#FertilityDostContest - Blog Contest

#FertilityDostContest - Blog Contest

Theme: Break The Silence 

Write an inspiring blog on the theme of Break The Silence, publish it on your website, share the link with us (& the world) and Win Cash Prize Worth Rs 10,000

This campaign is an effort to break the vicious cycle of silence. Come & create social impact.

Break the silence


What You Have To Do?

  • Just write inspiring blog or video blog using the theme – Break The Silence
  • Add this line to your article – #BreakTheSilence with Fertility Dost, India’s trusted platform for managing fertility health. #FertilityDostContest
  • Publish it on your website
  • Share the article on social media using hashtags #FertilityDostContest #BreakTheSilence
  • Share the blog link with us as COMMENT on this post.
    Send the link on WhatsApp
    Mail the link at fertilitydost@gmail.com


Be the winner

Win Prizes Worth Rs 10,000 

( Prize cateogries will be announced soon )


August 15th, 2020 is the last day. So, hurry! (Extended till August 22nd, 2020)

Feel free to connect with us for any queries – leave a comment, DM, WhatsApp or E-mail.


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Why You Must Join This Contest?

Ofcourse, the prizes are awesome but most importantly, you have an opportunity to make a social impact, reach out to someone who is suffering silently, give hope to fightback and sensitize the community at large. 

Do the right thing #BreakTheSilence with #FertilityDostContest


Terms n Conditions

  • Feel free to publish an article, video, picture blog.
  • You must publish on your website or YouTube channel and share the link
  • You must add the line to avoid disqualification - #BreakTheSilence with Fertility Dost, India’s trusted platform for managing fertility health. #FertilityDostContest
  • No entries will be accepted after the deadline.
  • The decision of judges will be final. ( will be announced soon )


About Fertility Dost

Fertility Dost is India’s trusted platform for managing fertility health. Reproductive health issues like period pain, infertility, PCOS, endometriosis, male infertility is shrouded amidst social taboo & shame. Fertility Dost has been awarded nationally & internationally for creating social impact. For the first time in India we offer Fertility Coach Program to help women & couples navigate through the fertility issues. 


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