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3 failed IVF cycles, 5 transfer failures, I gave birth to my handsome twin boys

Sameeksha embraces her twin after successful IVF.

We tried to conceive naturally for almost 1.5 years but there was no positive outcome. I started with my first IVF process and my 4 embryos were transferred in the same cycle but it failed. My self-confidence was shattered. This was the time when I got to know about Fertility Dost from a friend of mine. Talking to Gitanjali, Founder of Fertility Dost, came as my biggest support. The Fertility Dost team supported me in my IVF journey. After 9 years of marriage, 3 failed IVF cycles and 5 transfer failures; I gave birth to my handsome twin boys, who are now almost 2 months old.
Sameeksha, 35, Gurgaon