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The Pain Of Infertility | HSG Haters Club

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The Pain Of Infertility | HSG Haters Club

The pain of infertility is not just in heart but in body too. The invasive tests that leave you feeling naked is the worst part of the infertility treatment. HSG is unanimously the most painful of the test. If you too are a part of this HSG Haters Club then join the rant and vent out.


I can never forget that evening when the doctor said, “Get your HSG test done first and then we will see what we can do in your case”.


I followed the junior doctor like a sheep while my hubby was asked to make the payment. I was taken to what looked like a mini OT (operation theatre), given a blue gown to put on and asked to lie down on the surgical table. Overwhelmed by the complete setup, I sheepishly asked, “Will it pain?”


“Look mam” the junior doctor said, “We will insert a dye in your uterus and it will travel all through while we will take some scans to determine where exactly, if any there is a blockage apart from some other analysis. You will feel little discomfort.”


I was skeptical. My heart knew by the description of it that pain was inevitable but what I wasn’t prepared for was the intensity of it.


Soon, I was writhing in excruciating pain and screaming. I had never ever experienced such physical pain that just seems to tear your internal organs apart. And, the junior doctor instead of showing any compassion was vociferously opinionated on how I was unfit to become a mother as I can’t even bear this pain calmly.


Welcome to the HSG Haters Club

When I asked women which was the most difficult, painful or worst test in their infertility examination journey. They almost unanimously said, HSG.


“HSG was my dreading experience too…got it done twice…once without anaesthesia and once with.”


Expressed by S.L said


“I don’t know the test name but one was with colour die inserted to check tubes I fainted on the table and doc was very rude. I was crying there and doc said I was doing drama and if I cannot bear this pain then how will I produce a child”


K.N said


“My first doc almost did the same…when I asked for anaesthesia she said women push babies out without anaesthesia this is nothing so I went for it. That was my life’s most physically painful moment .I couldn’t tolerate the pain and was struggling hence the x ray wasn’t captured right. I changed my doc n she redid it with anaesthesia”


As told by S.L


Well, if you have gone through HSG under anaesthesia then you are among the lucky ones. Others join the HSG Hate Club. All you cna do now is vent out your pain and help educate so that no one else endures this pain of infertility, ever again.


HSG Test Is Important But Remember

HSG or Hysterosalpingogram is an important test in infertility workup especially if you had a miscarriage. It checks for any abnormality in the shape of uterus or block in Fallopian tubes. However, you must remember:

  • Insist on getting HSG done under anesthesia. If the doctor is reluctant it is time to rethink about this doctor.
  • Don’t bear unnecessary pain. Don’t fall for the guilt of Karma theory for past life.
  • If they say women are capable of enduring childbirth pain. Then remind them that this analogy is stupid because during childbirth cervix is dilated and it is a completely different process.
  • Don’t take the test in a hurry. A lot of times (like in my case) you went for a regular consultation and then you are asked to take the test now. Learn to say no. Prepare yourself and then go for the test.


Well, do share your experience with HSG or any other infertility/IVF treatment. Help someone who is about to start the journey to manage it better.


Don’t endure the pain of infertility alone. There are many sailing in the same boat. You are not alone. Join us in the discussion forum and vent out your pain


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I just went today for HCG test today and now This was literally the worst I just went today for HCG test today and now This was literally the worst pain of my life e. It was horrible and I don’t wish it on my worst enemy!!!! I couldn't continue and ask Dr to stop.Pray for my natural pregnancy I can't bear such pain


I hate HSG. It’s the most painful thing I had in life. And the loser I hate HSG. It’s the most painful thing I had in life. And the loser doctor made me felt so bad. She is like how will you do inter course or have kid. What is wrong with these lack of compassionate doctors. I really no one has to go through this torture.


I was just been cleaned up,the Dr placed a scissors with cotton wool inside my I was just been cleaned up,the Dr placed a scissors with cotton wool inside my vagina without prior warning and I panicked,she gave me some minutes to make up my mind that it is painful,I told her I couldn't continue.