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A Tribute To All The Women Fighting Infertility

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A Tribute To All The Women Fighting Infertility

When you are planning a baby, you diligently try to have sex for that sacred period of 10 days often.


Your husband is often upset & irritated because when you are told to have sex, it ceases to be fun.


Add to it the hectic and stressful cosmopolitan life. Your husband has an important meeting at the office and you keep messaging him to come back home. Your romantic wait transforms into frustration and you two end up having a fight.


Shooting the stress level, and missing the ovulation date.


Yet, you try everything possible to coax, cajole and seduce him every night. And then wait desperately, praying everyday that you miss your period. You keep the self-help pregnancy test kit ready.


Then you get those very well known cramps. But you’re still trying  to ward off bad thoughts.


But how long can you run from the truth? You get your period.


You feel depressed, lost and yet another month of your precious biological calendar is wasted. You don’t have the strength to follow the same process all over again. You can’t fake enthusiasm anymore.


Your husband feels your depression is regular PMS. You gather some strength and share your situation & distress, looking for some compassion.


But the only reply you get is,“Don’t worry we’ll try again next month”.


The question remains the same. How will you find your strength, hope, and enthusiasm again?


It is tough, extremely tough. But you are a strong woman and you will fight back




With a smile.


Infertility is a tough battle and hats off to all of you who are fighting it silently, every day and every moment of your life.

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