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Understanding Meditation & How is Fertility Linked To Meditation

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Understanding Meditation & How is Fertility Linked To Meditation

What is Meditation

In today’s world where everyone is going gaga over Yoga, very few people really understand what ‘Yoga’ really is.

Indian sage Patanjali- the father of modern yoga says ‘Yoga’ is ‘Chitta vritti nirodha’ meaning Yoga is the quieting of the whirlpools of the mind. ‘Yoga’ is the stilling of the mind.

Sage Patanjali, scientifically elaborates the eight steps to achieving this state of Yoga- Stilling the mind which leads to Self-Realization/ union with the Absolute or whatever one may choose to call this destination.

Of these eight steps the third one is ‘Asanas’. What people generally refer to Yoga today is this third step – Asanas- which healthify us and help prepare the body temple for this onward journey.


The fifth, sixth and seventh steps are Pratyahara, Dharana and Dhyana which can be called Meditation and its preparatory steps.

Here we make the conscious effort to sit in silence and draw our awareness away from the external world and direct our attention internally, then this internalized attention is concentrated at a point- which can be an deity’s image, mantra japa or a specific energy center in the body.

Dhyana or the ‘real meditation’ is where uninterrupted flow of concentration is achieved. Mind is very still and with little or no thoughts…. And the Peace and Joy starts seeping in effortlessly.


Why Meditate

Simply stated, every thought and every action of every human being is in pursuit of only one thing- HAPPINESS.

Whatever (even the most evil things) people think and do is because they believe that it will make them happier.

All the worlds’ achievements can only give some transient happiness. Absolute, permanent and satiating happiness is found in one and only one thing- realizing your true Infinite Self, and meditation can lead you there.

Today, many researches have scientifically proven the multifold benefits of Meditation, enlisting a few below-


Physical benefits– Meditation stabilizes blood circulation in the body and regulates blood pressure, heartbeat, metabolism and other essential biological functioning. It is known to boost the immune functions, regulating hormones and decreasing cellular inflammation. It keeps you healthy and youthful.


Mental and Emotional benefits– Meditation makes you feel more calm and in control of yourself. It helps in regulating the functions of various glands and brain parts, which in turn regulate our emotions, reactions to anxiety, fear, insecurities, depression and bodily sensations of pain, hunger and thirst etc.


Professional and Social benefits– Meditation improves the brain’s problem solving and decision making capabilities and brings thought clarity, which is beneficial for our professional life. Meditation makes you feel more calm and connected to others with love and kindness as extensions of your own self.


Changes Brain Structure Meditating for just eight weeks has been shown to alter the brain’s gray matter, which may be at least part of the reason why practitioners experience significant improvements in memory, sense of self, empathy and  less stress, according to a new study led by Harvard researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH).

The book ‘ How God Changes Your Brain’ by neuro-scientist Andrew Newberg summarizes- Not only do prayers and spiritual practices reduce stress, but just twelve minutes of meditation per day may slow down the aging process and brings about measurable positive changes in your brain.


Benefits for couples, planning a family

Meditation is very good for couples planning a baby, it keeps their bodies holistically healthy and prepares them mentally and emotionally for the upcoming changes in their life.

Meditation keeps you calm, happy and grounded, this also helps in inviting a good and harmonious soul as the new family member.

Also, couples who are unable to conceive naturally, try various ART methods which may not be successful in the first attempt. Meditation becomes essential in such cases, to deal with such disappointments and bounce back with positivity.

As we go deeper, we come to understand that all that is happening, is happening in our best interest in the larger scheme of life, even if it may seem bad right now.

When we move forward with such faith and positivity, not only the chances of conceiving get better, the most important thing is, we learn to take life in a calm, accepting and positive way whatever is the situation.


Meditation can be of immense benefits in the following situations, when one is planning to conceive-

1. Hormonal Balance

The brain regulates hormones that trigger the ovaries to release eggs every month. Hormonal imbalance causes a problem in the process of ovulation by affecting the signals that are sent to the brain hence affecting fertility. Meditation, in such cases, influences hormone centers creating a hormonal balance that may help in conception.


2. Decreases Stress Levels

The obsession of trying to conceive, tracking ovulation and menstrual cycle become a vicious cycle every month and as a negative sign shows up it ends up leaving us stressed until the next time to try again. When we are stressed, our body releases more cortisol than necessary which may lead to shutting down of other hormones related to fertility like estrogen and testosterone. Meditation helps lower the levels of cortisol, balancing the fertility hormones hence increasing the chances of conception.


3. Increases Self Compassion

Often in the journey of becoming a mother, we start blaming ourselves and our bodies for not being able to conceive. Meditation opens doors for gentleness towards ourselves and therefore others too and ultimately making this journey towards pregnancy smooth.


4. Longevity of womens’ eggs and all Body Cells

A woman is born with all the eggs she will ever have so it’s important to protect the ones she’s left with. Meditation slows down aging and death of the cells and gives you a prolonged span to conceive.

Some people have conditions like chronic inflammation, endometriosis, inflammatory bowel disease and autoimmune disorders. These conditions can prove to be hurdles in achieving pregnancy, even in those women undergoing IVF.

Meditation can, in simple words, regulate these harmful processes in your body improving your chances of hearing cries of joy.


How to Meditate

It’s very simple, all you need is willpower, a regular routine and a lot of patience.

Understand that it will take time to unlearn what we have been feeding our minds for decades… and God knows for how many lifetimes!


Start by sitting (cross legged on a cushion or on a chair with your spine straight) in silence (try using noise reducing earphones or earplugs) for 15 minutes a day. Start focusing on your incoming and outgoing breath and let the thoughts flow by- don’t try to stop your thoughts (in vain!) and don’t dwell on any particular thought- let them come and go away… bringing your focus on your breathing.


This is the basic point, we all can begin from. There are many true paths, you can go wherever your heart’s calling takes you.

You may get in touch with some Meditation teacher/ center and learn more.

You can get in touch with the author for further guidance.

Joy to You.



Supriya Saraswat

(B.Arch, B.Ed, MTT)

A Certified Meditation Teacher, practicing Meditation for 12 years and offers Corporate Meditation Workshops, has Volunteered for various social causes and a Tarot Cards and Angel Cards Reader.

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