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Cure Infertility With Fertility Acupressure

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Cure Infertility With Fertility Acupressure

Fertility acupressure is a great holistic treatment to help boost your fertility health when combined with fertility yoga, fertility diet and fertility ayurveda. In many top fertility hospitals, Doctors are using acupressure alongside conventional medicine to treat infertility and increase the chances of natural or IVF success rates. Acupressure is a 5000-year-old Asian technique that uses finger or thumb pressure on specific body points to stimulate and regulate the flow of energy within the body to create balance and maintain good health.


What Is Fertility Acupressure?

  • Fertility acupressure focusses on specific reproductive organs like the ovaries, endometrium lining, fallopian tubes, uterus, kidneys, liver, spleen, urinary bladder and few others to boost fertility health naturally
  • Our body is divided into 12 meridians- known as energy pathways. The energy flows freely in these pathways, if you are healthy. Diseases or ill – health occurs when these energies are obstructed in the pathways. Acupressure with the help of meridians helps to remove this obstruction or blockage.


Watch this video to know more about Fertility Acupressure


How To Stimulate Acupressure Points?

  • In order to stimulate acupressure points, apply pressure from your finger or thumb for about 1-2 minutes.
  • Pressure can be given in deep clockwise motion or by just pressing that specific body point
  • Do not hurt yourself. The pressure should be gentle & deep not painful or discomforting.
  • Keep your hands clean and nails trimmed before you start the procedure.


Benefits Of Fertility Acupressure

  1. Increased blood flow to ovaries which improves follicle development and egg quality.
  2. Increased blood flow to uterus which improves the endometrium lining which increases the chances of successful embryo implantation and pregnancy
  3. Remove blockages from fallopian tubes
  4. Balance the hormonal system
  5. Reduces stress and anxiety
  6. Decreases the side-effects of fertility drugs
  7. Increase the success rate of IVF, IUI or natural pregnancy
  8. Natural detoxification of the organs
  9. Absolutely safe treatment to do alongside IVF or other fertility treatments.


Fertility Acupressure Cures Infertility

If you are experiencing any of the following infertility situations or going through these phases then you must do Fertility Acupressure to boost health of your reproductive organs naturally. Fertility acupressure can cure-

  1. Endometriosis
  2. Uterine fibroids
  3. Ovarian cyst
  4. PCOS
  5. Hormonal imbalance
  6. Low AMH
  7. Painful periods
  8. Irregular periods
  9. Absent periods
  10. Preparing for natural Pregnancy
  11. Preparing for IVF, IUI or other fertility treatments
  12. Unexplained infertility


However, having said that, it is strictly recommended to practice these techniques under experienced acupressure expert ONLY. Connect with us to get affordable and best online acupressure sessions CTA



Different Techniques Used In Fertility Acupressure

There are various techniques used in Fertility acupressure depending upon the type & severity of infertility condition and the body organs effected. Below are few techniques that our experts practice to help you cure your infertility condition get pregnant faster.

  1. Sujok Therapy

    It treats the condition using the pressure points in the hands and feet.

  2. Chakra Healing

    Chakra points are the energy points in our body. There is total 250 major and minor chakra points in our body, out of which 114 chakra points are important and 7 chakras are the most vital ones to maintain good health.

  3. Meridian Therapy

    Helps in reducing stress, anxiety, muscle stiffness and regulate energy flow within the body

  4. Magnet Therapy

    This therapy unlocks the anergy blockage from body, reliefs pain and stimulate the release of various hormones and chemicals in the body that are beneficial to the overall health.

  5. Seed Therapy

    Various seeds which are often easily found in our kitchen are used to stimulate energy and boost fertility health. Seeds like moong dal, black pepper, methi dana etc are used in this therapy.

  6. Marma Therapy

    Marma points are doorways to the 7 chakras. There are 107 marma points in our body.

  7. Gua sha Therapy

    A massage therapy that uses a soft tool for scraping your skin to improve the blood circulation.

  8. Oil Massage Therapy

    A massage therapy that uses oil (Castor, Coconut or any authentic oil) to better blood circulation.


Online Fertility Acupressure Is Effective?

Of course, Yes!!

Many of our premium members have benefitted from our exclusive Fertility Acupressure coach program. It has helped them in natural conception as well as IVF pregnancy. Join our Fertility Coach Program to boost your overall fertility health under expert guidance.


Fertility Acupressure Can Help Conceive Faster?

We have helped more than 1000 couples to conceive with our holistic management program. We are happy to share few of our successful cases from our Fertility Acupressure Coach Program.

  1. Ritu from Mumbai, Age – 29, had AMH level – 1.29 and history of 3 failed IUI and IVF. Before undergoing 4th IVF attempt, she wanted to pause and heal her body from the constant fertility drugs that she had to take for 3 consecutive attempts. And so, she got enrolled in our Fertility Acupressure Coach Program. On getting visible positive results, she continued her acupressure sessions for 8 months and conceived naturally. Today she is 8 months pregnant.
  2. Nusrat from Dubai, Age – 32, had AMH level – 0.61. She had endometriosis but, after joining our Fertility Acupressure, she conceived naturally within 2 months.
  3. Priyanka from Jammu, Age – 38, had AMH Level – 0.45 and history of 2 failed IVF with one miscarriage in 5th month. After joining our Fertility acupressure, she conceived through IVF and delivered a healthy baby boy.
  4. Lisa from Europe, Age – 33, had AMH level – 1.34 and history of 2 failed IUI, 3 failed IVF and 1 IVF chemical pregnancy. She was suffering from infertility condition due to blocked fallopian tubes. The couple was married for 9 years and was trying for conception for 6 years. After joining our fertility coach program, she conceived naturally within 3 months.


You can be the next to have a successful pregnancy story!

Join Our Fertility Acupressure Coach Program today and get pregnant soon. Baby dust to you!

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