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Can ERA Increase Your IVF Success Chances?

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Can ERA Increase Your IVF Success Chances?

The most common word coming across during the infertility treatment these days is ERA. We often hear terms like ERA testing or ERA Biopsy or just ERA, while undergoing the fertility journey. ERA is heralded as the latest revolutionary test that can increase IVF success chances manifold. In this article understand what is ERA? Can it really push your IVF towards success?


What is ERA?


Endometrial Receptivity Analysis, that is ERA, is a genetic test which analyses the expression of genes for evaluation of proper development of endometrial lining to accept an embryo. This treatment uses the latest available technology in this respective field to analyze the expression levels of 236 genes which are hybridized with ribonucleic acid (RNA), for accessing the accurate time to place an embryo in the uterus for promotion of a successful implantation and pregnancy.

The research done in this segment shows that one out of five women (around 20%) has a unique “window of implantation”. ERA offers the hope to find the women with altered window of implantation and helps in leading to a successful pregnancy by adjusting to the timing of medications. ERA tests permits personalized embryo transfer timing based on the individual’s result which can help the doctor in IVF protocol.

If latest reports in the segment are to be believed, then ERA test has been found to enhance the global pregnancy rates by 73% in the personalized transfers.


Who Can Go For ERA Test?

ERA test is something which needs to be discussed with your particular doctor to determine whether it is apt for you and fits in your infertility journey.  As per the latest outcome in the field of infertility treatment, around 25% of the women with repeated implantation failure are supposed to have a displaced “window of implantation”, where ERA can play an important role and help in the women in a positive way though this journey. However it is generally recommended for:

  • Women with two or more unsuccessful embryo transfers, that is recurrent implantation failure
  • Women with concerns regarding endometrial lining like thin endometrial lining
  • Women with unsuccessful implantation with high quality embryos


How Does ERA Work?

This test measures the ‘receptive profile’ of the endometrium for five days, after starting the progesterone support. The patient will have to take HRT medication (estrogen and progesterone) till the ERA test biopsy day, which is day 5, when the embryo transfer usually takes place. It’s the time when the endometrial tissue primes itself for implantation. The report generally comes within one or two weeks after the ERA test biopsy.


Can ERA Really Increase IVF Success Chances?

An ERA test can never guarantee a future pregnancy but it can always increase the possibilities of a successful pregnancy in the patients pursuing frozen embryo transfer as the time of the embryo transfer can be kept within the window when implantation is most likely to occur. ERA cannot be appropriate for every individual but it has certainly proved to be a boon for some who were not able to find success otherwise.


From The Mouth Of An Experience Holder With ERA

Harshita from our family of Fertility Dost recently went for ERA treatment on her doctor’s recommendation. Initially she was quite skeptical regarding the whole process and amount of both emotional and physical draining it would cause but post treatment she has a whole new experience to share.


“The process was quite simple and it got over in just 10 minutes time. There was only a tickling sensation with no pain throughout the process. But she felt some cramp, as we feel during periods, for two days post ERA treatment. The cramps were however not much severe and she was able to bear the same without much of problem. “

  • Says Harshita



Harshita was on certain medication (progynova initially followed by susten) before the ERA treatment, which continued for five days post treatment as well.


How Much Does ERA Treatment Cost ? 

One thing should always be kept in mind before going for the treatment is that it can be a bit pricey.  ERA treatment costs between Rs 35000-Rs 40000 in Delhi NCR region, where as the cost goes a bit higher in places like Bangalore, where it’s between Rs 45000- Rs 60000. This cost does not include the medicines or follow up scans, which can again add up to approximately between Rs 1500- Rs 2500. These prices might vary from place to place and the clinics.

But all this becomes worthwhile once the good news knocks at your door.

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