Map My Fertility

Map My Fertility is a 3 months program that helps you reach your fertility goals

Achieve pregnancy

Manage PCOS

Prepare for IVF

Keep fertility in check

Stay aware of your fertility health so that when you plan for pregnancy at a later stage you don’t run into infertility

You’re in good hands

Fertility Info At Your Fingertips

The beauty of Map My Fertility is that you can test from home and you’ll get the same, physician-reviewed NABL certified reports. All tests are conducted in a NABL Certified lab.

Physician Reviewed

Physician-reviewed reports that walk you through your hormone levels and what they mean for pregnancy, infertility, PCOS, egg freezing or IVF plans, menopause onset, and more. Your test will be customized for you and will include AMH, the most reliable marker for ovarian reserve.

Consultation Call With Doctors

Choose 2 doctors from our pool of experts based on your - gynaecologist, fertility expert, IVF consultant, endocrinologist, psychologist primarily based on your reports and the area of improvement that needs special attention.

Fertility Nutrition Plan

Speak with our in-house fertility nutritionist who will provide personalized weekly nutrition plan including advice for your partner ( if actively seeking pregnancy).

Constant support by expert doctors & fertility coaches

Fertility is complicated, so we connect with experts to get your questions answered.

A Place To Connect

Get access to community of modern women either sailing in the same boat or have crossed over the bridge and are now our keen peer supporters, or as we lovingly call them ‘dost’

Why Can’t you simply Go To A Gynae or Fertility Expert

Social Taboo & Hesitation

Haven’t we all felt a little awkward visiting a gynae for period issue? Haven’t we all avoided going to a doctor until left with no option at all? Isn’t asking a leave from office to meet a fertility doctor met with raised eyebrows?


Doctors will never get tests like AMH done at the initial consultation. Thereby ensuring that you visit atleast a few times more. Thus combined cost of multiple doctor visits and lab tests along with harassment of waiting at doctor’s lounge. Mapy My Fertility is 50% lesser cost and absolutely stress-free, at your pace.

Reactive Attitude

Currently, we hit with fertility issue we have no choice but be reactive and do as the doctor says. Is there a way where we can stop fertility issue at the onset itself? Can we be PROACTIVE.Yes. Now you can with Map My Fertility program.

No Constant Follow ups

Doctors will write a prescription and then you are on your own. You lose motivation. With Map My Fertility, we ensure that our panel of doctors, coaches and nutritionists keep you motivated at all times and patiently answer all your queries and worries.

Not Holistic Approach

When it is a hormone or fertility problem only one approach won’t help. Just visiting a gynae isn’t sufficient. Thus, at Map My Fertility we bring a holistic approach and combine allopathy consultation with lifestyle management inspired by Ayurveda, Nutrition & Naturopathy. We also emphasize on emotional well being and thus have a scientifically backed psychometric test and trained psychologists to help you overcome the stress.

How It Works?

Step 3

Order The Test

Fill in your convenient time & place and our technician will come to draw a simple blood test.

Step 2

Get Fertility Health Report

Take online psychometric test at your pace. Get Fertility Health Report online.

Step 3

Start 3 months Map My Fertility program

Get benefits like NABL certified lab reports with expert physician assessed personalized report, con read more...sultation by expert doctors, advice for partner, weekly nutrition plan, personal attention by fertility coach, online health communities for peer support , regular meetups.