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Complete Guide To Affordable IVF Treatment

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Complete Guide To Affordable IVF Treatment

This article is contributed by Dr Arvind Vaid of Indira IVF Hospital, Delhi Branch as part of #FertilityAwareness initiative

The feeling of holding your own little one is just incomparable and the feeling of seeing our patients cradling their precious gems in their arms is the most beautiful and gratifying feeling ever.

According to me, everybody deserves to be a parent and fulfil their dream of a complete family, but due to some infertility problems and certain other issues like treatment cost, distance etc., one cannot fulfill their parenthood dream.

But with the advancement of science and technology, affordable IVF treatment, latest equipment, systems like electronic witness system, closed working chamber technology, advanced incubators and many more, one does not have to worry about such biological problems and related issues.

I believe, infertility is not a problem it’s a symptom which can be cured

Once you visit the right fertility specialist who can understand your problem after proper diagnosis and checkups and guide you towards the correct line of treatment, you can have your parenthood dream turn into a beautiful reality. And that is why, we are here to understand your infertility problems and provide you with the best possible individualized treatments.

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IVF Cost Breakdown


The cost of the IVF treatment is one of the most important factors which couples always consider. Most of the IVf clinics/centres in India claim to be more affordable than others but there’s always a hidden cost which is not mentioned at the time of registration. But unlike others, I believe in transparency regarding the cost factor.

Having the most affordable IVF treatment at Indira IVF, we explain the pricing plan to every patient to build trust so that they can feel at ease before starting with the treatments.

Lab testing

Factors for IVF Success

The success of IVF cycle depends upon the entire team including specialists, embryologist, technicians, technology and the dedication. I We as a complete team holds a record of 74% success rate and are 100% committed towards fulfilling your parenthood dream.

As India has become a forerunner in providing well-priced World-class treatment, we are always ahead in making extra efforts to spread awareness about infertility and extending our services to all segments of the society with our affordable treatment plans. This helps increase the IVF success rate and help us achieve our aim of completing the incomplete families by gifting them the most precious ‘little’ gift of their lives.

An IVF doctor plays a critical part in ensuring a couple’s smooth journey towards a successful pregnancy through IVF or other fertility treatments. I also believe, constant learning is the key & I learn everyday through different programs to update my skills& knowledge about the latest practices, procedures and technological advancements.

For me, the smiling faces of my patients and new parents with their little versions is the real source of inspiration and I look forward to it every single day.


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About The Doctor

Dr. Arvind Vaid

Dr. Arvind Vaid is a renowed Gynecologist and IVF Specialist. He has a vast experience of 10years and is currently the Chief Infertility and IVF expert with Indira IVF, New Delhi. His articles have been published both nationally and internationally. He has operated many people in live Laparoscopic workshops. He has been committed in ensuring the couples smooth and positive infertility journey through IVF or other fertility treatments. For him, the smiling faces of the parents with their little ones is the biggest inspiration.

About Indira IVF Hospital

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Considered as one of the leading IVF experts in India, Dr. Arvind Vaid along with his team, offer all the infertility related services and treatments to both men and women, including IUI, IVF, ICSI, Laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy, PGT, Laser assisted hatching, Cryopreservation, Donor program etc., under one roof. As India has become a forerunner in providing well-priced world-class treatment, we should make an effort to spread awareness about infertility and extend our services to all segments of the society. This will increase the success rate and help us achieve our aim. Thats the motto of the clinic.

The complete team at Indira IVF is transparent in terms of the pricing of the treatments offered by them. Dr. Arvind Vaid with his team does not leave any stone unturned and make sure every person who visits them leaves the clinic with their precious ones.

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