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Get Pregnant with LIT
Get Pregnant with LIT

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Lymphocyte Immunization therapy (LIT) has been in practice for more than 3 decades.
ImmuLIT is an immunomodulatory treatment useful in cases with repeated miscarriages, recurrent IVF Failure and unexplained Infertility.

ImmuLIT™ is a safe procedure and its safety has been proved by research studies that have followed up mothers and babies after ImmuLIT™ procedures.

ImmuLIT™ doesn’t lead to intra uterine growth retardation or prematurity in the baby. It doesn’t cause jaundice or low platelet count in the newborn.

get pregnant with lit
Reproductive Immunology and Lymphocyte Immunization Therapy must be considered early in the management of Repeated Pregnancy Loss and Recurrent IVF failures.
To know more about cost/process/is it for you or not, join our Private Webinar with Dr. Mugdha Raut and Dr. Mohan Raut.