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A Journey From Womanhood to Motherhood

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A Journey From Womanhood to Motherhood

Embracing Motherhood: Finding Strength on the Journey from Woman

Pooja, a 28 year old marketing manager at XYZ Company, was doing wonderful in her career. She was a well respected professional and was heading a team of three people. Everyone was happy with her personality and performance.



After 2 years, both she and her partner decided to settle down and they got married. Both of them were very happy together and were doing well in their professional responsibilities.

At 32, Pooja was promoted to Marketing Manager head in her company and was handling various divisions. It was around this time both of them decided to start their own family.

They tried for an year but were not able to get a positive result. Pooja was aware she had PCOS. They consulted many doctors but nothing was helping at that time. Slowly Pooja started feeling disturbed mentally as there was a lot of pressure from immediate family. They started blaming her career for delay in pregnancy.


One day she bumped in her old college friend, Radha in a cafe. Pooja looked stressed and her eyes were swollen. Radha noticed her pain and asked her if everything was fine. After Pooja shared her problems, Radha instantly told her about “Fertility Dost”. Pooja was shocked to hear that such an organization even existed!!


Pooja without wasting time searched the website of “Fertility Dost” and instantly sent an inquiry to them.


Our experts contacted her, heard her and gave her the confidence that we are with you. The problem solving started from the scratch. Pooja met various experts and doctors from different fields. She was suggested to undergo IVF cycle.

After two failed IVF cycles, Pooja did not loose hope and with the support of Fertility Dost, one day she got the news for which she had waited for so long.


She felt happy from inside and her confidence came back. Pooja connected with the little soul who was blooming inside her womb. She patiently waited for the little one to come and explore the outside world with her.


Fertility Dost turned out to be a true friend of Pooja and guided her during the most challenging time of her life.


Saumya Nahata

Creative Illustrator




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