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IVF Preparation Program For IVF Success | Tips On Managing IVF Cost + 3 IVF Success Stories

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IVF Preparation Program For IVF Success | Tips On Managing IVF Cost + 3 IVF Success Stories

One unfortunate day, you come to know that natural pregnancy is almost impossible and with biological clock ticking, the only way to become parents is through IVF! You feel clueless, depressed and anxious. You don’t know where to start from & how to prepare for IVF? Questions & doubt cloud your mind. You have to do a lot of work – choose the doctor, manage financials, apply for leaves in office but amidst all this you forget the most important & critical thing for making IVF success – IVF preparation. Yes, proper preparation of IVF atleast 3 months before starting IVF is the key to IVF success.

Think about it yourself everyone pays a good amount of money for IVF, all IVF doctors claim to have great IVF success still there are so many IVF failures, about 65% IVFs fail. In our experience of helping thousands of couples prepare for IVF, only thing we have noticed is that couples simply jump into IVF thinking that it is some jadu ki jhapi kind of magic where they pay, pray and get the baby. Sadly, that’s the biggest mistake couples do.

Once you are told to go for IVF, BREATHE! Take 3 months to prepare. IVF doctors will always ask you to come on your next 2nd day of periods. They will ask you not to delay even by a day. You get even more anxious. And, in anxiety you mindlessly go for IVF. It fails. Then the IVF doctor diplomatically puts the blame on you/your body or in medical jargons – endometrium lining was thin, embryo didn’t respond & so on & so forth. In the end, you become even more sadder – not only has your IVF failed but you also don’t know why & feel guilty/blaming yourself for it.

Break this vicious cycle even before it starts with the IVF Preparation program. Tell us one thing, when you want to get admission in IIT or IIM do you think by just filling & paying the money for application form you secure a seat? No, right. You prepare day and night and then you crack the exam and succeed.

Similar is the case with IVF. Just because you paid for IVF & religiously took all medicines, injections & tests – IT DOESN’T GURANTEE IVF SUCCESS. You have to prepare your own body & mind for it. Same medicines & injections are given to all women (with variation of doses), but IVF works when your body accepts the treatment.


What To Do And What Not to Do?


Tips On Managing IVF Cost

Instead of mindlessly spending on multiple IVF attempts and yet getting failed for no reasons explained, it better to prepare yourself first.

Just like you don’t go unprepared for your exams due to fear of failure, similarly you must not go unprepared for your IVF if you want a successful result soon.

Ms. Gitanjali Banerjee, Founder Fertility Dost.

By preparing your body and mind, not only your chances of successful IVF increases but you are also able to manage the cost of IVF by saving a lot of your money and time.


How IVF Preparation Program Works To Make Your IVF Success?

A stressed mind and unhealthy body will not result in successful IVF. It only empties your pockets. And we are sure, you are not aiming for that!

We strongly recommend that – before undergoing IVF treatment, please work on your BODY and MIND with discipline, persistence and patience to achieve your parenthood desire. To help you prepare in your IVF and TTC journey (Trying to conceive) we have holistically designed IVF Preparation Program that covers all your major concerns.

  1. Fertility Yoga & Meditation
  2. Fertility Nutrition Plan
  3. Fertility Acupressure Plan
  4. Fertility Ayurveda
  5. IVF counselling
  6. Fertility Coach
  7. Fertility Support Community

We have helped 100+ women to get pregnant with our IVF preparation Program.


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Real Success Stories From Our IVF Preparation Program

(The names have been changed to maintain privacy)


1. Hi, I am Martina.

I am from Mumbai and 35 years old. Both me and my husband are IT professionals. I had infertility issue due to adenomyosis. After 2 failed IVF we decided to take a break and try holistic approach. However, I didn’t want to risk my next IVF Cycle and got our embryo frozen.

I was searching for best online fertility yoga classes, that’s when I came across Fertility Dost. Without wasting any time, I joined their Fertility Yoga & Meditation from April till October. I felt it was right time to go for next IVF Cycle. But my doctor revealed that my uterus is better than last time but still not okay for IVF.

Though I felt a bit sad but I was more than happy to know that “IT WAS BETTER THAN LAST TIME!!” This just validated that I was on right path. So, I discussed this positive health update with my Fertility coach and the expert team suggested me to take Fertility Acupressure as well as Fertility Nutrition plans. I happily agreed and from October, along with Yoga I started following Diet and Acupressure as well.

Meanwhile I did my checkup in December and the reports were phenomenal!

  • Reduced excess weight
  • Balanced hormones
  • Healthy uterus

On seeing the reports, My Doctor was happily surprised and finally gave me green signal for Embryo Transfer (ET). However, as the date of ET came closer, I got more and more nervous due to fear of failure. I couldn’t control my anxiety and asked my Coach to book an appointment with an IVF Counsellor. I am so glad, I did that! because it was so relaxing and boosted me with the positivity that I so desperately needed.

