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Its Fertile, Not Futile by Deccan Herald

Its Fertile, Not Futile by Deccan Herald

While Fertility Dost was working hard in silence its success already started to roar and eventually captured attention of Leading English language daily newspaper – Deccan Herald. The media agency was so much impressed and intrigued to know about us that our story made it to their newspapers and digital media. Our Founder, Ms. Gitanjali Banerjee was interviewed to share her story and what inspired her to start this first and only femtech platform in the fertility segment called Fertility Dost.

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It Was Personal…

“While working in the corporate sector, I was silently and painfully going through fertility treatments. I was continuously visiting the doctor. Even my family wondered what was wrong with me as I was in good health. The societal apathy, taboos, corporate condescending behaviour and confusion in treatment path were some of the glaring issues that I observed during my personal health journey.”

And This is how the seeds of Fertility Dost, were sown.

– Ms. Gitanjali Banerjee.



How It Started?

  1. Fertility Dost was started around mid-2016, first as a closed Facebook group
  2. It received such an overwhelming response and deeply engaging talk among the women that, Fertility Dost was officially registered in 2017
  3. Fertility Dost is the first and only femtech platform in the fertility segment in India that works from a patient’s perspective
  4. We specialise in fertility counselling, peer support, query resolution, education, curated fertility wellness programme and, most importantly, online fertility screening tool
  5. We never tell the clients where to go for the treatment, unless asked for guidance
  6. We don’t paint a rosy picture either. IVF may fail at the first attempt, or even later. One should be prepared for it. Our community members choose Fertility Coach Program to prepare their body for IVF, IUI or natural conception
  7. We give counselling sessions on adoption too because it is also an option to fulfil your dream of motherhood.
  8. Our Fertility Coach Programs are already highly effective and successful among our community members
  9. We are now planning to take out literature in vernacular languages too and also reach out to women in Tier-2 cities.
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