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Donor Egg IVF | An Option To Increase IVF Success Chance Or Not?

Donor Egg IVF | An Option To Increase IVF Success Chance Or Not?

Sheela’s life was heading nowhere, or so she felt. After months of constant trial she was still not able to conceive. Of course, she knew and had heard this several times over that not being able to conceive did not bring the world down nor has she anything to do with it. Yet, the pain it brought in, pierced right through her. As if that was not enough, in a recent appointment with the doctor, she was in for a new shock. “Not just IVF, you need someone to donate eggs.” What? Did she hear it right? A Donor egg ivf cycle.


If you are reading this and are in Sheela’s shoes, then this is just the right article for you. Relax and read through to know all about IVF with donor eggs and get all your whys and how’s answered. Many claim that donor egg ivf cycle is unethical and is often dangerous, but it cannot be denied that it has steadily gained popularity. It’s another choice for couples who are at the brink and keen to enjoy parenthood.

Is There Really A Moral Dilemma?

donor egg ivf




Donor egg ivf cycle is a normal process that increases your chances of conceiving a baby. However, sadly it is always conjoined with the ethical & moral dilemma.

Forget about society, genetics etc – Just think about yourself.

Are you capable of taking another round of normal IVF just to prove a point in case?




Guys, it is just an egg.



The baby grows in your body, gets your blood stream & nutrition, reads your thoughts. And, most importantly it is totally legal & acceptable, unlike surrogacy.

If it is required then don’t waste another minute over confusion of whether the child will be genetically yours.

If it is not required then don’t fall for it either by scam running by an IVF clinic.

Going For IVF with Donor Egg | What Are The 5 Important Questions To Ask?


Instead of over bothering over ‘mera’ or ’uska’ baby instead focus on the right questions:

  1. Follow the process properly
  2. Ensure the medical and genetic tests of the donor are done properly.
  3. Ask right questions to clinic
  4. Understand about fresh and frozen cycle
  5. Ask the doctor to be secretive in mentioning on papers. If judgmental family is the concern then you need not tell anyone. Remember, it is your choice as a couple don’t let your families and society hijack your decision. Usually, clinics are sensitive. Once your test come positive, that is on day 14 of ET (Embryo Transfer) then it is as good as a normal but precious pregnancy for you.

Donor Egg IVF—Why Opt for It?

Compared to several years ago, couples are more aware and ready for IVF today. IVF myths have been busted, thanks to several fertility clinics that have sprouted all over the country. But the same cannot be said about egg donation. People are still ashamed to discuss it openly. While on the one hand, the chances that donor eggs can lead to a successful IVF are very high, on the other hand, it also means that you are becoming parents to a baby that is genetically not related to you. Given this dilemma most parents often oscillate when this option is suggested. In India, fear of social stigma and lack of acceptance from family are the major stumbling blocks. I remember a friend of mine who was unable to recover from the shock when her doctor suggested that she was hitting an early menopause (she was only 32!) and should consider getting pregnant with donor eggs, may be from her own sibling.


According to a survey by the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART) in 2013, about 15 percent of successful IVFs are because of donor eggs. In fact, in the world of reproductive medicine, getting pregnant with donor eggs in not unusual nor is the stigma attached to it. Therefore the fact that people still shy away and hesitate from donor egg IVF is unfortunate.


If you have one or more of the following conditions, opting for donor eggs is perfect for you:

  • Premature ovarian failure, where you have hit menopause much earlier (before 40).
  • Decreased ovarian reserve where your eggs are of poor quality usually because of age.
  • If you believe that a genetically transmitted disease could be passed on to your child due to normal conception.
  • A history of failed IVF where your doctor thinks that poor egg quality is responsible.
  • Recurrent miscarriages
  • Low AMH count
  • Age on the higher side


Procedure of IVF With Donor Egg

As women age, the quality and quantity of eggs they produce decreases. Therefore, if a woman in her 40s uses donor eggs, her chances of having a baby through IVF increases by about 49.6%. It is not a simple process as many may think. It involves intense screening and matching. There are egg banks and agencies that collect eggs but many clinics now prefer to use fresh, unfrozen eggs. In this, the reproductive cycles of both the donor and the recipient are synced and the eggs produced are used right away.

Let’s look at the steps involved in the whole process:

  • Egg donors are carefully selected after intense screening and interviews.
  • Couples choosing to opt for donor eggs can select a candidate from the pool of egg donors. If the donor is available during the recipient’s time frame, they are accepted.
  • The donor’s and the recipient’s cycles are synced. While the donor is prepared for egg formation, the recipient prepares her endometrial lining for implantation (it should be at least 7mm).
  • When the donor’s eggs are developed, her eggs are retrieved using a small procedure.
  • The retrieved eggs are fertilized with the partner’s sperm and the embryos that result are transferred into the recipient’s uterus (usually on day 3).
  • Donors are checked to confirm that they are recovering well. Recipient is checked for pregnancy on the 14th after embryo transfer via beta HCG test (a blood test).


How The Recipient Mother Should Prepare?


In a situation like this, you know you are going to get pregnant so take this positively and prepare yourself. How many get this opportunity? You should prepare your mind and body well to increase IVF success rates. Moreover, it is in you that the baby grows so YOU are the single most important person, right now.

  • Take folic acid for at least 3 months before the transfer of embryos.
  • Start on a healthy diet of vitamins and minerals.
  • Keep your mind strong and your body fit.
  • Exercise
  • Try alternative treatment methodology to increase your endometrium lining and immunity.


Many questions crop up in the mind of parents, particularly mothers when they have to opt for donor eggs. It is not an easy choice but you must realize that you have one last option left to become parents. You must make every use of this. Stop worrying about whether you will be able to bond with your baby if you know that it is genetically not yours or what will people say if they know that you chose donor eggs to have your baby. Remember, you nurture the baby in your womb for 9 months and it is very much part of you.


Can IVF clinics Play Foul During Donor Egg IVF?


Yes & No

Let me explain the situations when IVF clinics can misguide:

Are clinics pushing you towards egg donor IVF cycle?


Understand that average cost of ivf with egg donor is higher than the normal one. Also, the success chances are higher. So, a win-win situation for the IVF clinic,

More money + One more success story



For you, you have to take a sensible call. Sometimes, it might be required and just because you are stuck in moral dilemma and want an easier decision to make. Take a second opinion from a neutral body to help you in decision making.


We have seen many times, patients take very long to accept donor egg IVF and in the process either waste precious time or continue to harm body with one failed ivf after another. If your medical background is clearly indicating towards donor cycle then go for it and cut all unnecessary harassment.

Are clinics following ethical process?


Recently, a lady undergoing our Pre-IVF preparation program told us that doctor had sent her complete details of donors even pictures to choose from, over an email. I was stunned.

As per policy the privacy of both the donor and recipient has to be kept hidden. What is the guarantee that clinics of this sort will not leak your details later? Check thoroughly or take help of an expert.

Therefore, speak clearly with your clinic about the privacy clause of the process. Stay away from mushrooming & unethical IVF clinics. Choosing right IVF clinic is important when opting for egg donor IVF. 


Donor egg IVF helps women with fertility issues to get pregnant at any age. It offers you the chance to bring your baby into this world in situations where it earlier felt impossible.

Pre-IVF preparation program at Infertility Dost helps you exactly in this situation by providing complete guidance on process of donor egg IVF cycle, second opinion to ensure that this is what you need, prepare your body with alternative treatments to receive, and connect with other couples who had sailed in the same boat to align your thinking.


Do connect with us with at fertilitydost@gmail.com or check our Discussion Forum.

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