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Coronavirus- Its effect on Pregnancy and IVF treatment

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Coronavirus- Its effect on Pregnancy and IVF treatment

Coronavirus is the new global threat and the most heated up topic these days. Sneezing and coughing in public have almost become a crime as you no more listen to “Bless you”, rather the look is of “Get lost from here”. With so many precautions and preventive measures pipelined in the prevailing situation, very few have spoken about its effect on Pregnancy and IVF treatment.


Corona and the risks related

The severity of this thing called Coronavirus has taken the prime place in our mind these days. No one exactly knows where it will start from and where will it take us to? But it’s always advisable to be updated and know about the risk factors involved.

  • Symptoms: 

Fever, cough and shortness of breath along with regular pain or pressure in the chest are the foremost symptoms which usually take place within 2-14 days of exposure. Any such sign should not be left unattended and immediate medical help is advisable.


  • Higher risk situations

Though it is advised for everybody to be careful but there are few who might be at the higher risk of getting affected by Coronavirus. These people include older adults and the ones with serious chronic medical conditions like Heart disease, diabetes and lung disease. It is very important for them to watch out for the warning symptoms and take extra precautions to reduce the risk of getting infected.


  • Prevention

As Coronavirus spreads from person to person, the best way to be safe is to avoid being exposed to it and maintaining a safe distance at public places or gatherings.


Effect of Coronavirus on pregnancy

Since pregnant ladies experience immunologic and physiologic changes, so they become more susceptible to any viral respiratory infections, however no serious affect of this virus has been reported on pregnancy issues yet. But in all the situations, pregnant ladies should take extra measures to avoid infection and keep themselves safe as high fever and severe flu in the first trimester of pregnancy might increase the risk of certain birth defects. In case of any suspicion on the same, the pregnant lady should follow the risk assessment and infection control guidelines. Chinese doctors have put across a warning for Coronavirus stating that it might lead to testicular damage and male infertility. However no study has confirmed the same but it is advisable to get the test done on the semen quality.

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Would the baby be affected if the mother is diagnosed with Coronavirus?

So far no cases have come up with vertical transmission as Corona mainly spreads due to close contact with the infected person through respiratory droplets, which means there is no such proof suggesting that the virus can pass to the baby in the womb or create any abnormalities to the baby while the mother is affected by Corona. 


Is it ok to breastfeed the baby if the mother is infected by Coronavirus?

As this virus spreads from person to person contact, so there is no chance of virus being carried in the breast milk, which outweighs any risk of transmission of the virus though breast milk. However the risk might arise from close contact between the mother and the baby, which can again be taken care of by following certain precautions like:

  • Proper washing and sanitization of hands before touching the baby, breast pump or bottle
  • Using a face mask while breast feeding
  • Discussing the pros and benefits of breastfeeding in this situation with the doctor

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Precautions to be taken while IVF cycles and regular visits to the hospitals

Though it is advised to keep away from crowded place these days but there are certain situations like IVF treatment and cycles where one cannot avoid regular visits to the hospitals. So the key to be safe lies in taking suggested precautions and keeping a check on any warning signs. The IVF clinics and hospitals are monitoring the preventive parameters thoroughly but it is important to be alert and safe by:

  • Washing hands frequently and cleaning them thoroughly
  • Maintaining a minimum distance of three feet between you and someone who is coughing or sneezing
  • Avoiding frequent touching of eyes, nose and mouth
  • Following all the directions and advice given by your doctor

If the IVF treatment has not started yet or the frozen cycle or just ET is pending then it is better to postpone it for some time. However the most important thing right now is to stay informed and alert and take preventive measures as Prevention is always better than Cure.

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