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Acupuncture And Infertility | All You Must Know

Acupuncture, Female Infertility, Male Infertility
Acupuncture And Infertility | All You Must Know

In this article learn all about acupuncture and infertility. This traditional Chinese treatment can work like a magic in cases of infertility in men and women. It facilitates balance in our body, opens energy channels, works on subtle and underlying problems and helps emotional centring. Thus, acupuncture increases success rates in infertility cases and especially IVF.

Know all about acupuncture treatment from our expert who breaks down this complicated science especially for us and makes it easy to follow.


Does Acupuncture Helps With Infertility Problems?

Well, my answer is “YES” and you find the same answer on so many sites on the internet with explanations and advices, and even addresses that there is no point repeating the same but rather speak about what I learned theoretically and clinically.

For what is said from the ancient knowledge of China’s acupuncture and the corresponding development in modern medicine there is in “infertility” a main component: Impotence.

We know now that infertility does not concern women only, as we also know that impotence is not only a man’s monopoly.


Acupuncture For Male Infertility

Let’s start with Men to understand the subject and will see along lines the impact of acupuncture. According to acupuncture concepts, studies, clinical experiences and Western medical approach impotency relates to Male sexual organs.


Causes Of Male IMPOTENCY

  • From flaccidity of the penis or incomplete erection,
  • Spasms,
  • Pruritis of testicles
  • Urethritis
  • Sexual excess
  • Insufficiency or seminal discharge
  • Contracted testicles
  • Coldness of the testicular sack
  • Diabetes
  • Dysfunction of the Autonomic Nervous System


Male infertility occurs from sperm lacking or diminished, STI -Sexually Transmitted Infection, PID -Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, loss of substance, loss of power for reproduction, insufficient sexual energy, defective or low count of reproductive cells, excessive coitus, lack of desire.


Can Male Infertility Issues Like Low Sperm Quality Benefit From Acupuncture?

YES, certainly in acupuncture cures male infertility factors. It is said from Chinese ancient knowledge that the left kidney in men stores the male sexual energy. Georges Soulie de Morant will suggest to tonify Bladder, Kidney and Governor meridians for increasing the possibility to fertilize eggs.

And puncturing some points on Liver Meridian will improve the testicles quality.


Causes Of Female Infertility

As for women impotency refers to sexual frigidity: complete frigidity often causes sterility, constant coldness and illnesses of genital organs, extreme coldness and or paralysis of the uterus, lack of desire.


 Infertility In Women Is Caused

  • From sterility
  • Defective eggs,
  • Ovaries contracted
  • Painful inflamed, insufficient menses or stopped,
  • Miscarriage ,
  • Sexual energy insufficient
  • Excess vaginal secretion
  • Prolapsed uterus or displaced or in spasms
  • Contracted vagina
  • STI or PID


As the list of causes is not exhausted it is more encouraging to see how acupuncture will help:

The Chinese concept is the vision of the apparent reality and hidden. Reality as a synthesis in which the KI is in incessant movement balancing the “yin” and the “yang” in a way which is always relative not fixed and in relation with the cosmic rhythms: the sun, the moon, summer, winter. So, Acupuncture in accordance with the acceptance of the interdependence of each organ and the wholeness of the body will act on the energy through the alternate aspects of “Yin” and “Yang”.

This energy can manifest as vitality, immunity, heat, activity… so in using one of the fundamental law of acupuncture: Tonifying (increasing), Dispersing, (removing). Tonify will fill an emptiness, a lack, activate insufficiency, stop loss or interruption, increase the blood circulation. Disperse will remove what is in excess, cold, heat contraction, secretion, inflammation, spasm, blockage, excess energy.

The action of the needles will be directly on the energy and the aim is to HARMONIZE the energy and help the body to be in tune with the cosmic rhythms in order to be healthy.

But we will take with us the action from the Western Medical point of view and use the effect on whole body or part of it, or one organ in applying symptomatic acupuncture to gain the effect of special points on meridians or for reducing pain or stress, balancing the autonomic nervous system.

Using other laws of Traditional Acupuncture and effects of numerous points on the meridians and the vast results from clinical knowledge will help with Infertility and impotence problems IN MEN AND WOMEN.


When Is The Right Time To Get Acupuncture In The Process Of Infertility Treatments?

“A good acupuncturist is the one who cures those who are not yet sick”

Back to thousands years ago in the knowledge of Acupuncture it was said that: “the superior worker (acupuncturist) is the one who cures those who are not yet sick”

So even now in 2016 my answer will be to get acupuncture treatment as soon as you decide to get a child. That means before pregnancy for both future parents in order to check the general health and the health of the sexual organs. It also means that you don’t wait for problems of infertility to occur.

But if infertility is known then it is the right time to contact specialists in this field along with medical tests if it is your choice. In cases of infertility, acupuncture is best when started at an early stage for it helps avoid stress, anxiety, depression to set in.

Acupuncture And IVF

The right time to conduct acupuncture sessions is just before an IVF cycle. IVF doctors highly recommend acupuncture and some clinics have acupuncturist onboard. Though there is no statistics but 10- 15% cases have shown better results when undergoing acupuncture sessions. However, it is not advisable to go for acupuncture treatment after embryo transfer till end of first trimester if you conceive.

Share this article with someone who needs right guidance. Infertility management is better with acupuncture treatment. Also, share with us if you have a success story with acupuncture and infertility. It will give our readers hope and strength.

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