has been one where we all have seen loss. One of our beloved members sadly fell prey to the vicious virus and succumbed to it. A young woman in her prime after finally giving birth lost her life to COVID 19. This incident came as a huge shock and loss to our entire team and struck us as a realization of the importance of life. And we made a promise to ourselves to do whatever it takes to prevent any such event from happening.


“Fertility Dost made a great difference in our life. The experts were full of kindness and understood our problem at the grass-root level, and helped me resolve it. They helped me improve my relationship with my wife and we’re now parents of a beautiful baby girl.”

             – Rahul, Mumbai


Owing to the COVID 19 pandemic, this year has no doubt seen several unforeseeable barriers for everyone. We all have had to adapt to new and unfamiliar circumstances such as the lockdown and the complete shift towards a virtual world. Perhaps one of the biggest challenges that we have faced at Fertility Dost is the complete shift towards a virtual world and the difficulty faced by our doctors and consultants while using these virtual platforms for conducting lives or other such sessions. The confusion, delay, and uncertainty were a major deterrent for couples across the globe which also resulted in several questioning the viability of parenthood amongst the ongoing pandemic.


Fertility Coach Programs : A New Dimension To Wellness


“IVF cycles were paused midway, clinics were closed, and no one knew how long it would take before life was back to normal. Couples were scared and financially insecure. Women were contacting us with complaints of period irregularities. A solution had to be found.”


After receiving constant queries and calls from all over the country. We decided to come up with a set of Coach Programs that aim at providing personalized assistance through an array of issues including fertility, irregular periods, and so on. The programs focus on assisting women at home to develop their fertility and overall reproductive health, providing inputs on nutrition and remedies, assessing and tracking progress, suggesting home remedies with easily available ingredients, and providing emotional support all via a virtual medium. Our team worked constantly to devise different programs that could be tailored to suit every woman and which could easily be carried out through their mobile phones and laptops.  Our team worked towards assisting couples to opt for natural remedies in the form of Ayurveda, Naturopathy, and detox diets which has yielded tremendous results.


“Soon enough,  women of all ages were exploring the world of Ayurveda, yoga, the magic within their house to achieve targeted results for weight loss, fertility improvement, PCOS, and so on.”


Our coach programs that started as a trial mechanism saw great success and became a part of our permanent structure with several new users joining our community. Our doctors, nutritionists, yoga experts, and counselors together have worked towards enabling couples to enact a holistic approach to all their fertility issues in the comfort of their own home.


“The Fertility Coach Program was a  really great experience. After joining this program, I lost 2kgs within the first 2 months. I feel happier & healthier now. I would recommend everyone to try this program once before going for IVF treatment.”

           – Anisha, Dubai


Explore Now : Find out everything you need to know about our Coach Programs


Solving Problems For Women Across The Globe 


The most prominent change that we all have undergone over the past couple of months is the shift to the virtual world. From education to work, almost every endeavor found a virtual alternative, and seeing as to how this was the future of communication, we at Fertility Dost have worked hard to develop methods to reach out to our members virtually. Over this period, we were able to reach over 3 Lakh+ people per month.


“We are proud to say that over this period, we have collaborated with over 150 doctors and 20 leading IVF Centers, notable for their work in the field of fertility and reproductive health, and have conducted a series of virtual Question and answer sessions, informative talks, workshops, and so on.”


We noticed a considerable boost in our online presence and several couples looking for a guiding force through their fertility journey were able to find their way to us via this growing internet presence. Our Facebook live viewership increased significantly with active participation by individuals not just from India but Africa, Europe, and America.


“ Our experts also launched two new series on our youtube channel: Hope Stories & Everything Educational.


A pandemic can be a stressful time for anyone, especially if you are trying to conceive. The uncertainty and the fear tend to impact our mental health and Fertility Dost have understood the importance of emotional wellness and have worked towards developing a holistic approach towards providing emotional wellness support to couples and to assist them through these difficult times.



Achievements and Accolades


Fertility Dost is proud to have an ever-expanding community and 2020 saw a vast expansion of our community with several couples joining our fraternity.

Winning the Pollination Grant, USA–  This boosted our confidence & kept us motivated throughout the year. This helped us create some digital awareness and reach a wider group. Given to social impact entrepreneurs, we were the recipients for creating a vernacular outreach.


Facebook Small Grant for small & medium businesses – Facebook collaborated with several small ventures and provided funding to help further. This helped us through the times of COVID create better outreach.


Several women wholeheartedly participated in our Break The Silence blog contest. We saw women open up and talk about areas ranging from sexual harassment to religion and women from across the globe took part in this contest.



We also carried out our Chuppi Todo Movement which saw great participation from women across the globe. The movement called for women to post a picture of themselves with their hands over their mouths.


“Within one month of my medication, my sugar level just dropped back to normal. My liver tests which were a little disturbed also came back to normal. I can’t thank the Fertility Dost team for helping me out so efficiently and also for always being there as emotional support.”

           – Delilah, Africa


Numbers That We Are Proud Of


  • This year we have over 500+ premium members enrolled in a variety of our programs.
  • We are proud to say that over 26 couples have delivered happy babies and gone on to start happy families.
  • 40% of all our members registered were outside India such as the UK, Singapore, USA, and so on.
  • We also saw 30% repeat customers for the 3 and 6-month program.
  • 50+ failed IVFs were transformed into successful conceptions through Fertility Dost.


As the year comes to an end, it indicates the end of a chapter, but the beginning of a new one, a brighter one. Fertility Dost has always been committed to providing couples with a holistic approach, communicating, and providing community support. As we enter 2021, we promise to work with great determination and care to cater to the needs of all our community members and build a stronger system.

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