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Fertility Resolution 2022

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Fertility Resolution 2022

Generally, we have ample of things to do and every year to achieve the same, most of us make resolutions. But, did you ever thought about making Fertility Resolutions? Whether you are planning to conceive now or later, if parenthood is your dream, then you must make fertility resolutions to avoid infertility or delayed pregnancy later. You never know, if those 2 pink lines will come to you naturally or through IVF, IUI or other fertility treatments.

Fertility Dost will help you make these resolutions to boost your fertility health holistically.


But, how can holistic management help boost fertility health naturally?

Just to mention, in year 2021, we have helped 60+ women get pregnant by holistically boosting their fertility health. So, now you know – It definitely helps!


The Six Fertility Resolutions You Must Make This Year



Fertility Resolution 1:

I will Boost My Fertility Health Holistically.


  1. Say No to medicines and YES to holistic management for boosting your fertility health.
  2. If you are planning to conceive later, then start preparing your body & mind from today to avoid minor or major lifestyle health issues that might affect your fertility health which will result in delayed pregnancy later.
  3. If you are already undergoing fertility treatments like IVF, IUI, ICSI or other treatments, it is highly recommended to prepare your body & mind simultaneously along with allopathic treatments to increase your chances of successful IVF results.


Fertility Resolution 2:

I Will Daily Eat Healthy Fertility Diet

  1. Researchers, doctors and even fertility specialist agree that- a healthy and well-balanced diet is crucial in boosting fertility health naturally.
  2. Lifestyle issues like PCOS, hormonal issues, obesity, high or low blood pressure issues can be easily cured with fertility diet.
  3. Fertility diet or nutrition should be strictly customized as per your health condition and taste. Important to mention that, it is to be consumed in proper proportion ONLY. Over or under consumption can have bad effects on your health.
  4. Kindly consult a professional dietician or nutritionist for exact calorie and balanced diet according to your health condition.


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Fertility Resolution 3:

I Will Daily Practice Fertility Yoga

  1. Along with proper diet, having a daily exercise plan have proven to be extremely beneficial.
  2. Persistently practicing Fertility Yoga can improve the following health conditions.
    • Better functioning of reproductive organs.
    • Better egg quality.
    • Balanced hormones.
    • Improvement in endometrium lining.
    • Weight loss.
    • AMH levels reduced in PCOS/PCOD.
  3. If you are having back pain, knee or hand injury, blood pressure or other health issues then we recommend that you practice fertility yoga under a certified yoga trainer ONLY.


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Fertility Resolution 4:

I Will Daily Stimulate My Fertility Organs Through Simple Fertility Acupressure Points


  1. Acupressure helps in stimulating certain points on the body, especially hands, feet and navel.
  2. Fertility acupressure focusses on specific reproductive organs like the ovaries, endometrium lining, fallopian tubes, uterus, kidneys, liver, spleen, urinary bladder and few others to boost fertility health naturally.
  3. Research has proved that fertility acupressure can help in-
    • Improving egg quality
    • Embryo quality
    • Helps in balancing hormones,
    • Endometrium lining,
    • Male infertility,
    • Managing PCOS symptoms,
    • Reducing endometriosis cysts


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Fertility Resolution 5:

I Believe In Ayurveda – Our Ancient Indian techniques


  1. The Ayurveda treatment is based on the state and stage of the disease.
  2. The Fertility Ayurvedic treatment is natural and promotes general good health and a sense of wellbeing. Since Ayurveda is a science of body, mind, and consciousness, it is not enough to merely focus on just physical symptoms and imbalances, as mind and consciousness also play a major role, especially in endocrinology.
  3. Fertility Ayurveda helps in-
    • Quality of your ovum
    • Balance the hormones
    • Correct the ovarian response to those hormones.
    • It also helps to improve the sustainability of pregnancy after natural conception or artificial embryo implantation
    • Ayurvedic treatments for improving AMH levels is also safe to incorporate with modern fertility treatments like IVF¸IUI, ICSI etc…to increase the chance of viability of the embryo.


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Fertility Resolution 6:

I Will Ask For Help If My Mental Well-being Is Affected


If your energy levels are always down, you don’t feel like getting up from the bed every morning, negative or suicidal thoughts keep crossing your mind, you get impulsive or impatient, or you are not able to sleep properly – are all symptoms of stress, depression or anxiety.

In such cases visiting a psychiatrist is NORMAL. Just like for an acute or chronic physical health condition we visit doctors, similarly, for mental health visiting a psychiatrist is just as normal too.


For God’s sake, don’t think that, ONLY MAD PEOPLE VISIT PSYCHIATRIST!!!

Only a healthy BODY & MIND will lead you to a successful pregnancy.

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Make & implement these 6 resolutions this year and persistently with discipline and no cheating, follow them religiously.

You will definitely get positive results.


To help you achieve your fertility resolutions, Fertility Dost have designed a Fertility Coach Program, to boost your fertility health naturally from the comfort of your home. We are India’s best online fertility support & care group. Our fertility coach programs help to increase your chances of getting pregnant naturally or through IVF/IUI or other fertility treatments.

Connect with us now and get your personalized fertility coach program today.

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