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A Guide To Understand Acupuncture Treatment

A Guide To Understand Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture is highly recommended for enhancing success rate of IVF and other infertility cases. Personally, I can vouch for it. For, I too went ahead with acupuncture and it greatly help balance my body and mind. Thus, acupuncture sessions prepared me well to endure the infertility treatments. However, acupuncture done with needles often raises eyebrows and scepticism. These series of talks about acupuncture by our expert will help you understand acupuncture treatment right from the basics.


What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a branch of Chinese Medicine based on the possibility to keep or regain the balance of energy (qi) in a body through a technique of needles -mainly- inserted in selected points on the body. In general we can say that Acupuncture is a form of alternative medicine officially named in China as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

The theory and practice  of TCM is not based on scientific knowledge, it is based on the Chinese postulate  that there is an energy flow (qi) in every living being that is responsible for life. This energy flow is mainly influenced by the action of the sun (Yang) and the moon (yin). Chinese Medicine is the art of preventing and/or treating a disease in using different techniques.


A Sneak Peak Into History Of Acupuncture

From the tradition Chinese have been influenced by western medicine as westerners came to China to study acupuncture like the French ambassador in China: George Soulié de Morant who studied and practiced acupuncture in China for more than 20 years. When he came back to France he decided to introduce Chinese acupuncture to doctors in western terms. He succeeded after many years and his book titled:” L’Acupuncture Chinoise “is even now considered as the Bible of acupuncturists.

George Soulié de Morant was the first person to introduce acupuncture to the west.
The concepts and methods of Chinese acupuncture were evaluated in the new terms of cells, biochemical and specific structures.

How Does Acupuncture Work?

Traditional System

As an acupuncturist being trained according to traditional acupuncture methodology, I can say that treatment of acupuncture works when the circulation of qi and blood has been restored, modified or put in balance according to Chinese laws like Yin and Yang and pulses reading.

It is about 2000 years ago that HUANGDI NEIJING text was written:” Yellow Emperor Classic on Internal Medicine” describing dispersing or notifying the energy qi or blood by inserting needles along certain channels called ‘meridians’.

Of course there is a very sophisticated approach to the acupuncture treatment like inserting the needle, timing of the session and moreover to take into account the results of the “pulse reading” and base the treatment according to some systems( laws) like the Yin and Yang, the five elements, the meridian clock and so on…

So for example, it can be to isolate a blockage, clear it, stimulate some functions, disperse the energy. It is assessing the flow of energy, its imbalance and to reach the state of balance in which the body is at ease.

But in case of infertility the best approach is to integrate the Modern System.

Modern System

For the modern perspectives diseases, injuries even emotional problems are resolved by a complex set of responses, the responses are coordinated by several signalling systems.
The signalling systems stimulate various biologically programmed responses so diseases are understood to be caused by microorganisms,  a breakdown of the immune system for example and not as a blockage of circulation described in the Chinese dogma. Modern studies have revealed that acupuncture stimulates one or more of the signalling systems which increase the possibilities of healing or initiates a new functioning of an organ or a system. So the clinical effect of acupuncture sessions can be found here.

The clinical work and researches done in China and communicated to the West have revealed a number of set of points outside of the 14 major meridians which can be very effective to treat and cure particular diseases or dysfunctions.

The focus in acupuncture is more on finding effective points for various disorders and for getting biochemical responses but regulating the qi is a major concept which has to be followed in order to get the healing of the whole person.

Chinese Traditional system of Medicine is a holistic medicine and the modern system tends to be more symptomatic. Traditional Chinese medicine is not a static system it is evolving so doctors and researchers all over the world are working on an integration of the traditional approach and the modern understanding.


In the next series we will talk about solutions that acupuncture offers for infertility cases.


Feel free to leave your questions and we will get them answered by our experts.

About the author :

LEANDRE Claude, Mallika is French by nationality but has been in India since 1980’s and is an Aurovillian ( resident of Auroville, Pondicherry). She graduated from National Institute of Professional Careers Adviser in Paris and did her Psychological studies from Jussieu University in Paris. In 1986, she did a Certified Masseuse and Acupuncturist in Pondicherry. Mallika worked as a Certified Reiki and Pranic Healer Practitionner in Auroville from 1988 to   1994. For the past 20 years she has been giving private consultation and curing many people with acupuncture and energy healing.

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