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Refugees From Tanzania Asked Help From Fertility Dost

Refugees From Tanzania Asked Help From Fertility Dost

Our women and men are infertile. It is very difficult for the couples to conceive naturally. Even if our community women get pregnant, most of them give birth to premature babies or low birthweight babies and even babies with paralysis. Unfortunately, we don’t know about fertility health, the causes of infertility, how to avoid this situation and how to have healthy babies? We are refugees from Nyarugusu, Tanzania. We need urgent care, please help!


This was the message we received from one of the refugees of Tanzania on our Facebook official page. And the very next moment, Fertility Dost connected with the concerned person to assure him that we will help to educate them about Fertility. Trust us, when we say- It was a difficult task to make this event successful. Mainly because of these reasons –

1) Refugee Camp didn’t have good network

2) They don’t understand English

3) They didn’t have basic infrastructure for large audience

4) Only the concerned person who connected with us, knew little bit of English and French.

FertilityDost’s Reach Extends to Tanzanian Refugees




Language was the barrier! So, we arranged a French Translator. We used multiple languages and translators to make sure that right information & awareness about infertility is explained to them. The chain of language was-


English – French – Swahili (local language) and even hand gestures at times.


We are glad that we could make them understand that infertility is a condition and not a disease. But only sharing knowledge will not solve their infertility problem. These 112000 people are facing many difficulties like

1) They don’t have hospital

2) No team of experienced fertility specialist doctors

3) Can’t diagnose the reason of infertility due to lack of laboratories

4) No proper food supplies

5) Unable to maintain basic hygiene

6) Emotional health issues



We are helping them. But if you also want to join our hands to this noble cause or know any NGO that can help them, then please connect with us.

whatsapp us


Yes, just like you, for a moment I felt helpless on how to help them? But the very next moment I had a

We are glad that refugees from Tanzania trusted Fertility Dost to educate their community about fertility health. Many women in their camp are not able to get pregnant, few give births to premature baby, low birthweight baby and even baby with paralysis.

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