19th December was my ET.

27th December did my scan

4th January did Beta HSG Test

18th January it was positive

And today, I am 7 months pregnant!!!

I daily pray to God to bless me with healthy baby. I can’t wait to hold my baby in my arms and shower all my love that I have been wanting to give for so long. All thanks to Fertility Dost Team.


2. Hi, I am Nazbeen.

I am from Indore and 27 years old. Both me and my husband are IT professionals. I was trying for natural conception but never saw those two pink lines. I thought maybe my scanty periods are the reason for not getting pregnant and so I decided to consult a Gynae. But I was shocked to know that I had low amh – 0.9.

I was not keen to directly jump into IVF/IUI treatments before trying complementary & alternative medicine (CAM). It was in September, a friend advised me to contact Fertility Dost. Not knowing much about them, one day I randomly called on the official number which I got from their Facebook Page. But to my surprise they were thoroughly professionals and so comforting. They asked for all my reports and after investigating my reports their experts recommended me Fertility Yoga & Meditation and Fertility Ayurveda.

Though my yoga, meditation and Ayurveda sessions were going well, but mentally I wasn’t the same person like I was before. And this early stage of depression was noticed by my fertility coach. She suggested me to take IVF Counselling. At first, I thought I don’t need it. May be its just stress and with proper sleep or diet I will get over it. But I was wrong. It was getting bad with time. I went for IVF Counselling and within 6 sessions I got back to my normal self. It was such a relief!

By April, I felt much better as my periods were normal and I was more energetic than before. Meantime, I kept trying for natural conception. But again, I couldn’t see those 2 pink lines. Finally, we decided to go for IUI and booked an appointment with infertility specialist doctor for 8th April. Since I had an extra Pregnancy test kit, I felt the urge to use it as my periods got delayed.

And just when it was not expected, I SAW THOSE TWO PINK LINES!!

OMG, I conceived naturally!!

I got so overwhelmed that I got panic attack. Gosh! I don’t know why I am like this?

But this time I was not careless. More than me it is about my child. And so, I immediately called my fertility coach and got enrolled in Pregnancy Preparation Plan for Meditation.

I am 2 months pregnant. And I am very grateful to Fertility Team for going extra mile to always make sure I am healthy and at peace. I strongly recommend Fertility Dost to all couples going through Infertility issues.


3. Hi, I am Namita.

I am from Rajasthan and 40 years old. I run an NGO and my husband is a businessman. My infertility journey is so long that I don’t even remember when was the last time I slept peacefully not thinking about my low AMH – 0.4 and 3 failed IVF!  In these years, I left no stone unturned and consulted all major doctors in India but all in vain until that fine day!

Winter came early that year. It was cold that evening. I hold my hot coffee mug in one hand and with other typing ‘How to boost fertility health’. I was scrolling the google options and somehow landed on Official Facebook Page of Fertility Dost where I saw a Live session on topic “What is IVF Preparation Program by Fertility Dost?”. I was glued to it!

The next thing I did was to call on their official number. Fertility Dost team was so understanding and comforting that after very long I felt as if I am really talking to a friend whom I can trust. I started with Fertility Yoga & Meditation and Fertility Nutrition. It was going well but my age kept haunting me that I won’t be successful this time too. So, I discussed this issue with my coach and she suggested me to go for IVF Counselling.

In only 2 months, I started to feel rejuvenated and more energetic than before. Since my embryo was frozen, I knew that I have to work on my Endometrium Lining and so I and my coach mutually agreed to take Fertility Acupressure sessions. After 4 months when my doctor checked my reports, he was happy to see the results and said – “28th March is your ET.” I was dancing in my head!!

28th March ET done

12th April my Beta HSG report was positive

Today, I am 4 months pregnant with twins!!!!

Fertility Dost team is like God to me. At 41, they helped me fulfill my dream of becoming mother. Since the time my report was positive, I joined their Fertility Ayurveda treatments.


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Why Are We Considered Best?

While Fertility Dost was working hard in silence its success already started to roar and eventually captured attention of Leading English language daily newspaper – Deccan Herald and leading financial news digital platform and CommsCredible – Money Control for following reasons.

  1. Fertility Dost has worked with 50,000 women
  2. Reached out to over 10 million people through our digital campaigns
  3. Designed IVF Preparation Program/Fertility Coach program to help couples conceive.
  4. 100+ successful cases of Pregnancy
  5. Most trusted fertility platform not just in India, but 40% of our members are from Middle East, US, Australia, Singapore and UK
  6. We work with top doctors and gynaecologists and tied up with over 25+ IVF brands in the country.
  7. It’s a preventive program that saves you the cost of IVF Failure.

Don’t wait, call now and book your appointment with our experts. We don’t prescribe medicines but heal you with ancient verified techniques to boost your fertility health.
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