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What’s your definition for Valentine??

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What’s your definition for Valentine??

Redefining Valentine’s Day: What Does Love Mean to You?

Valentine’s Day, a day to celebrate love with someone whom we consider our most reliable and strongest support in this journey of life. What’s your definition of Valentine?? Is Valentine’s Day just about gifting and expressing your love or there could be more to it?? Have you ever given it a thought!!


14th February, a day of red colour and lots of gifts, beautiful love messages and lots of pampering. Let’s get another perspective for this day. If you ask me,”over the years I have realized that Valentine’s Day is more about thanking my husband for all the support, be it moral, emotional or monetary or anything which he has offered to me without being demanded. It’s about him standing by my side in all good and bad time and still looking at me like the initial days. It’s about falling in love with him all over again after 12 years of marriage and still feeling the same butterflies. It doesn’t bother me anymore, if he is not a I Love You waala person or the expressive ones.”


Who says that you need a specific day to express love? It can be expressed at any day or moment, when you feel that your man has done something special for you, which could be from giving you a bed tea to just keeping the lunch or dinner ready, if you are coming from somewhere. There is so much and many more to this.


We ladies go through so much in our daily life and still manage to stand firm with a smile on our face to take care of our loved ones and the most important phase of our this journey is the path of becoming a mother. For some it’s a piece of cake for but for many it’s a real struggle to conceive, and here if your man has stood by your side or has supported you then he is a true Valentine. According to a good friend, who is an adoption counselor, life coach and community manager for Fertility Dost;” my journey of IVF was quite difficult but my partner always stood by me in all odds. He became more concerned and supportive over that period, rather an overprotective one”, since then the definition and meaning of Valentine’s became clearer to her. Another one quotes,” My husband never says I love you to me but when the society, including the closed relatives started putting allegations on me for not having a baby for more than 8 years, he fought with every near and far ones for me and stood by my side like a pillar”. Another member from the Fertility Dost family said,” from crying together to laughing through tears, I and my husband have done it together in my 6 years of journey. From waiting outside the clinic after the tests to innumerous visits to the doctors, he has been standing like a solid pillar. He has always supported all my decisions and held my hand when I enrolled for adoption. I couldn’t have asked more.”


Actually Valentine’s should be about celebrating the journey of being with each other and cherishing all those small and big moments where you both have realized that whether you say it or not, but the bond and love has reached the level where you understand the feelings much before being conveyed verbally.


The ladies here on our forum, Fertility Dost go through a lot in their journey of conceiving a baby. This journey must be taking a toll on them both mentally and physically, but if their partner is standing by their side with unconditional support and offers protection from the harshness and rudeness of the society around, then I guess they are true Valentine for their wives.


If this article has challenged your theory for the day too, then do share your story with us in the comments section and let us know about your Valentine’s Day definition.

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