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Boost Fertility With Energy Therapy

Boost Fertility With Energy Therapy

The journey from “Infertility To Pregnancy” is not easy for couples trying to conceive and going through infertility. From frequently visiting doctors, pathologists, hospitals, clinics to handling family and societal pressures, it drains all your energy, both physically and mentally. Since, emotional health does have consequences on Fertility treatments, many have found solution in Energy Therapy.


This journey becomes more difficult for woman, especially because she is not able to express her grief or ask for help, as infertility is still considered to be a taboo. And this whole situation adds further negative effects on her emotional and mental health, which eventually might have repercussion on the success rate of her medical treatments.

The journey of infertility is long and so is the healing process. Energy therapies focus on cleansing your aura, body vibrations and heal your mind. It rejuvenates your inner strength to self-heal your body parts.

Relationship Between Infertility & Energy Therapy

Energy Therapy help couples to improve fertility and increase chances of natural conception. However, you should believe that humans are surrounded by energy fields around them that are connected to physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

The healing therapists remove blockages and opens natural channels so that we have high vibrations, strong aura, in order to get mind, body and spirit functioning together in harmony.

This process helps the body to self-heal and reverse the effects of any physical health disorders or mental disorders.

“I have used energy healing therapy to balance and work on restoring the energy field of a woman who desires a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby.”

Ms. Vinaya Saunders

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Role Of Subconscious Mind In Creating Human Energy Field

Humans are encompassed with not just our physical body but consist of several layers to our existence. We are simple stories that are lived through experiences and accumulation of choices we make in a lifetime, stored in our subconscious mind.

Our subconscious mind can record every thought we create and every situation we go through. All that surround us, encapsulates us, is all in the form of an energy field. This energy field runs our lives through the beliefs that we hold in our subconscious mind. When proper alignment is restored through balancing the energy field, it strengthens and restores the ability to self-heal and overcome any trauma that is stored in cellular memories. When the bio-field is reconfigured, the experiences that have caused disharmony on our physical and emotional layers, gets released, bringing in clarity.



Energy Healing Therapy Process

Energy healing therapy exactly pinpoints the deeper belief that is held against a woman conceiving, once that is solved, the journey becomes smoother. It is like a surgery, where the therapist cut all negative thoughts, past painful or disturbing memories from your energy field and then heal you with Affirmations, Positivity and Faith in yourself.

If you are undergoing IVF treatment, IUI Treatment or any other fertility treatments, you can simultaneously do your Energy healing therapy, as Medicine and Healing therapies goes hand-in-hand.

Energy Healing Therapy is extremely beneficial if done consistently.

It is not just a onetime solution : )


“Energy therapy is a non-invasive technique. It is done using the hands to identify irregularities or contractions in the energy field around the body.”

Ms. Vinaya Saunders


Energy healing therapy is a complementary therapy. The goal is to boost energy or balance the energy field within a patient because according to Ancient Ayurvedic beliefs, imbalance in the energy filed is the reason for majority of illness.

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About the Author

Ms. Vinaya Saunders, (Master Practitioner for Energy Healing Therapy, Certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic Practitioner). She has 13+ years of experience in working with clients with infertility, chronic pain, addictions, emotional trauma, holistic Panchakarma Therapy. Please visit www.vinayam.com

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I believe in energy therapy. Positive Thinking heals and promotes healthy lifestyle I believe in energy therapy. Positive Thinking heals and promotes healthy lifestyle